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i really hope they add some quality of life to controller-support after over a year of waiting
what we need is not that much..

  • spawning/choosing of spawnpoints with controller
  • controller sensitivity settings
  • a fix for better binding of keys/buttons

thats it.

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its not even out of bounds, you can easily climb up there on several spots

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  • 30 Sep

To circumvent this for now, you should change that in the .ini File

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  • 10 Sep

@Cracksmith said:
please do not add an executioner sword alt where you reverse grip the sword thanks. /S


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  • 8 Sep

The Exe is lacking an alt mode, cant combo etc.
what if you guys test an Executioner sword alt.,
where you reverse grip the sword?

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  • 27 Aug

i guess, "casual players arent relevant"?

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  • 19 Aug

you're not the only one

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  • 11 Aug

@JerkChicken said:
Wow so many patches. So maby updates.

Now open the forums!!!

nah the toilet flush chat in discord is better to state your suggestions,
bcuz everything gets cleaned so fast by all the basement trollchat going on there
"oh you have an entitled ballance suggestions? - go f yourself and git gud" ..better post a cat or fish gif there, n youre the hero

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  • 4 Aug

Gothic Leggins & Pauldrons still have Team-Color Tint instead of Metal ones

if theres more than these, please comment.

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  • 3 Aug

@lazy said:
John Wilkes Booth was a hero.

„Sic sempre tyrannis!"

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@Bluellama said:
It's a vocal minority.

..are we delighted with the presence of a Messiah or do you just have a broken Crystalball?
Beside that, it seems you've no Idea about the opinion of the broad mass
If you just wanna lick some butts, do it by your own, but please stop harnessing other Players into it..

Beside that, this Forum Community gave them way more of your so called "good feedback" than i've ever seen in the discord.
Maybe its one of the reason Players are upset, because we wasnt "relevant" to them... *just sayin

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  • 15 Jul
  • hitreg is still non-existent very often - Block doesnt work rarely aswell
  • horse colli-box is still to wide, the "i just ride into everyone who's tryin to attack me"-tactic which let the players flinch and interrupt every attempt to attack the horse player is pure garbage, cheesy as fuck etc.
    broken aswell:
  • spawning is still broken, sometimes i cant click on the just taken flag, very often i cant even spawn on roundstart because it just let me click through the player-cams even when the start-timer is already run out
  • exe overheads/swings seems to be still broken, i dont get a hitbox at the end of the animation very often
  • seems straight hits at the chest sometimes seems to count as head-hits(with projectiles aswell), same vice versa (especially when your naked)
  • archers and horses are still annoying as fuck - would be great if you give us atleast 1 EU Server(FL/INV) without longrange/horses, +80 players - i bet its full 24/7
  • maybe archer loadouts should be generally locked until a reasonable lvl
  • and for fucks sake, nerf the snapshot ability of bows.. its so cheesy
  • game really needs more clothes for 1/2 - and i'm not talking about helmets
  • would be also nice if we could get more banners

  • Gothic Leggins still have Team-Color Tint instead of Metal ones

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  • 13 Apr

congratz the animations are worse than before *rolleyes

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  • 11 Apr

yep @ ZugZugNeverEnds
zero dev comments regarding the balancing.. didnt played since days..
i really wonder how over 5k players enjoy this garbage balancing actually

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  • 2 Apr

granny footwork now with 2/2/2 and exe
but youre able to speedrun in 1/0/3 with maul and be easily top1
they run such fucking fast that youre not even able to get to these guys
wasnt even able to trigger the chase mechanic for a whole round
while 2 maul twins easily wrecked just everything on their way

so.. since how many updates the exe got nerfs & indirect nerfs now? cant count it anymore..

this game is so fuckin doomed with the balancing
so back to 3 rounds a day and shortly before the heart collapses coz of rage..

crush get your shit together. please.

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  • 1 Apr

big Rock behind the first tent on the left side from blue spawn - collision is broke or something, saw somebody yesterday who was glitched inside the rock and build a ballista inside, outside he build walls before or later dunno.. so maybe they have something to do, how he glitched inside the rock, but dunno

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  • 28 Mar

this game will never be really balanced regarding the weapons/combat, as long its the same dev doing it.. whoever is responsible for this..
there is way too much obsession to some weapons or balancing, dunno what this is.. i can only speculate

just a small example regarding the balancing generally.. why do you've nearly always a free hit after a kick
this is such a crippled nonsens, you get rewarded for an attack once more, isnt the opponent already damaged by the kick?

and beside that, i was right stating the game feels different again.. coz it does
its crazy since i started playin i always miss the combat from the first time playing or even from the last patch
i always expected fixes to the balance, but not so many changes that it feels completely different all the time with every update
this automatically ends in being fed up sometime or even forever for some players...

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  • 27 Mar

@jusTWhy said:
Yeah, stuck in main menu. Says "Please wait" as it loads until error. If you type "disconnect" in the console you at least get through the loading issue, and will be able to access the armory and all the other stuff except actually joining any online servers, that still doesn't work. I suppose the devs are working on it though.

did u tried reconnect in the console (after that)? maybe it helps..

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  • 27 Mar
  • i get Zero Gold & XP after a Match(Invasion/Frontline) all the time
  • * [Older Bug] Metal Tint is somehow linked to Team-Colors on some cosmetics of diff. categorys, so Team-coloring changing tints to black
  • Hit-Reg is still a Problem, but it seems its a lil bit less than before
  • the fps-drops are horrible on mpeak % castello, several no-clip walls need a fix aswell
  • seems range on "some" weapons are off:

both maps looks gorgeous, mpeak seems to be balanced now,
but its too early to say something well founded about gameplay or the new weapon balancing yet
team-color option in the editor is a good step in the right direction, ty for that

please bring back the local mods asap
please give us asymmetry in the editor for faces
please give us a seperated cosmetic category for accessoires like the glasses, eyepatch, necklace and things like that
please give us more hairstyles, beards & please give us an option for scars & body hair

beside that 2 of the 3 green eyecolors looks almost identical on my screen, would be nice if we could get a darker green & washed out green/grey green

regarding changing m.pingextrapolationfactor:
it seems its on default again after restarting the game, even when i added it into the engine.ini(read only)
any advice/solution to this?



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  • 26 Mar

@Sir_Plebsalot said:

@Blitz said:
I can't figure out where the Crowned Heavy Barbute or the Crown wearable is? :((( Got so excited when I saw them in the patch notes

I'm pretty sure the crowned Barbute is only available as a reward for teams that win the Venatus Melee tournaments. (I could be wrong, though)