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In my 30+ years never made me a game so much angry. You get mentally abused, cyber bullied and humiliated by everyone, they kill you, laugh at you and even better they even damn show you how many times you got killed by the damn same person, even better you got killed by a 9 year old kid because profile picture. Well thanks to give me another reason to do suicide.

The combat is abysmal, no matter how times i try to land a hit, it will 99% always miss. I attacked with my one handed sword, ONE HANDED, he attacked after me with a maul and still hit me... what please? How the heck is a maul faster than a damn one handed sword??? Melee is something I don't care anyways. I'm an old man, my reflexes don't work so well anymore. ... Why the heck do you lose your bow if someone hits you?

This game is a damn walking/dying simulator. You get spawn... and dead and this repeatedly, my average K/D is 1/20-30 You get suddenly killed by a damn horse, catapult, ballista or someone is just waiting for you at the spawn to to kill and humiliate you again. And if that's not enough, I get constantly chased and killed by my own allies because why the fuck not. Votekill? forget this, nobody will do anything.