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@gamerpvp001 said:
I also think macros and some cheats are being used more than we think.

I use a toggleable autowalk macro so I don't have to hold down Shift+W all the time. I check under my car and my bed every night worried Jax or Crush is going to hurt me.

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@Jax said:
we can look in the backend and see if your items/gold/xp are still there and try to 'reboot' your inventory, but if we don't see the items we can't do much :(

Well done, Triternion. Well done.

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Or how about next time they don't copy-paste Frontline maps, add a ton of kill volumes, slap an "INVASION" sticker on it and call it a day.

The maps simply weren't designed for Invasion.

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I like Bardiche alt mode too. It's like a built-in Exec sword with more range, while still keeping the ability to switch to your main mode if you need to combo.

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@esturias said:
Some valid points, some wrong points because of a lack of experience.

Maybe, instead of coming up with the most childish and useless answers, our proud and honored veterans here could acknowledge that even a "bad" player notices some of the many issues of the game.

We could, but opportunies for a calm, insightful discussion get thrown out the window the moment OP starts literally raging over facts they got completely wrong.

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@bobbydigital said:
One smoke bomb will counter multiple firebombs, even if they are spread out and it also costs 1 point less to get smoke bombs.
All the tool box structures, just need a friendly with a smoke to player as firefighter, what use is the firebomb? Area denial, nope, fireproof is 1 point, the damage scales so it is weak to begin with, seems pointless.

Smoke bombs don't counter fire bombs at all. I don't know where people keep getting this idea from.

Putting out fires is an interesting gimmick, not an actual useful feature. With smoke bombs, replacing someone's fiery area denial using my cheaper, larger area denial doesn't help anyone. If someone throws fire at my mini-ballista I can put it out - but I still end up having to wait 15 seconds or simply building a new one because I can't see shit.

And as for Fireproof, it's actually fairly bad right now. Fighting in your own fire will get you killed rather quickly, even with Fireproof. The damage simply scales too fast. Fireproof's 80% DR was balanced around the old, constant damage.

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God damn that response time. We're like EA customer support.

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Aight time's up. Dunno what you did but I'm gonna need a LiveLeak link.

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Cloaks will be fun for about five minutes until you realize they look terrible without cloth physics enabled, aren't cool anymore because everyone's wearing one and every single player now looks like Batman whether they want to or not.

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@Tr0gledyte said:

@ToLazy4Name said:
no it's not dead lmao anyone who says it is has never played niche titles

as to whether or not it's dying, that's anyone's guess

They need a way to generate income from the remaining core playerbase in the future, or else it will die. Then again, with a small playerbase and very few patches because they have other projects to work on and earn them money, I suppose maintenance costs won't be that high and they can keep the game online for quite a while.

Basically they need some other way to make money, besides selling Mordhau copies. Could be a different game, paid cosmetics, gold for money, anything.

Mate honestly I can't speak for everyone, but I know personally I'm outta here if Triternion has the nerve to start selling DLC because "they need money" after releasing only one new map, two weapons and a rushed gamemode despite selling 5+ million game copies. Dunno what kind of mass cocaine addiction they're fuelling with all that revenue but I don't feel comfortable encouraging it any further.

Development is slow because just like with Chivalry, players don't stick around after the first few hours and new players are rare. Triternion understandably is not going to work overtime to add amazing new features when they know it's not gonna magically bring players back. It costs more to add stuff to Mordhau than they get out of it. I don't blame them for toning development down "a little" but it does suck for people who still expect a steady stream of content patches. It also means adding $$$ cosmetics is about the most insulting thing they could do at this point.

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I don't know why you're so quick to discard TDM/Skirmish. From your description of what a more "focused" gamemode should revolve around those two modes sound like what you're looking for.

@smug said:
Make the official servers 24man

This so much though, here in EU all FL/Invasion servers are 64p fuckfests. And even if at some point of the day there are only a few players in the server, the gamemode still spawns a ton of horses as if there ARE 64 connected players.

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@Tr0gledyte said:
Except one tiny little problem: to chamber an attack, you need to start an attack of your own right when your opponent is about to hit you. Similar to the parry window. And when an opponent is right about to hit you, he can't feint anymore! If you start your chamber early enough to punish a feint, it's not a chamber, it's just a gamble that your opponent will feint, and if he doesn't you will be punished for it.

This theory is based around humans having a near 0ms reaction time, which we don't, and the chamber window lasting only for 1-2 frames, which it doesn't.

The decision-making moment of whether or not to input a chamber doesn't occur a single frame before you get hit. It's much sooner, while the enemy is still in his wind-up phase. If you decide to attempt a chamber that doesn't mean you'll immediately input one. It means you will input one a few hundred milliseconds from now.

Then there's the chamber window during which it'll absorb the enemy's attack. It lasts for a few hundred milliseconds as well.

Bottom line being that just because chambers only work during the enemy's attack's release phase doesn't mean they're decided at that same time. No human on earth has that low of a reaction time. It's not really a gamble any more at that point and if the enemy doesn't feint you can always ftp to recover from a mistimed chamber attempt.

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On Crossroads just spawn the top-ranking player as a pre-patch 9 horse rider. Should be more than enough of a challenge.

On a more serious note, why? Why would you want the same objective in every single Invasion map? Killing the helpless royal family in Dark Forest, destroying the enemies' battleships with their own ballistae in Hillside, freeing Malric in Irilla, invading the citadel in Cove... all really good final objectives in Chivalry. A lot of custom maps pulled the king-objective card because they couldn't come up with something original.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
I have the same questions about War axe users, medical science is studying the wrong people.

Hey now hol' up, I mained the Dubaxe in Chiv for the vast majority of my 3k hours and it was considered dumpster tier throughout all that time.

I proclaim myself rightfully deserving of Mordhau's actually viable equivalent.

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@Tr0gledyte said:
Wtf guys? It's impossible to win a stamina fight with a peasant that uses a frying pan, even if you use a buckler. This is a meme build but the worst part is it's actually viable(!), moreso with 2-3 frying pans so you can throw them unexpectedly.

Made me lol. If you manage to consistently get outstammed by a frying pan then perhaps it's better to tank your elo down to silver instead of trying to go up the ladder.

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LOD'ing is pretty much nonexistent in Invasion. It was already somewhat of a noticeable trend in Mordhau maps that their lack of optimization suggests they were made by artists, not gamedevs. You get stuck on random boxes/rocks, objectives are uninspired, EVERYTHING has complex collision - even the scenery trees in Contraband more than 1km away from the playable area and the cart barrels on Taiga/Grad which permanently get you stuck if they fall on you.

And now with Invasion everyone's reporting worse performance than in other modes. Geez, I wonder why.

  • The super detailed fire effects (Taiga, Grad) have no max draw distance. The particle emitters are always being rendered - even from the super far away view while selecting your spawn. As soon as you spawn as blue team during Grad's final objective you're looking in the direction of the burning village - with its ~15 resource-hogging fire emitters. Why doesn't the fire just die out after half a minute?
  • When the mine starts collapsing in Taiga, you can see the rocks falling even when you're in the spawn selection screen. Why?
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@bobbydigital said:
My system struggles with fps in invasion mode.

Ryzen 5 1600x
16gb ddr3
rx580 8gb
Samsung evo ssd

Sometimes it's dropping from 90 fps to 35/40.
I just think there's too many players in the server for such a mode, at least for the average pc user.
So many players in one place, not sure if it's my hardware not being good enough or the server struggling with having say 40 players in one place at any given time.

Not up for potato mode though.

Nah, Invasion just runs far worse than any other mode right now, I wouldn't blame your hardware.

Those dummies probably didn't set up LODs for the many peasants or burning houses. Or too many intensive tick events (that run every frame).

Plus Invasion is just generally not as suited for 64p clusterfucks as Frontline is so it's time for separate servers.

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@PartyClass said:
Let's make the the tiers of head armor affect mouse sensitivity instead for realism

Leg armor now increases fall damage by 100% per tier!

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@xXLuxXx said:
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