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The idea of a competitive version of frontline is rather old. Wether they did anything with the idea I’m not sure. There were map files for a small 3v3 map but nothing that I could gather. Chances are the competitive mode will come out before competitive frontline unless they plan to package it all in one which would be cool but highly unlikely. 1v1 competitive will come out first. Even the competitive mode dosen’t have a set date for the near future.


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единственный способ сохранить символы - это сохранить файл .ini игры в «C: \ Users \ UserInQuestion \ AppData \ Local \ Mordhau \ Saved \ Config \ WindowsClient \ game.ini» Используя гугл переводчик. извините, если перевод плох


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Would you be fine if the default was female black and you had the option to enable and disable everything else?

I bought this game because 1, I liked chivalry a lot but hated the gay ballerina dead spot hit moves, and 2, this game was advertised as a medieval combat game set in EUROPE, not fucking Sub-Saharan Africa. Anyone who says that Mordhau is not set in Europe is disingenuous, none of the armour comes from outside of Europe, none of the maps are set in non European settings, none of the weapons comes from outside of Europe either, with the exception of the spear which is a universal weapon. Since I have to spell it out for you, the population of Europe is, white people! Surprise! Its shocking I know.

You know there is a desert map, right?

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There is code in the game that leaked suggesting some progress towards duel mode. How far along are they, who knows. Chances are the small ring in camp will be utilized as the first duel map considering its called duel camp.

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Do us all a favor @crush


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Could we get a roadmap, please?

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Why can’t we just have a simple chat filter for racial slurs in place? Make the game streamer friendly. Anything else should be a players decision to censor. If there’s a feature to have motivational speech then something like a basic chat filter for racial slurs should be in place.

Something tells me the reason people aren’t watching your stream has nothing to do with racial slurs in chat.

You do realize streams could be banned because of a few trolls right spouting racial slurs. It’s in their community guidelines .Twitch bans people for this all the time.

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Why can’t we just have a simple chat filter for racial slurs in place? Make the game streamer friendly. Anything else should be a players decision to censor. If there’s a feature to have motivational speech then something like a basic chat filter for racial slurs should be in place.

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The devs really need to step up their game in terms of communication about the progress of the game. I had the assumption that the lack of communication during the alpha would wear away once the game made its full release. Reflecting back on it made it seem rather nieve of me to think of such a thing. Dev Blogs help please do them. No-one knows the direction the game is going at the moment. You can't expect that the people could simply educate themselves by mindlessly scouring the forums, discord, and reddit for tangible information. A bloody roadmap for the year with goals you seek to achieve would be reassuring for current and potential players. I love the game but it hurts me when the only source of information is scattered across multiple social media platforms with no-one concentrated place to view the progress of the game. People will think negatively of the silence giving people the false assumption of inactivity towards the development of the game for the future without such information/communication.

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The thing is, crossroads uses the frontline code in order to play. It should have been a separate KOTH gamemode but the devs haven’t split it up as it’s an early build of koth. Once a dedicated KOTH Mode comes out only then will crossroads follow.

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Is it frontline without horses ;( . Sad to see comp players slowly chip away at game features. To strip weapons or vehicles from being used in something like frontline ffs seems contrary to the mercenary theme of the game. If you can’t play the was you want in a comp setting then what’s the point. There are plenty of weapons that counter Calvary. Being good means being able to counter everything thrown at you. To me it feels like they are just being a bunch of babies.

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Would be cool to see happen

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Going to be frank with you, I don’t think the devs will respond to a topic like this. Don’t get me wrong, the substance of the topic “bows have weight” is a good topic however the devs arn’t really keen on answering secret nerfs like this considering it’s a ranged, a weapon they have shown distain for quite some time now.

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I’ve always said (since the alpha and prior) if you did a biweekly devblog then the community would be much more informed on the progress of the game. For the past few weeks since release we have been navigating blindly as to the direction of the game as we scour the forums for relevant information or digging through the game files to discover things like crossroads or fl_mountainpeak_pushtest. It doesn't help that the only people that really know what’s going on internationally is in the “private” discord. This only further alienated the community in terms of available information. If we had a concise and concentrated place to look at perhaps a devblog or a bloody roadmap I would argue would benefit the well being of the community. If smaller indy developers like those of the game Foxhole can do it then so can you.

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I was wondering if the developers could make the javelin function similar to the short spear in terms of combat. Seems odd to have a spear-like a weapon in the game that can't be used other than another projectile. Both share the exact same length aswell as the same range that can be tossed. Once more they even share the exact same stats for damage when tossed. Perhaps you could make the javelin have less damage when used for melee combat and have it produce more damage when tossed compared to the short spear. It makes no sense to have the javelin only be tossed while short spear can be used as melee and can be tossed when both similar in every other way (in game).


  • Give Javelin Melee abilities like the Shortspear
  • Reduce the Javelins Melee damage output compared to Shortspear when used for melee combat
  • Give Javelin Higher damage when tossed compared to Shortspear
  • Give Javelin longer range compared to the short spear since its a dedicated projectile weapon at heart


Example of Weapon Length Similarities


Example of Both Weapons Being Tossed at Similar Range


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Moorland Skirmishers is a pretty friendly NA West group to join.

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The FL maps aren't on the server builds yet afaik.

I took my "maps" folder from my client copy and slapped it in my server copy, (10 gb vs 1.5gb) and it successfully allowed my server to load the map. I think I have the only crossroads server up at the moment, at least I did last night.

The map (crossroads) is also missing some collision, the ramps leading from reds close spawn are busted. I'm pretty sure the map is also unstable, it throws a lot of missing asset errors in my server console. I've had the map crash my server a few times too, so not sure if it's going to stay up for any significant amount of time.


these are all the related files for fl_crossroads. chances are you are missing some thus giving you the collision error.

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This is a post regarding the game modes in the works. The first new mode in the work is King of the hill. Currently, the only map you can play this on is on fl_crossroads [this should be the expected name for the new map for the KOTH]. The map utilizes the currently hidden map horsefield.umap and built upon it a small ruined castle with a tree fort.



Note that there are two spawns. One spawn is for the Infantry that spawns relatively close to the ruins. The second spawn is located away from the castle and it provides horses for players to use. It seems like an oversight because horses can't navigate relatively well within the ruins.

This picture shows the blue infantry spawn


This picture shows the Blue Horse spawn


This picture shows the new HUD element for the mode. How it functions is relatively simple, in the pictures current state it is shown as neutral. If a team captures the point, the bar pointed towards either red or blue will fill the whole. The bar also reflects what percent the capture state is.


The second new gamemode in the works is called "Push". In its current state, it functions as a rudimentary siege gamemode consisting of a team pushing (in its current state being that only one map is provided with the current build) a ram from blue spawn in mountain peak all the way to the red castle. Along the path are objectives blue can capture which prevents red from spawning in the immediate location and should reflect the pace at which the game is moving. The cart has its on HUD the "castle" HUD used for the Blue final objective that reflects the progress of the cart overall. If blue captures the objectives, red shall slowly bleed tickets. Being that the mode is in such an early stage, it is possible for red too destroy the red final objective and win the mode however this is likly to be removed once the mode is further developed. Red, however, cannot recapture objectives once they are captured by the blue as it will remain locked for the duration of the game. It's important to note, found within the game files is a file referencing moving a siege tower and moveable ladders.

This image demonstrates the path in which the blue ram takes for the current map.



Picture of the HUD elements in the Push gamemode


That's all the pictures I have. Later I'll be making a post regarding a lot of the hidden content found within the current build of the game and previous version.

How to access these maps

Crossroads: open fl_crossroads

Push Mountain Peak: open fl_mountainpeak_pushtest

You can play these modes on servers assuming its been updated to the latest version of the game build being that the files are included.


Update : 5/29/2019

siege tower.png

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It's because they hate me ;{