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@µpùµ said:

  • Create a vote kik (just a key like the "5" for example) without spam.

either go into console and type PlayerList and then VoteKick and the number corresponding to the player or you can right click a name in chat and use the votekick option there

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its a glitch, people do it on mountain pass sometimes but never usually build ballistae and instead annoy archers by throwing rocks at them

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i have the same problem and spoke about it with one of the devs in discord, apparently there was a guy who had the same problem but managed to fix it somehow. i've attempted everything outside of deleting my profile from steam cloud, try these and see if it manages to fix it for you guys and if it doesn't then we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

  • new mercenary

  • verifying cache

  • restarting your pc

  • reinstalling mordhau

  • deleting all mordhau content from your pc including appdata/local/mordhau

  • deleting and reinstalling steam

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@BuffRobloxGuy said:

hypoprick is still saying little prick, sorry i hadda do it to em
hadda nut it to em.png