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25 minutes for the end point, would be nice to have a limit on this regardless how quickly the attackers push through the first points.

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Does anyone else have an issue with the perceived weapon lengths vs their actual hitboxes in this game?

It often seems like "enemy" attacks should not be able to reach you yet they do.

Is there any way to see hitboxes of weapons via console command in a private server?

Just another case of latency meets hit detection? Ping is always less than 70, normally 40.

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I agree. There's too much running, more so I've noticed in feitoria and castello. I can't be bothered to play them for that reason and I'm relativity quick with lighter armor, must be really tedious for 3-3-3 users.

I think spawns are some of the weakest elements of Mordhaus maps. Often miles away from objectives or spawns built right next to enemy spawns (mountain peak) so you spawn together in a big clusterf*ck.

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I play objective archer with recurve bow but I wouldn't mind an archer limit. Most of the archers are morons, not even shooting the enemy at the objective to help team mates, just going for scraps on the side of the battlefield.
Most of them are a handicap to the team.

It's a high skill floor and cap "class" but most players are obviously average so it's safe to say most archers are under performing. All they can really do is annoy other archers with the cuntsman perk, which results in some archers switching to melee and actually being of some use.

Engineers got an indirect buff when, bye bye mr firepot guy got destroyed. More and more people will start to use them if it's viable, in ways never seen before!

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I did wonder what everyone was on about, all these maul topics, I see now. Game is just naked maulers with bloodlust, at least in 48 player.

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And 1 out 47659 glitch spots in the game, maybe there needs to be a dedicated topic for it.

It's something they seem to actually fix in time.

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STUck player.jpg

Cant move for this location.

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I don't really want to play the king or warden in maps like Grad, Castello etc

Are these "bosses" picked by who has the highest score on the team and is there anyway to refuse being one after you have been picked?

If I run archer why do I want a some fat tank dude with a maul, at least have it so it scales your main weapon or something if doesn't already.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
Huntsman doesn't affect leg hits.

I see torso and head only. I guess from my perspective the shots look a lot lower but must be low torso hits. Is there any where to see the extra dmg it produces? Just says more damage in the perk menu.

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Cuntsman perk ruins the class. Die in 1 shot from a leg blow by a projectile, cheapest bullshlt in the game.

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Ammo box placements seem unbalanced but might just be that I haven't got used to the map yet but generally it's just a running simulator map, I just leave it when it comes on and join another server.

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I find the end location in the "keep" really tedious. As attackers you are running up the towers for most of the duration then you have a tiny bottle neck to get though. You are spawning, running up a flight of steps and then faced with a group of the enemy firing at you from above.

Why not have the attackers spawn at the top of the tower and work their way down so the defenders have to work a bit harder in those tower locations. Right now it's easy for a group of defenders to shoot recently spawned players and defend those locations.

Generally there seems to be a lot of running and then dying to projectile spam in this map as beginning locations are full of tiers so archers and other projectiles are just spamming on the units below at the objective.

It's the push of the cart, the send objective, that part of the map is a projectile spamfest, it's very open and it would be nice if there was a bit more cover for the defenders as they are just extremely exposed.
I try to use medikits in this location but anywhere near the objective will mean they will get sniped when drop them, not really many little areas to escape to that are not visible by the enemy.

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Not played the game in a while, came back and noticed the smoke/fire pots only replenish one pot upon using an ammo crate.

Makes me think that they are extremely niche right now and probably a no go.

Fireproof reduces damage by 80% (costs 3 points)
Smoke pots put out the fires (cost 2 points)
1 firebomb cost 6 points.

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I stopped playing this game back in Oct 19 and since then there seems to be a lot of new stuff added so I thought I would try it out.

We still have camp mainly red sided, oppressive catapult etc

We still have mass spawn camping on grad, where the attackers are unable to move at all, people get fed up of it and leave so you end up with unbalanced teams, no balancing mechanic.

They are issues with the game from quiet early on and adding new maps will bring new balance issues.
Having one sided matches creates a tedious experience in my opinion, having a 50/50 match, down to the wire are the best experiences.

Is it a case of new content regardless of quality (looking at crossroads) is good for the numbers/sales in the short term?

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  • 26 Nov '19

No map balances,

for that reason I'm out.

Good day sir.

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  • 16 Nov '19

@Shmel101 said:
The dumbest card of all. Developers, did you even test the balance on this card? Each round wins ONLY the blue team. I hope that you morons will fix it and make it easier to storm the castle and protect the village

That is how it's always been.
They cannot balance their maps very well.
They create a map, red team always wins, they edit the map, blue team always wins.
Best to accept it or move along.

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  • 16 Nov '19

Another one here who defended the game, saw the potential but no longer plays.

Game is down in to the 2000s for daily average players.

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  • 7 Nov '19

This patch surprised me.
I expected the map to have boosted the player counter for longer but it's actually at an all time low now.
This is probably a case of too little too late.
You didn't seem to learn from the crossroads release, that releasing a map, then allowing people to vote for it constantly would just mean people bingeing on the new content, making the game fun for the people who like the new map but extremely boring for people who are not that impressed by it or just don't like playing the same thing over and over.

Really need to have 24/7 new map servers so people can go there if they wish and spam the hell out of one map, too late now though.

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  • 30 Oct '19

@LuxCandidus said:

@esturias said:
But now I really have to assume that the full release of content in this game also counts as the first testing?

Like I have said before, with a team of this size - and decentralised as well - the largest test they could do is a 4v3 or maybe even a 4v4 if they schedules happen to align ideally.

That's not really how other multiplayer game works I think, they have test servers.
They release new content onto a limited amount of servers.
Mordhau release broken, untested, unbalanced content to every one, it becomes the main game.
In the short term you see a spike in player numbers but in the long run it's really damaging.