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You have the red spawns on mountain peak basically a bottle neck. Squeezing though doors ways.

Then you have the ballista on camp, the blue team one points at blue players? red team sneak there and spawn kill.

Then you have generally spawn camping, spawning and dying instantly.

What's the spawn mechanic? If you don't attack within a few seconds you should be immure to damage.
Joined a match on GRAD, blue had captured our first point, spawn and die simulator.

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@Bmufumac said:
Just spam firebombs lol

That's what I see a lot of the time, blue just spam firebombs on he red spawn, not much you can do.

Current map 650 blue tokens and 50 red, the map is badly designed. How can you make so few maps yet cock them up so greatly.

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Projectiles deal 200% more damage against archers is the reason I don't play much archer.

I normally play frontline, start with archer, get one shotted by huntman perk and then switch to melee character, feels more fair that way.

Dying to one shot is never a fun mechanic to deal with. They essentially had a game where the ranged classes could only really kill in 1 hit via headshot, nope, lets add a perk to implement something people on forums across the gaming community seem to despise, 1 shot kills at range.

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Rx 580 8gb, frontline full server 50+ fps

Settings medium.

Doesn't seem that great to me but it does stay above 60fps most of the time.

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Yes I guess that is a "problem" with frontline in general but it is just so easy to hold that position in Taiga.

There's limited options for red team to leave their spawn if the blue team has advanced, it's like Mountain Peak, the red spawn is just loads of little bottlenecks, so the oppressing forces have a easy time.

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So we went for a map dominated by the red team to a map dominated by the blue team? Maybe it is not as bad as before but it's far from balanced.

It seems to be, who ever gets to the central point and sets up base wins.

The red team just ends up being camped at their spawn and then what options do they have?
Head down a bottleneck which has a big blue team barricade on the point.

The other option, go though a building with a tiny door, 32 players, probably 10-15 trying to get though that gap?
To make it worse the ammo crate is inside the building, so all the blue engineers have to do is set up a base on the red teams side of that tiny building and they have a easy accessible unlimited supply of ammo, ends with them building things constantly and blocking off that route.

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I think archery is fine, it's like a support role where you don't kill much but end up with loads of assists.

With a skilled enough user it's pretty brutal and has a good skill ceiling.

What I hate about archery is going from Longbow to recurve. They are so extremely different with their aiming, it's like learning from the beginning all over again.

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Deleting it from the game is a sure fix.

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Crossroads makes me question if the devs had just got lucky up until this point and don't actually have a clue what they are doing.

A big open map with a building in the middle, I bet that took a long time to think of.

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@Mountainx said:
I'm new here but the outrage over a free map is ridicilous. True the spawn points aren't great but you can easily kill cavalry with a billhook or use spikes. It's a nice change from the normal maps / modes .. maybe even refreshing.

Being free doesn't impact the map at all, if people don't like it, they don't like it. You could just add loads of unfinished junk to the game and then say well it's free, what do you expect, the game would die fast.

People are saying it is just a filler map until 2 other ones are released but I feel they shouldn't have added it to the vote, they should have just had 24/7 crossroad servers.

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They make a bad map worse, so the real problem is the map overall, removing horses and you are still left with a bad map.

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Now I got to play that crap on frontline because people vote for it, even though it's a complete pile of crap, a game killer.

Why release sub par standard stuff.

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@smellycathawk said:
It's even worse now because most players are generally soft minded and of low moral fiber, so the more experienced the player, the more likely they will join the team most likely to win. So it becomes an unbalanced game both in terms of map and experience.

I do auto join and deal with it, I don't get the mentality of picking the side that is probably going to win, where's the fun in that.

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I get a lot of packet loss warnings, I believe the servers cpu is struggling a bit. My connection is really good and reliable.

Sometimes my arrows vanish or the loading animations don't work due to the little lags, no one really says anything in game so I think it's just me but the internet tells me otherwise.

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FL_Taiga - Red wins most of the time, in my experiences 90%
The Blue default spawn is really a marathon, after the 1st point you have to cross bridges, logs or a jump to proceed.
The 2nd point is just easier for reds to get to and then it's easier to defend it vs blues crossing bottlenecks.
Then you have the ballista pointing at you once you leave spawn, which if red is winning, which happens most of the time, means they have a group of people using on you.

FL_MountainPeak - Blue normally wins, i'd say about 70% of the time.
I can't see any big balance issues. There's some climbable locations, I am not sure if they are supposed to be there or not.
There's a good one where the blue team can set up a few archers and be pretty much untouchable whilst they shoot red players leaving the default spawn.

FL_Camp - Red normally wins, I'd guess also about 70% of the time.
Reds have cata + ballista that points directly at the blue spawn, helps a lot later on if the reds are pushing the cart.
Then you have the ballista in the blue base which is next to useless for the blue team, but reds will sneak around and shoot the blues in the back with it, good tactics for them but pretty annoying the the only time it's useful is for the enemy.
Also on the capture point at the river, red advantage is the ammo right next to the point is on their side & easier for reds to use, the blue ammo crate is further away and you need to use open ground to get back to it.

FL_Grad - Reds normally win this, I don't see any issue other than the blacksmith point, once the red team controls it, blue are trapped in the castle, surrounded and then to defend something as a team just seems more difficult. The map basically ends with the 3rd point being captured.