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Has anyone out there found a solution yet?

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Good luck. The devs are ghosts when anyone mentions this issue. at best you'll get someone here asking you to post crash logs, but i'll eat my shoe if it leads to even 1 additional response.

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I feel your pain. Even when they can be bothered to respond, it's usually just a "post your crash logs" and then literally ZERO communication afterwards. How about a "we're aware of the issue". This is terrible and excruciating for someone who wants to really love and enjoy this game.

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any help here?

i just had about 12 crashes in 30 minutes just trying to mess with my loadout in the armory. PLEASE HELP SO I CAN PLAY THE GAME I PAID FOR.

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@HerrLudwig said:
Registered on the forum just for this, might help someone out. Since this issue is infuriating.

I was struggling with this same issue since yesterday, could play just fine before. But suddenly the game crashed every. single. time.
I tried everything, went through almost ALL settings, updated drivers, monitored my cpu temperature etc.

Turns out the game is somehow coded it can't deal with an overclocked CPU. I reset my CPU to default settings, and not a single crash anymore. If any of you guys have your CPU overclocked, reset it to factory settings. See if it helps.

unfortunately this didn't fix the crashing for me.

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@geach3d said:
I'd reset the settings to default to by deleting both the Intermediate and Saved folders, located in -C:Users:YourName:AppData:Local:Mordhau.

So start the game fresh and then we can get new logs if the game continues to crash.

Logs will be in 2 folders; Crashes, and Logs, both in the saved folder, at the above location, called Mordhau.txt. Please name them appropriately ex; Mordhau_Crashes.txt. You can use a site like pastebin to give us the logs


Deleting the settings didn't solve the freezing directly, but i dont think you expected that to be the solution. here are the reports


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i7 6700k
EVGA 1080ti
16gb DDR4
Windows 10

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it's been posted about by dozens of users. this game would be my literal favorite game on steam if i could just get more than 20 minutes of gametime without it freezing.

no setting adjustments seem to fix it, updated drivers on high-end hardware, temps are fine, stock clocks are being used, and i've tried just about every rumored solution without any luck. this is a NEW issue. i was able to play my first 20 or so hours of this game without so much as a stutter, but now my game session ends with a crash literally 100% of the time.

this seems to be the most recent crash report:
Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 826] Rendering thread exception: Fatal error: [File:Unknown] [Line: 200] Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost. (Error: 0x887A0006 - 'HUNG') 0x00007ffe0ce6a388 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a340dcd9 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a34440f9 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a33d6f4c Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a33a0f2d Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a384d34b Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a384e17b Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3842fda Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3ab6f2d Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a38aebbf Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b6c381 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b3b505 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b6866f Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b6a7f4 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b6a485 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a39935b2 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3913186 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b2f67f Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3b206b9 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3310a73 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3c821b2 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3c82238 Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3418aab Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ff6a3415fec Mordhau-Win64-Shipping.exe!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ffe0e0e4034 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction [] 0x00007ffe10a83691 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction []