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Neat, I can't wait to get one-shot by shady looking side-stabs because the game can't tell the difference.

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@Mr_Obliviousness said:
Yeah but that doesnt seem to work

What am I supposed to do with that kind of reply?

It DOES work. Use big brain.

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It's in the Game.ini file.

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There's no parry cooldown with shields, they completely break the flow of your 1vX, they can hold block for 10 seconds while still being allowed to riposte and kicks are extremely risky in a teamfight. They block projectiles both actively and passively and your movement speed is pretty much unaffected even while holding up the heaviest shield available.

Shields are great in (large) teamfights because the time and mechanics required to deal with a shield user mean you'll allow his teammate to get a free hit on you.
Convince a decent amount of teammates to stack shields (good luck with that in pubs) and you're virtually unstoppable.

Shields aren't underpowered in general. If you wanna focus on the fact they don't dominate in duels or 3v3 that's your choice.

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Sledgehammers cannot be thrown, you're talking about different Maul skins.

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@SushiFish said:
I wouldn't blame Jax as the community manager for this shitfest. He is probably trying his best with the limited amount of information given to him by the other developers. Seems like they have just caved in and are having a hardtime doing anything right anymore.

Partially, yeah. I reckon he's not given much information to work with and it sucks being the middle guy dealing with backlash.

On the other hand, and I mean no personal offense to the guy, he's not acting like a community manager. With the exception of the one proper July dev update (which was really well done) his presence is scattered across random short posts. There is no #1 official way to know about upcoming patches, no single thread where we find developer updates, not even a pinned topic with info like where to report a hacker.

Jax if you're reading this, here are some ideas that don't require input from the other devs:

  • Periodic community tournaments. No money required whatsoever. Maybe a unique forum badge or weapon skin for the winners.
  • Weekly balance discussions. This week we disuss Estoc, next week Eveningstar. That sort of thing.
  • Community polls. What kind of official map would the community like to see next? How would players feel if X was added to the game?
  • Screenshot Saturdays.
  • A forum category or pinned topic for modding/mapmaking. It's clear the community wants to get craftin' even if the SDK isn't out yet, might as well make it easier for them in the meantime.
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@Rergato said:
If they just make the turn cap when the shield is raised suuuper slow (making the shielder have to lower it to efficiently turn) I think then shields would be fine..

It’d make trying to stab them in their blind spots a lot better because they wouldn’t be able to turn like a beyblade unless they lower the shield.

It's already pretty easy to side stab around a shield though.

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@Malfetus said:
What I find particularly dumb about this whole thing is that it seems like they've dumped the majority of the last 4 months into a ranked mode that they no longer have the playerbase to support.

There's what? 3k average players now? Assume that after the first week hype that 1000 are in Frontline, 500 on duel servers, 200 on Horde, 200 on BR, and another 100 just idling on menu. That leaves maybe 1000 people in the ranked ecosystem. With 30 ranks that's roughly 33 per rank.

Assume that 70% of those people are Diamond+ (since there's no new blood in the game), then that leaves 300 people over the remaining 20 ranks or 15 people per rank below Diamond.

If they do it properly with MMR, each rank will be broken down even further. Hell, in Rocket League which has 60k+ online, I keep playing the same people over and over in ranked a lot of the time.

Even if the update comes out and the population goes up, if the current development cycle continues, we'll just end up where we're at or worse. Basically, it isn't sustainable. I also don't believe that the playerbase will favor ranked duels over the shenanigans, lutebots, and community of duel servers.

TLDR; They just burned 4 months creating a mode that doesn't have the players to support it

Don't forget region which further restricts the pool of potential opponents.

I saw a post once that addressed people's complaints about matchmaking in a somewhat popular game. I think it was Paladins?

Basically it boiled down to the fact that out of the ~20.000 players currently playing the game on Steam, only 30 of them were potential opponents for MM to pair you with once you filter region, rank, gamemode etc.

I'm assuming Mordhau's ranked mode is 1v1 because it absolutely does not have the playerbase for anything larger (anymore). Even then you'll still face ridiculous matchups and the same opponent(s) all the time.

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@jakkre said:

Essentially, we don't want to hold back an update if it's possible, as there's no real reason to keep ranked from coming if it's ready and the maps aren't, but the maps are very close to being done, so we'll see what happens.

Will there also be a MMR for the frontline mode or just for ranked?
As a beginner I'm tired of facing mostly hardcores in this game and I could bet that many other newcomers feel the same.
It is not fun to be in every match the cannon fodder for all the hardcores in this game. Pls separate us newbs from them.

Chivalry had "low rank servers" (only lv1-lv15 players allowed) and it was probably the worst idea the developers ever implemented, especially because Chivalry's skill curve revolves around mastering controversal spinny boi moves.

Instead of new players complaining immediately they would just be in their own little bubble until after a few hours they couldn't play on their special little servers anymore. Then they'd have to join a real server against good players and they'd just complain as much as before the lowrank servers were added.

Mordhau may not have the same broken moves as Chivalry but if there's one thing to take away from these lowrank servers it's that you don't learn anything fighting against bad players. You can't protect players from getting stomped (whether that's at lv1 or lv16), the only important difference is whether those players rage and uninstall or if they rise to the challenge and improve.

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@SWSeriousMike said:
I haven't witnessed that opinion in weeks. Not even Fashionhauers and roleplayers are really satisfied at the moment.

Depends on the platform. On the subreddit it's still a 50-50 mix of "This game is fucked" and "You guys are spoiled lolol its just a small indie team".

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@unabridgedpenis said:
Thing I like: Bannerlord is getting closer to release every day.

Aren't Mount & Blade games supposed to be immersive? Bannerlord had "okay" graphics at best when it was first announced, by now it already looks like a 10-15 year old game.

I don't consider myself a graphics whore but I can't really immerse myself when a 2019/2020 game look like unmodded TES4: Oblivion - and that's assuming Bannerlord is even released in the next 16 months.

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@Gambit said:

@VampireDuck said:
theres also the problem of people turning skirmish into duel servers, like why the fuck do people want to make every gamemode duel?

I don't like that either, but if it's down to 1v3 sometimes doing it is fun and respectful.

I have a signature

It encourages people to dick around near their spawn, avoid any encounters and then throw their hands in the air yelling "DUELS!" when they're inevitably the last man standing.

At least half the time I join a Skirmish server the top scoring players are terrible teamplayers who happen to be good at 1v1.

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I'm getting the impression they just don't know how to implement a global banlist. Some hackers have been going at it for a while despite numerous reports with proof (including one of my own).

Credit where it's due: they respond really quickly if you message an admin or mod on their Discord about griefers or hackers. So I'm really curious why very obvious offenders aren't banned.

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How to turn a duel server into a deathmatch server:

  1. Try to attack only one target, maybe two. Throwing a few pebbles works wonders
  2. The target gets pissed at you and will start chasing. Run towards nearby players who are engaged in their own duel.
  3. Try hiding behind one of the duellers.
    3.A. Don't fight back against your target. Parry a few times, then die in clear view of everyone else to seem like the victim.
    3.B. With a little luck one of the duellers will actually fight back on your behalf.
    3.C. The absolute best scenario: one of the duelists will be distracted/come to your aid and then his opponent kills him. There's nothing more annoying in duels than when your opponent kills you while you were clearly distracted.
  4. Repeat a couple of times.
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@ZipZip said:
Yea, and I don't think it would be taken serious anyways. I mean it's just horde mode where someone spawns himself in with full gear. Protect the hackers :)

Not really, they respond pretty quickly on the Discord and as long as you have proof they'll add them to the banlist on the spot, regardless of gamemode.

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@LukeJ428 said:
what I don't like is when there's teammates spamming smoke bombs everywhere and you're running through an entire battlefield completely blind with no way to stop it.

There's already a counter to those kinds of teammates, a Maul loadout without Friendly.

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@Odd said:
Video is good and all, but are you whispering because your mother is asleep?

Just wondering.....

Stouty's making ASMR videos, you didn't know?

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Frontline is probably going to get much better maps in the future anyway (and Invasion will hopefully be good enough to be pushed as the new "main mode" and take FL's place in the matchmaking screen).

So for now I'm actually okay with one-sided stomps.
Yeah, it sucks when you know you don't stand a chance after only three minutes, but I'd rather have quick losses than super balanced FL matches where you just keep losing and recapturing the same farm at the center of the map.

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@GreatnessIncarnate said:
I really dislike the lack of any disadvantages when using a shield.

The stamina game on shields is generally terrible unless you're really, really good with them. For decent one-handers like the Mace or Bastard Sword you're actually making the stamina drain negation worse by adding a parry shield.

And for the big Kite Shield, taking up about 25% of your screen is a pretty big downside to me.

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@ZugZugNeverEnds said:

@chair-apparent said:

@Goof said:
Mountain Peak is absolutely not balanced. Blue point is much easier to defend and blue spawns in general are much closer to the objectives. Not to mention if red is pushed past their point they are fucked completely due to bottlenecking at every entrance to the castle. Imo is the second worst map behind Crossroads.

Crossroads you hit every major issue. My main quarrel with Crossroads is the fact that middle is considered a spawn point despite spawning in the exact same spot.

The spawning on Crossroads make sense if we look at it as a King of the Hill game mode.

but its not king of the hill mode... its frontline/deathmatch/whatever mode.

Team Deathmatch with circles.