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@esturias said:

@^--^ Maximus ^--^ said:
Because right now, a lot of players don't even know it exists or that it can spawn from horses (cuz it spawns like once every 5-10 minutes)

And I think that it's perfectly fine that way. That makes it a special weapon and it's always a real surprise when you see someone (or yourself) getting killed with it.
If you want diversity for the Peasant perk, suggest threshing flails, handsaws and all that stuff.

Personally I'd love to have access to the broken/rusty variants of longsword and arming sword. Handsaws could be fun though.

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@FwheeSheepin said:
What happened?

The fire nation attacked.

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@thecamguy said:
This is almost exactly what Torn Banner did for Chiv, but in this case we do not have adequate map development tools. I can't even find any sort of documentation on how to make a map. I think it would be a great idea, if said tools and documentation were available. As it stands, you basically need to know how to make your own UE4 game from scratch to make even a basic map. I don't think I've seen a single custom frontline/invasion map so far, its just so hard to put together without a more specialised version of the UE4 dev kit.

Check out the Mordhau mapping & modding Discord, they recently released an updated unofficial SDK.
It's not perfect but if you want to start creating your own content it's certainly doable now.

And it has example maps per gamemode + extensive documentation.
But yes, basic UE4 knowledge is required.

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Assert dominance with the occasional stab chamber gamble so they'll be too scared to morph or feint, then just stop gambling and win the stamina game.

And pray that the server parry detection doesn't shit itself during your fight since it seems to love doing that against Rapiers.

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@jimmylemke said:
I just found this thread myself, having recently purchased the game. I wanted to get my wife playing it on her computer so we can play together, but now I'm finding I'm not able to do family sharing on Steam.

We have no idea how to cheat. I'm trying to expand the player base, because if she gets into it all her friends are going to purchase copies for themselves.

I'm not angry or anything, just disappointed. I'm more bothered by the kids in their parents' basements shouting "bUy AnOtHeR CoPy" at people who clearly aren't trying to share it for nefarious cheating reasons.

FYI, family sharing doesn't allow you to play a game together, doesn't matter which game.
As soon as the account owner launches a game, the other person gets a warning that in 5 minutes they'll be booted out of whichever shared game they're currently playing (unless they buy it).

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This is literally why they added a chat filter. Why are people still complaining? It's a solved issue.

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Sounds like it could be fun if implemented well. I mean it's Triternion so it's probably gonna make every single attack an execution until they fix it three months later.

But it could be fun.

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@Iodine said:
Triternion as far as I'm aware take LODing and map optimisation extremely seriously.

  • Every single decorative rock in Contraband that you shouldn't be able to reach has collision enabled.
  • Even random out of bounds trees in Contraband that aren't even visible from the playable area have collision enabled. Not even simple box collision but complex (per poly) collision. Same for the rocks.
  • Everything in Tourney has collision enabled. From the high balconies you can only reach via exploits to the small crates in ammo rooms that you'll get permanently stuck in, forcing you to suicide.
  • Speaking of stuck spots, Taiga and Grad are particularly full of them.
  • When Invasion was first released performance was near unplayable because every single burning building had permanent GPU-heavy fire emitters that would always be rendered, even from outer space. This meant that in Grad's final objective as defenders you would spawn facing the burning village and have your FPS cut in half.
  • Virtually not a single mesh in Camp has a defined max draw distance. You can glitch through the ground, fall below the map for 10 minutes at full-speed and still clearly see all of its landmarks.
  • Last time I checked the collapsing cave particle emitters in Taiga could be seen from all the way over at the bird's-eye spawn selection screen (clipping through the cave ceiling).
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Don't forget to link to your clan's hastily built free Wordpress site, complete with a dead forum that - despite only having one member - already goes into full detail about the different moderator permissions.

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@Runagate said:
Yeah this idea is fucking stupid, there would be no reason to not use this perk always on every build

This'll sound really shocking but hear me out, okay?


Perks cost points.

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New player: "So I think I understand Mordhau's system now. The more points in armor, the higher your defense."

You: "Exactly! It's so simple!"

New player: "I want to focus on mobility so I should probably not equip any leg armor, right?"

You: "Oh, erm... unlike the other parts, leg armor actually doesn't affect movement speed at all."

New player: "Huh, weird. Alright, I can go for leg armor but that means I'll have to go for a T1 chestpiece instead of T2. Probably for the best since it's faster!"

You: "Well yes, but actually no..."

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HHA point cost is fine IMO. Suits its role as a bridge between a good weapon and a repair tool.

Perhaps its repair effectiveness could be toned down a bit and some damage traded for speed so it's not as awkward compared to other cheap onehanders.

Although I will say I don't really mind the current floaty Handaxe. It's one of the few weapons that doesn't feel the exact same as everything else.

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@esturias said:
Which promises are you talking about in detail?
Right now the game is making some progress, it's just EXTREMELY slow and on a very amateurish way.

Probably the initial Kickstarter list, like official modding support. Which is indeed being worked on (I hope), but there's little to no information about it actually being worked on, what little information we DO have is scattered across random reddit posts/twitch highlights instead of a central development thread on this official forum and we certainly don't get any kind of time estimations other than a memed "Soon™ huehuehue" from the devs.

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I've experienced it a few times, usually when using someone else's ballista.

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@PC_Principal said:
very ez headshot if you know how.

As a matter of fact we do!

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Good players should just auto-implode if they're doing too well because we're not allowed to reward player skill in this game.

With this thread and the weird Maul suggestions I'm starting to think you're just getting frustrated after doing poorly in one too many FL matches.

Here's the secret though, Principal: don't take the game so seriously.

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It's made in China so probably won't last long

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Judging by your other post I'd say it's probably for the best newcomers don't know how to votekick.

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@λze said:
personally i think the range is the worst thing about it, like I can be so close to someone behind them to the extent that I am body-blocked and cannot get any closer and the swing will still miss simply because they are looking are running forward and looking ahead, which makes their body unusually hunched over. They are not looking at the ground or ducking to avoid a swing, they dont even know the swing is coming to try and avoid it but it misses simply because the range is that shockingly bad.

Yeah, some weapons feel flat out useless if you're wearing heavy armor. Dagger for me is the worst, I specifically made a light Dagger build without as much as a shirt and it's still a 50-50 gamble whether my stabs will connect. The player bubble in this game is not as bad as in Chiv but still problematic.

With Maul it's also frustrating, especially when they "dodge" your swing by simply walking forward without even seeing you.