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  • 27 Mar

@jusTWhy said:
Yeah, stuck in main menu. Says "Please wait" as it loads until error. If you type "disconnect" in the console you at least get through the loading issue, and will be able to access the armory and all the other stuff except actually joining any online servers, that still doesn't work. I suppose the devs are working on it though.

did u tried reconnect in the console (after that)? maybe it helps..

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  • 27 Mar
  • i get Zero Gold & XP after a Match(Invasion/Frontline) all the time
  • * [Older Bug] Metal Tint is somehow linked to Team-Colors on some cosmetics of diff. categorys, so Team-coloring changing tints to black
  • Hit-Reg is still a Problem, but it seems its a lil bit less than before
  • the fps-drops are horrible on mpeak % castello, several no-clip walls need a fix aswell
  • seems range on "some" weapons are off:

both maps looks gorgeous, mpeak seems to be balanced now,
but its too early to say something well founded about gameplay or the new weapon balancing yet
team-color option in the editor is a good step in the right direction, ty for that

please bring back the local mods asap
please give us asymmetry in the editor for faces
please give us a seperated cosmetic category for accessoires like the glasses, eyepatch, necklace and things like that
please give us more hairstyles, beards & please give us an option for scars & body hair

beside that 2 of the 3 green eyecolors looks almost identical on my screen, would be nice if we could get a darker green & washed out green/grey green

regarding changing m.pingextrapolationfactor:
it seems its on default again after restarting the game, even when i added it into the engine.ini(read only)
any advice/solution to this?



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  • 26 Mar

@Sir_Plebsalot said:

@Blitz said:
I can't figure out where the Crowned Heavy Barbute or the Crown wearable is? :((( Got so excited when I saw them in the patch notes

I'm pretty sure the crowned Barbute is only available as a reward for teams that win the Venatus Melee tournaments. (I could be wrong, though)


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  • 25 Mar

regarding upcoming balance changes and update..
why am i have the feeling every new patch is worse than the last?
well we get cosmetics and a map plus a fixed one
but hell.., all these upcoming balance changes sounds so bad to me, even only on the paper
exe gets nerfed again - why you dont just cut the weapon out or replace it with a rolling pin then?
also didnt saw a change to that ridiculous horse flinchbox or however you wanna call this galloping jostle-box
hitreg.. how can it be a "connection" problem, when i dont suffer any packet loss nor bad ping,
(everything is the same like before, settings.., hardware.. bla, i didnt changed anything)
it has become such bad with the last patch, that i have nearly 30 swing throughs in a round where i dont get a hitbox on enemys, i just swing through them.. & this really fucks me up bad

i could say its nice that we get thitstop back, but well..
after nearly 2-3 months it will feel like learning new combat again, also nothing new already with the patches
and beside that nobody deserves a thanks when you get tortured with an experimental change for fookin months


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  • 22 Mar

autoblock becomes a problem in public invasion/frontline modes lately
and also just joined a server now with somebody speedrunning aswell, didnt saw his name because i got beheaded by someone else immediatly..

what are you gonna do against cheating & glitching aswell (invisibility, above the map(mountain peak), under the map(crossroads)), because it becomes more n more a massive problem and you cant expect players record the gameplay, track their steam-accounts and also report everything all the time, because i wanna play the game not play being a support

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  • 17 Mar


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  • 17 Mar

Vid is amazing, new stuff looks nice even when i'm only interested in the shoes, gs and axe skin, but ye.. my focus is on fixes mostly

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  • 16 Mar

its problably all about "connection" issues.. /s

my opinion is, since they "fixed" wessex, the combat is somehow broken..
enemys block from behind, even if they dont even parry or block
i have literally nearly 20-30 swing through enemys without a hitreg in a round with exe
with a ping of 52 and zero packet loss, and the connection is still the same than before all the balancing show
and no, its not just me, i see this such often from other players aswell and it fucks up many fights

dunno how there can be a competive crowd with such weird fights, this is out of my mind

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  • 24 Feb

I read that more frequently in the game chat lately, that players seems to be invisible to other players.
I've not yet encountered the problem by myself, but was waiting for any recorded evidence to report it & here it is..

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  • 24 Feb

@Cracksmith said:
Does carnifex have an off switch? Or at least a volume control?

you are not the center of the world, not omniscient, not perfect and above all:
my opinion is mine and your opinion is yours and these opinions are never the norm,
because the norm is made by several together,
doesnt matter how often you search for disputes like a toddler,
as if your favorite shop would not offer the lollipop because I expressed my wish for chocolate ...

beside that, you derail the thread with offtopic nonsens or even are you looking for litigation & this not only for the first time now ..
you dont like my opinions, i got that .. now do us both a favor, grow and shut up.

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  • 14 Feb

i would bet the hitboxes & hitreg still arent fixed in the next patch, since how many patches then now? dunno anymore..
the exe will also not being fixed, i would bet again
stab fix ... nope
horses wont get thinner collis
teammarkers wont be ON by default
still no toggle for Team-Colors in the Char-Editor Screen
still no "always run"-function instead of just the toggle-option we have..
still not a complete steam-name support(unicode)
the cata will still getting stuck or jump around like crazy.. means also no cata fix
archer weapon-change time wont be increased, but archery will just get new stuff or buffs(because they arent disgusting enough already)
there will be some hotfixes after the patch(1-2), then they will change something completely unexpected as test in the last hotfix
and we'll go through fire and back(-rage) until the next patch arise in over a half year
cant wait...

mark my words. good day. 8|

btw. since when has the fire becoming that ugly again, didnt they reworked it, just lately played without fireproof for a while and was shocked how ugly it is, feels way more shit than back in the days..
and horses also still ride through us like wind through a full clothesline, wasnt there a rework to slow them down somehow?

whats up with the spawning while playing with controller - cant choose spawns properly when i'm in potatoe-mode on the couch

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  • 10 Feb

I dont know how they they got into that, but it was on purpose regarding to the chat, where the commandant admit, he will also leave it at the 5 min. timer


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  • 1 Feb

nah not from latest patch, was always like this since i started playin the game

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  • 24 Jan

@OSCRPilgrim89 said:
The most awesome difference between Chivalry and Mordhau was beside the chamber-mechanic that people couldn't hit through mates. So whenever there's a 1vs X challange, you knew who you have to block.

Since the no-hitstop-change people do so much more teamdamage. Now you get an award if you swing through your mate from the side: you can steal* the kill. So I had fun in general, didn't played for the kills, but now so many rounds are frustrating.

It could be a good feature, if you did ANYTHING against teamdamage.
It was a frustating topic in Chiv and now this arrived in Mordhau... really disappointed

what is still a huge problem:
Camp - invasion: People can still shoot into spawn with cata + you cannot get the cata-guy (restricted szone lmao)
Grad - invasion: people camp in restricted szone, with bows and firepot.
Crossroads.. well where should I begin with -.-

FunFact: The Niche still didnt got a "Studio" it deserves.

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  • 19 Jan

@FirePig said:

Game should hide level of players.

I recently reached LVL 100 and after that game turned into a real hell.When I play just for fun (with pans, stones, fists, or maybe an archer), players start whining and insulting me."- Where are your frags? You're nub. Your mommy is ♥♥♥♥♥..." This is the FIRST reason.

SECOND reason: when players see other players with high levels, they often sit in spectators to wait in line to enter the team with the same high-level guys. What's even more fun, guys with high levels do same! And in almost any game there is just wild imbalance.

By the way, after second reason,first also begins. Lol.

How solve this problem and not lose old players? Easy, just need hide level in scoreboard (TAB button).

I often talked with old players, and this is main reason why they deleted game forever.

PS: I hope that at least one developer of this game reads this and discusses my proposal with colleagues. Because it becomes impossible to play Mordhau.

happens to me every time when i play,
you can go silent as much in the chat,
i mostly play without any feints, morphs and nearly always only with drags and accels
and still you get hated for the lvl(197), being a tryhard and shiz like that.. even when i dont care winning or just trolling around

i dont really care about that trigger-attempt - it only starts to bother when they try to votekick you for being a high lvl player..
which is always the case after a while

your team lost- its your fault
your team win - its your fault
its all your fault..

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  • 3 Dec '19

btw. whats the map-guy doing actually, arent there not enough stuck spots on every map to fix?
i bet every map has nearly 30 of them..

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  • 28 Nov '19

fuck the votekick-system, i'm fed up being kicked by trolls because the majority of the community is dumb as shit..

A "SirLongDick" is griefing by attacking mates & me and nobody kicked him when i started a vote, i said "thx team" and got a votekick from another teammate..

Shit like that is going on since Months now - Congratz for a perfect griefer-tool

btw. the cata change is just another bad joke, isnt it?
with all these changes lately, i think its safe to say, you guys kill the game on purpose
its not explainable anymore that so many things & decisions in this game lacks common sense at its best
except its the goal to kill the playerbase 'on purpose'.

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  • 26 Nov '19

Shhhh.. its a phenomenal patch!!!111


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  • 26 Nov '19

i climb on every possible pixel when i dodge now(stairs/rocks/1mm hills) - but ye, patch is superior, super duper utlra cool...