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@Cynath said:
Is this the real life?

Is this just fantasy?

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@Headcripple said:
The Sledgehammer's alt mode doesnt work. I press R but it just makes the noise that says there isnt an alt mode.

The sledgehammer as in the peasant weapon? It has an alt mode? Have you looked at the advanced stats?

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If only the horse design wasn't oppressive and anti-skill

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@smug said:
It's because no one uses the lower diagonal strikes literally.

I drag them a fair amount and have some success in duels

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combat always has and always will be about movement and timing.

someone who has the best footwork and can dance around well, will always be a good warrior.

ever see a high ranking player mow down your whole team in front of you while you swing wildly at his back and wonder how he keeps moving away from your attack last second without even looking at you?

movement and timing.

clashing swords like luke skywalker and darth vader looks cool but isn't very realistic.
trading parries is pointless
lure a swing, step back, counter, kill, done, next target

Or just fucking accel all day with battle axe for free kills

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@PJ_Ammas said:
Zyklon Botas when?

Oh god oh fuck they're too powerful

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@Briver said:
I ran into a bug where my level got reset from level 34 to 1. I only noticed after a few rounds of battle royale. I assure you, closing and re-opening the game did not fix it. I have no idea how it happened, all I did was open the game and play some battle royale. I skipped the results screen by clicking "requeue" as soon as I could, maybe that caused it, I don't know though. I just really want my levels back, climbing back up to 34 will be arduous starting from scratch, and I don't want to lose my classes I worked so hard for.

I also have proof that my level was in the 30's before. Here are screenshots proving I was at least level 32:

Your gold and XP is still there. The Devs are in the process of fixing it.

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@SkyCaptain said:
i just want some evidence.
give me a video that shows these extreme movements and exploits.

Holy shit you just no u'd @Botas

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@TheDankestMeme said:

He looks incredibly displeased

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Your gold and XP is still there, just that the system had a problem with counting it up

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I've seen many competitive players use a bandage in a duel and be able to return to full HP faster than their opponent who has disengaged.
I've also found that you can use it as a pressure tool to force an opponent into rushing you, even if they have tenacious. And if they do not rush you, you gain the advantage.

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@KidTheAstronaut Marox said that the XP and Gold are still there, but the system has a problem with counting it up. They're looking into it already.

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It's all fun and games until the lvl 100 guy gets his hands on a battle axe

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@ToLazy4Name said:

@SkinnyPete said:

@recurf said:

@Jax said:
We're not good with time estimates, we thought the game would release like march 2018 or something like that

We're starting with ranked 1v1 and will go from there.

Thanks for letting us know ur working on it, i'm sorry for whining about it. I am just really hyped for ranked mode

Don't apologize to these fox news neckbeards. You did nothing wrong. He's upset he's an incel.

this is quite possibly the best bait i've ever seen posted on this forum

This forum has turned into a baitposting competition

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Oh shite! My folly!

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@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
well yes, but bandages cost 1 point each, and they take up valuable inventory space.
Tenacious is just 1 point.

of course in maps where Tenacious literally does not work due to no regeneration mechanic in the first place, its not wise to use it.

but in duels its VERY effective to buy some points of HP as you drag out time, waiting for your opponent to engage.
i frequently regenerate up to full HP in the middle of duels where i was down to 10% just because my opponent backs off himself in either panic or to regenerate himself.

all i have to do is be ready for his attack in that scenario.. if he attacks me before the regen triggers then so be it, but if he doesn't i am almost guaranteed to win the bout.

My counterpoint is that after gaining distance you can easily just bandage back up to full, and it is hard for your opponent to punish you. Besides, when do you really run out of inventory slots in a serious build?

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@SkinnyPete said:
This Developers.


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@PJ_Ammas said:
Hey guys I'm debating putting Efficiency V on my pickaxe. It won't make me mine stone any faster than Efficiency IV but ore will be like 10% faster. I've only got the one Eff IV book though, but all my other tools are Eff IV already so I might as well right?

You have Eff IV on a sword? smh

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This is poor bait you have chosen to post