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I think we don't need female characters or characters of color. It's medieval european setting, there weren't too many colored people or women fighting... I almost feel sarcastic saying that but it's the truth and I don't get all this brute force equality bulls*!T from pc gamer and RPS. I don't like the SJW movement, the only thing worse than that are real fascists / racists. (yes. you're basically the same)
Leave the game as it is and send a message. You're not racists or sexists because your medieval game doesn't feature out of place people of color and women. Nobody complained about lara croft not being black in the 90s.
I would ask the person from PC Gamer if they ever considered that there were (at least almost) no fighting women or colored in middle age europe. Arabs / Ottomans maybe. So if I was in your place, I'd add arabs at least to keep it historically correct. But adding Arabs will also add more abu hajaar memes to this community and more space for racist jokes.
Or just make women a perk like peasants, make their melee attacks ridiculously weak or slower and buff their healing, give them classic women weapons like pillows, frying pan, kitchen knife, rolling pin, throwing pie (blind effect for few sec on headshot) to make it a realistic female gamer experience.
Also I hate how this game is being politicized, as for the community I'm more concerned with friendly fire than the chat because I'm used to this blatant racism online that I learned to ignore it. Half of them are trolls with pepe avatar anyway that just wanna trigger someone and jerk off to that. The message I'm trying to send to you developers, don't let your game become a fighting ground over politics. Politics has become a big loser show and you don't wanna be part of that. There's no more debate about subject matter only throwing terms like racist and SJW triggered etc at each other without even having talked to people properly. They just assume that you're the enemy because people like to have enemies nowadays. As a center left thinker I hate both political extremes and their inability to debate and simply accept other opinions.
My biggest issue right now is teamkilling and griefing as far as gameplay goes. I like to build but every time I do so, teammates attack me or kick me around because it just so happens they don't like ballista or something and now need to wage a personal war against all builders regardless of the team. similar experiences as Archer and rapier / shield medic.
So I'd really like an improved votekick system that helps us handle the greifers.

You know they decided to add in female characters AND different races when they made the kickstarter page right? Stop projecting your schizo world views on the developers.

There's nothing schizo about it, that's legitimately how the world is in the West in 2019.

And regardless of whether they planned to cater to this "inclusive" vision or not, it's going to completely ruin the immersion of the game. And, more importantly- more hit pieces like this are going to be published until it happens and nearly nobody will ever know that it was their intent from the start anyway, so they may as well be doing it to appease the SJWs. That's how it's going to appear and all anyone is going to care about.

Right now it's a marginally accurate and semi-realistic medieval melee combat game. It can be wacky right now, but it's going to just devolve into utter nonsense if they add customization options in that let the trolls run around as "N-Word Jim" and "YOUR MOM THE HOE". Those things do not fit the historical theme of the game and they don't belong here. They may as well add birthday cowboy hats, dildo swords, and full body fursuits while they're at it.

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In regards to everything covered in this post: PLEASE do not become Blizzard.

You do not need to coddle your users. You do not need to police their language. You have the option to ignore in-game and that's all we need. You give us the tools to avoid what we don't want to see and then you dust your hands off and get back to doing real work, like creating new content and solutions to things that are ACTUALLY a problem in the game like intentionally killing and blocking your own team. Some angry child repeating "the n word" is NOT a real problem.

In regards to the other topic regarding gender and race: You do not need "diversity". You do not need to bow to some screaming socialist Liberal Arts majors. You DO need to stay true to your vision. You DO need to either ignore these people outright or stand up for yourselves. If you want to add race and gender in an authentic way, you can not allow your users to decide what race and gender they will be. If you think the toxicity is bad now, wait until you give players the ability to make themselves as dark skinned as possible and see what happens. If you want to add women, that's fine, as long as you restrict it to only be available when the Peasant perk is selected. There were not copious amounts of women of African descent running around in expensive armor in the middle ages, but there will be if you add these options into the game.

I, for one, am sick of seeing the setting and immersion of entertainment media utterly ruined by "inclusion" and "diversity". It's completely ridiculous. It is patently political and you are explicitly dividing your current and potential user base if you engage in catering to one side of a political issue. You are a video game development studio, you are artists, you are creators, and you should NOT be political campaigners.

I'm sure you're aware that you have a very direct competitor to Mordhau coming out in the near future. I, for one, will jump ship in a heartbeat if you start catering to these squealing toddlers. As I said before, there are REAL problems for you to address in your game. The subjects of this desperate click-bait hit piece are not any of them.

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So over the last week this has progressively gotten worse and worse and now it's unbearable, at least on the US West servers.

Trolls have discovered that all you have to do to dodge a votekick (and the commensurate temporary ban) is to leave and rejoin the server. For three straight hours across five different servers tonight, I saw this happen over and over and over again. Usually the person dodging the kick was blocking his team's spawns with spikes or barricades (though it's worth noting; this is pretty stupid to allow the enemy team to do also. Base spawn locations should be no build zones).

Having no legitimate duel system means it's also unplayable on duel servers, since the trolls can just ignore the server rules and run around attacking people who are already dueling with absolutely zero chance of any consequences.

I get that the dev team is small, but this seems like a pretty simple fix and it needs to be addressed immediately. There are SO many ways to remedy this problem- though personally I would prefer if you allowed for reporting players in some way, since I have video and the steam ids of several of the players in question tonight. However the simplest fix would be; if you leave a server while a kick vote is being called against you, it is automatically assumed to have passed and you receive the temporary ban.

Fixes like this are more important by far than overall gameplay and map fixes and should be relatively simple to implement.

Devs, I implore you; PLEASE prioritize dealing with players who are trying to intentionally ruin the game. This isn't simple nonsensical fun, this is legitimate sabotage and it's going to drive players away.