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  • 15 Jun '19


  • The timer used when comparing the Tier 0 movement speed is using Premiere’s timecode. So it uses the following format: ‘ss:ff’. Where ‘f’ is the current frame. The video was edited at 60fps, so that means ‘00:30’ is half a second. Bit of an oversight on my part but it still does the job.

Not really in the video mood? All good, I have you covered. Here’s a bunch of resources that sum up Patch 7 and the video:

Significant changes that I left out because I felt like it:

  • Messer has had a buff. It now not only has an incredibly short windup, but also has the fastest combo speed and longest release time on strikes (525ms). The messer was already quite a strong weapon, now it’s even more so. The turn cap was made slightly more strict, but this change doesn’t affect drags and mix-ups that much.
  • Stab releases were reduced by about ~25ms on the following weapons: Halberd, Spear, Billhook, Bardiche Alt., Poleaxe, Eveningstar and Zweihander.
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  • 20 Apr '19

@Sektor said:
Thanks a lot for the answers. I have recorded a few matches last night but it seems like the camera is totally bugged. I cannot move it, at all. It just stays in the same spot when the demo starts. I have tried every single button from my keyboard. Nothing, nada.

That's a known problem because the demo system is still a work in progress. You can work around this by joining a local match (or any match really), going into the spectator camera, and then opening up the demo via the console.

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  • 20 Apr '19

@Jax said:
demo.useadaptivereplayupdatefrequency 0
demo.recordhz 120

Jax pretty much completely covered the Demo commands, but you don't need to worry about the above two settings anymore, the defaults have been changed to these as far as I'm aware.

As for the camera there's a ton of commands that I'll list. Keep in mind the following console commands only work when you're already in the spectator camera:

  • SpectatorCmd cinematic [use this first to enter the cinematic camera, other commands don't work otherwise]
  • SpectatorCmd aspectratio
  • SpectatorCmd noclip
  • SpectatorCmd aperture
  • SpectatorCmd lens
  • SpectatorCmd focus

The following are the keyboard controls for the camera:

  • F to set focus to what you're looking at,
  • G & H to raise/lower focus distance,
  • T to save camera position & rotation,
  • R to reset camera position & rotation,
  • O to set focus to track whatever you're looking at (O again to disable),
  • Mouse Wheel Up/Down to increase/decrease camera movement speed.

By default demos are stored in this directory: "C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Mordhau\Saved\Demos". They can take up a bit of space so just keep tabs on them if you record a ton.

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  • 19 Apr '19

@EruTheTeapot said:
Surrender Emote opportunity missed at the end of clip.. 0/10 bAD gAeM, nO DObL K.o 2

We filmed it using that emote but it didn't come in fast enough for the take that made the final cut. The other takes didn't have as good timing/camera work.

Another little bit of trivia is that every time we reset that Taiga eveningstar part for another take, Crush just seemed to love to take a victory lap around the entire map causing all sorts of shenanigans. So while everyone might think the game has been delayed for silly reasons such as 'optimisations', 'balance' and 'content', the real reason is because Crush just loves his Mordhau cardio.

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  • 19 Apr '19

Here's hoping release goes smoothly!

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  • 29 Mar '19

@Jax said:
demo.useadaptivereplayupdatefrequency 0
demo.recordhz 120
is what you set beforehand

You don't need to use "demo.useadaptivereplayupdatefrequency 0" anymore, that was changed to be the default value. For anyone wondering what it did, it caused physics (namely weapons/item drops) to desync and kind of float. Also it's important to keep in mind that you will need to set "demo.recordhz 120" every new game session otherwise it will reset to the default value of 8. I believe you might be able to change this default in config files but I haven't bothered to look.

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  • 11 Mar '19

@winicius said:
Are you the Trix from youtube?

man, I miss your videos so much.

I haven't been uploading videos because Mordhau doesn't have substance at the moment. Everything in the game has been covered fairly adequately so I have been focusing on some side projects (i.e. Twitch overlays, Tutorials...) while I wait for the large gamemodes.

Triternion has also contracted me to produce the release trailer, as well as some other media if there's time.

@King Sinclair The FluffyDragon said:
Sadly he quit youtube after being demonitized and almost kicked off for violence on his channel (mordhau gameplay)

Behave or I'll withhold the trailer from the developers and delay release further. With my good looks and charming personality I can be incredibly convincing, I'm sure they'll understand ;)

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  • 8 Mar '19

@fmay2123 said:
Will there be another trailer for the game before release?

Yes. It will be coming very soon™

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  • 31 Jan '19

Jax told me in DMs to tell you that you smell and that you're bad until you credit me for that jousting image.

Otherwise, good work!

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  • 17 Jan '19

@internetgoodboy said:
I miss the feel that Mordhau had during the pre-alpha gameplay videos. It seems like Mordhau is becoming a sort of "medieval Call of Duty," which isn't inherently bad and I'm sure a lot of people like that, but all the prominent HUD elements like damage and point notifications and the ding sounds when landing hits really changed the way the game feels.

With all these notifications, everything seems calculated. As in, you know exactly how much damage you've dealt and exactly how many more hits you'll need to land to kill someone.

Whether or not you can disable all of these elements within the options, I've already explained how their removal affects gameplay and would put you at a disadvantage.

This would be the case for those without experience, but playing without the score feed enabled still allows for quick judgement calls. In most cases, I'd argue that players would be at a disadvantage for relying on the score feed, and HUD elements in general.

Experienced players don't need to rely on the score feed to be able to determine how much health their opponent has. Mordhau has fairly low hit to kills and consistent damage values across the board. This means that if I have an understanding of each weapon in the game, I can fairly easily make the call that after someone has been hit once in the chest by a maul, they are going to die from the next strike to the head or chest. I could just look at the score feed, absolutely, but that adds in another layer to the moment. Let me compare the process between a player using the score feed to make the call, and a player that doesn't.

Score Feed enabled: Lands strike -> Looks down at score feed -> Reads score feed -> Looks back up at opponent -> Ready for followup

Score Feed disabled: Lands strike -> Notices where the strike landed -> Ready for followup

The key difference between the two is where they are focusing their attention. The player with the score feed disabled won't be breaking eye contact with their opponent, while the other will be. The period of time that the player is looking at the score feed may not be long, but they're still breaking focus. This may not be a problem in duels, where there isn't much an opponent can do to followup after they take a hit, but in team scenarios this can absolutely make a difference. You could potentially miss an audio or visual cue in that moment of hesitation.

Now, the argument can be made that they obviously wouldn't even bother looking at their damage in those situations. This would be the reasonable course of action. However, unless they know their weapon's damage against the respective armour types, then they would be making uninformed decisions in that moment. Essentially, this player would be fighting blind.

This process can be extended towards other HUD elements too. If I'm aware of how much stamina each action costs, and how long it takes for stamina regeneration to kick in, I really don't need to have a stamina bar enabled.

With all these notifications, everything seems calculated. As in, you know exactly how much damage you've dealt and exactly how many more hits you'll need to land to kill someone. Archers are able to sit and camp while taking pot shots, hearing dings and watching their damage indicators until they're notified that they've gotten a kill, never having to wonder whether or not they've successfully landed a hit or if they need to move to a new position because their shots aren't landing. If you attack someone and they run away and get killed out of sight, you're notified that you've gotten a kill/assist. You never have to wonder whether you've killed an enemy and there are never any moments of surprise when you discover otherwise. Also, It never feels like you're a medieval soldier in battle, but more like some hack and slash arcade game because these elements ruin the atmosphere.

I agree with your last statement, but disabling all the HUD elements does wonders for the game.

In regards to archery, I don't think altering those elements of the game will see any gameplay changes. Archers will always be annoying to deal with as melee because that's just how archers are designed. Being able to attack someone freely at a distance without any significant repercussions is their entire point, and outside of just removing ranged weaponry from the game this won't be going away. The best bet would be to lessen their influence in a battle. Two things that come to mind are to either nerf the damage of archers into oblivion, or put in place some sort of cap on the amount of ranged weapons that can be on the field at once. Very similar to how there's only a certain amount of horses, catapults and ballistae on each map.

Now I assume that lots of people probably like the game this way, so I propose that severs be able to enable a sort of "hardcore mode" that would disable the kill feed, damage/kill notifications, hit markers, and hit marker sounds. Together, these changes would make gameplay more interesting and people would play more carefully while also making archers less annoying. Several of you are probably typing "but you can just disable it in the options!" Whether or not you can disable all of these elements within the options, I've already explained how their removal affects gameplay and would put you at a disadvantage. Anyway, I think such an option for servers could allow for better gameplay experiences, and because it would be optional, nobody would complain as it allows people to play the game they want.

A hardcore mode would be interesting, but if it's just disabling HUD elements I doubt you'd be getting a gameplay experience that you can't already have. It would be more interesting if the proposed gamemode would instead force everyone into first person. There could also be room for experimenting with disabling health regen, but at that point we'd be better off just waiting for the Battle Royale gamemode.

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  • 31 Dec '18

Anything higher than 110 horizontal looks pretty bad in footage. Even 110 has a bit of distortion and that's Mordhau's default. I think for the sake of this discussion we shouldn't be taking aesthetics into consideration because we're far beyond what would look acceptable from a spectators point of view, and I doubt the FOV will ever drop to more standard values to compensate for this. Instead, we should think about the impact on gameplay when we discuss camera balance.

I think first and third person perspectives would be a good place to start. I feel like both perspectives are fairly balanced at the moment, with third providing superior spatial awareness and first providing superior reading capabilities. However, I feel as if third person might be getting the better end of this bargain, so I wouldn't mind seeing some adjustments.

Increasing FPP FOV up to 135 or 140 wouldn't be the worst idea. These values could potentially bring it up to par with third person, whilst also satisfying those that prefer to play their games through the lens of a GoPro.

Alternatively, we could take this in a different direction and think of ways to tweak the third person camera. The Patch 18 camera distance tweak, as minor as it was, did actually serve as a buff. | Before | After |

I don't want to see this change reverted because I like how you can see the lower half of your player. However, the FOV should be lowered slightly to compensate for this change. I'd also like to see the overall FOV cap of TPP to be tested at about 10 degrees lower than it's current value. This should bring it more in-line with first person, whilst still being quite reasonable to play with.

These tweaks suggest that we should be balancing the game around high FOVs. This opens up a whole new discussion around what the standard should be for competitive if Mordhau ever grows to the point where it can sustain a scene, instead of camera settings being a matter of personal preference. But that's something worth discussing at a later date and in a different thread if Mordhau ever reaches that point.

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  • 15 Nov '18

Not enough time left in the day to watch the video? Do not fret! I gotchu… Here’s a bunch of resources that quickly sum up Patch 19:

  • Jump Comparison | GIF |
  • Vaulting | GIF |
  • Climbing! | GIF.1 | GIF.2 |
  • Climbing? | GIF |
  • Swapping Equipment | Image | GIF |
  • Bandages | GIF |
  • Medic Bag | GIF |
  • Toolbox Barricade | Image |
  • Toolbox Spikes | Image | GIF.1 | GIF.2 |
  • Recurve & Longbow Skins | Image |
  • New Pauldrons & Chain | Image |
  • Vehicle Damage | Image | GIF |
  • Catapult Comparison | GIF |
  • Crossbow Reload FPP | GIF |
  • Jiggly Holsters | GIF |

Changes that were present that I quite conveniently forgot about:

  • The toolbox has 3 uses before a resupply is needed.
  • You can resupply the bandages, medic bag and toolbox at an ammunition crate.
  • Chase mechanic (both front & back) only kicks in when you’re holding a melee weapon.
  • Purple leather colours were removed, and have been replaced with 3 more shades of brown.
  • Catapult movement and turning speeds have been increased.
  • You will be able to construct a mini ballista with the toolbox, but you’re currently unable to do so in Patch 19. I’d imagine it will remain disabled until Frontline makes its way into the game.
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  • 3 Nov '18


  • The animation comparisons were recorded locally and the feints and morphs were performed using macros. This means that every morph and feint you see on screen are done as late into the window as possible.

Video too long and don’t want to watch it? I got you covered. Here are some resources that I quickly whipped up:

Changes that weren’t mentioned that I probably should have:

  • Camp has subtle fog effects throughout the battlefield now.
  • Dodge perk reduced to 6 points
  • Flesh Wound perk reduced to 2 points
  • Tenacious perk reduced to 1 point
  • You can now bind attack angles to your movement keys. Similar to Jedi Knight academy.
  • Ranged weapons have a slower switch time when switching away from them. This makes it easier to squeeze a hit in as melee when an archer is attempting to shoot from point-blank range. I did some comparisons in Patch 17 and the difference in speed is negligible with smaller 1 point weapons. I only tested with a shortsword so I admit it’s a fairly small sample size to make any sort of meaningful comparison. I’d imagine the larger the weapon the more obvious this change is.
  • Horse footsteps have been slightly improved. This is hard to compare in video because most of the audio improvements come out fairly subtle. It seems like it’s the same sound as Patch 17, just a bit more base.
  • Ragdolls have more weight behind them now. Much less flippity floppity.
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  • 12 Oct '18

Here are some more screenshots:

And, uhh... there were these ones too:

Baron 36 345
  • 7 Oct '18

Here are some screenshots I didn't end up using for my latest video:


Baron 36 345
  • 3 Oct '18

Here's a bit of a sneak peak with what I've been experimenting with. This is just a transition and text tracking test that I quickly mocked up, so it may be a bit rough around the edges.

Baron 36 345
  • 3 Oct '18

That's a really cool idea, I'll look into it.

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  • 2 Oct '18

Is there an off button for das anywhere? I've just checked the document and he wasn't exaggerating when he said he wrote 8 pages (just shy of 3000 words) in the span of a few hours.

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Baron 36 345
  • 19 Jul '18

@Cswic said:

  • 13-Jul-18 10:37 PM crush#1149
    yea forcing clashes is easier because clashes now also happen in early release

I'm sold.