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  • 22 Oct '19

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the amount of general memery and messing around on frontline/invasion servers lately? Don't get me wrong, these things are one of my favourite things about Mordhau, but the longer we go without a patch the worse it seems to get.

It's getting to the point where it's hard to find an enemy willing to fight. If you stray anywhere from the main areas of engagement there will just be tomatoes and cosplayers and naked mauls of both sides happily congregating, ready to teamkill anyone who disturbs them. Honestly on servers with under 15 players it can be hard to find anyone willing to fight at all. And while I admit to enjoying and encouraging this behaviour it makes me wonder what the game is all about.

I'm starting to believe that the condition described in this post is completely real. Devs need to release a patchie very soon before the whole playerbase goes totally insane and stops fighting each other for good, and the servers are full of max-pitch foppish cries and lutes, with not a sword clash to be heard.

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  • 9 Jun '19

@smug said:
You mean stabs right?

Chambering is basically gambling made into a mechanic. You're correct that facehug stabs are pretty much unable to be reacted to unless you get lucky and guess with a parry anyway. (well it depends on if its a deep feint vs flash feint) The only REAL difference between gambling with a stab and chambering with a stab is that the chamber state doesn't result in a trade or free hit. In most situations vs a guy who repeatedly facehug feint stabs as their main offense your best options are gambling or "chambering" with a stab or just pressing your kick bind.

More accurately though it fulfills the function of an option select as they exist in other fighting games. Which is a single option for a given situation that gives you two different outcomes based on whatever your opponent does.

Yeah I mean stabs, and that actually makes sense, I'd completely forgotten about chambers for some reason. So close range the "correct" reaction is to try and chamber, because if they do fient then your hit will connect, and if they don't you'll chamber them anyway.

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  • 9 Jun '19

I generally thought the absence of gambling was giving a player all the information and suffecient time to react to it, so that if they played absolutely perfectly they would never get hit. Hits come from players reading information incorrectly, or failing to dodge properly, or messing up their timing, or panicking, or gambling themselves - which can still pay off, but theoretically should never pay off against a perfect player. I thought Mordhau satisfied this but lately I'm not so sure.

So let's take the rapier, with a thrust windup of 475ms. A feint can be performed any time from 0-475ms. So the ideal player, when facing a thrust from a rapier, will know that after 475ms, if the thrust they are facing has not been feinted, it must be completed, and so will block/chamber etc.

Which so far is fine. The release phase or "damage dealing" phase for the rapier's thrust is 350ms - but this is dependent on the distance to the target. If the target is at maximum range to the rapier wielder they will get hit at 350ms. If the rapier wielder is right next to the target they will get hit much much sooner.

You can test this when striking a wall with the rapier. Adjacent to the wall, the thrust grunt of your character and the impact sound will happen at basically the same time, indicating the hit is occuring almost as soon as the release phase begins, not nearly close to 350ms. Further away from the wall the grunt occurs noticeably afterwards.

A "good" human reaction time is around 200ms. Given that when adjacent to a rapier, the time window when information is conveyed to you that the thrust cannot be feinted and must be completed (the 475ms mark from end of windup), and the time that you actually get hit is IN MY ESTIMATION around 25ms - 75ms at MOST - doesn't this show the existence that there is gambling built into the game? When facing a rapier player that is right up against you, you are either expected to react in 25ms-75ms (biological impossibility for 99% of people) or "guess"/"gamble" if they will feint or carry out the attack, and either attack yourself or block.

I am just using the rapier as an example, plenty of other weapons have a similar release time. In fact the Zweihander has a 325ms release time. It may not even depend on the release time of the weapon, it may be that any adjacent thrust of any weapon hits instantly. It may also be the same case for acceled swings, when the swing phase begins basically adjacent to the target. All this is just my estimation, I'd love to know if anyone has any actual data on this. I'd also like to know what the blocking time/cooldown is.

In any case I still get rekt playing with the rapier or any other weapon and I still enjoy the game quite a lot, just interested to know if other people think this is good design or not and how to counter it.