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If toned down a little these suggestions could work, it'd be nice to have some more "support playstyles" in the game.

Pubs right now give you two choices:

  • Play with a big weapon, optionally apply Bloodlust and absolutely farm enemies.
  • Play something more supportive like toolbox, medpacks etc. and basically accept you will never perform as well as you would've if you went with the first option.

Some debuffs could be a nice addition to archery - though they'll need to fix the stuck arrow hitboxes first as it's often really difficult to pull out a weapon/arrow/bolt from your left arm or back.

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@TombstoneJack said:
bring less swords duh


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One of these days Triternion will finally crack the great mystery of how to enable mouse controls + scrolling in the scoreboard. Then the possibilities will be endless, one of them being a far easier votekick system .

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Right now the game has some noticeable issues for newcomers, such as:

  • Feitoria takes too long to load for many players, even those that fit well within the recommended specs.
  • Combat looks goofy and unrealistic. "It's high skill" and "it's not a simulator", I know, I know. But it's certainly nothing like that epic trailer on the store page.
  • Weapon balance in FL/Invasion revolves around the ~top 10 longest/strongest weapons (halberd, zwei, maul etc). Picking any other weapon is basically handicapping yourself.
  • Very few maps and minimum effort objectives. No real grand siege objectives like in Chivalry.

If some of these things will be addressed in the near future (lol) then I'd wait for that, then announce a permanent price drop combined with a free weekend.

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They may contribute to your total teamdamage % (shown when you're being votekicked) but beartrap teamkills should NOT show up in the killfeed.

It'd just lead to finger pointing and retaliation even though 90% of the time it's the teammate's fault for not minding their step.

So counting as a teamkill is fine. Showing the teamkill in the feed would be a bad idea.
If Triternion ever adds friendly beartrap UI markers things may change.

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@Charle said:
I think we should make it so people can't be vote kicked if their team damage is below 40% or something.

Lmao please be a troll post. If someone manages to be so fucking thick they smack a teammate half the time they attack then they should be temporarily banned, not become immune to votekicks.

If it were up to me I'd let votekicks trigger automatically as "low" as 10-15%.

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  • Heavy Handaxe is like the worst weapon ever to try and gamble with and doesn't at all fit the "fast one-hander" stereotype that would've worked in your argument.
  • Chambers exist for this very reason.

Yes, I miss how easy it was to steal initiative in Chivalry but Mordhau definitely has more options for punishing feints.

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@Senturion, Duke of Ontheon said:
People who cant build their own pc wouldn't be able to file their own taxes or didnt play with legos as a kid

Buying a pre-built PC saves time.

I get it though. I fully understand the appeal of building your own monster PC catering to your exact needs.
But at the end of the day there are so many pre-built computers available that will also fit your requirements. It's not some scammy concept where you'll get a shitty PC with subpar components or end up paying too much.

I don't bake my own bread. I don't grow my own potatoes. I don't build my own PC. It's not that I don't know how to do any of these things, it's just that I can't be bothered to. None of them are fun activities for me.

Oh, and buying a pre-built PC often comes with a warranty. Installing/replacing components without even seeing what I'm doing was the least fun I ever had back when I still built my own.

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@Senturion, Duke of Ontheon said:
Imagine buying a prebuilt pc

Building a PC is all fun and games until something mysteriously fails to work and you gotta cram your sausage fingers in there looking for the issue.

Now I just buy something pre-built, guaranteed to work. Never going back.

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@esturias said:
Teamdamage received and caused visible in a (finally working!) scoreboard. Old idea.

Devs will have to figure out how to enable the scroll wheel in the scoreboard first, which they've been avoiding for years now.

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@LetsFightíngLöve said:
GRAD, Mountain Peak and Feitoria.

Change the field commander to a playable field commander on Grad during the last objective.

Maybe it'd be better if you buy Mordhau and play it for a few hours before making suggestions. Grad already has playable NPC's.

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I don't get it. The black armor dude in the final objective is unkillable? Or does he just have a ton of health?
You can't even parry him?

Feels like something you ought to communicate to the players instead of letting them figure it out on their own in the most frustrating and confusing manner possible.

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Call me old fashion but I like my women without a penis.

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3) Most of the repairable level-structures are terrible or don't benefit one team more than the other.
4) The bug where you get stuck in your own ballista after using it is still in the game. Enjoy getting roasted by firebombs while literally unable to move. So much fun.

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@gamerpvp001 said:
I also think macros and some cheats are being used more than we think.

I use a toggleable autowalk macro so I don't have to hold down Shift+W all the time. I check under my car and my bed every night worried Jax or Crush is going to hurt me.

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@Jax said:
we can look in the backend and see if your items/gold/xp are still there and try to 'reboot' your inventory, but if we don't see the items we can't do much :(

Well done, Triternion. Well done.

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Or how about next time they don't copy-paste Frontline maps, add a ton of kill volumes, slap an "INVASION" sticker on it and call it a day.

The maps simply weren't designed for Invasion.

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I like Bardiche alt mode too. It's like a built-in Exec sword with more range, while still keeping the ability to switch to your main mode if you need to combo.

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@esturias said:
Some valid points, some wrong points because of a lack of experience.

Maybe, instead of coming up with the most childish and useless answers, our proud and honored veterans here could acknowledge that even a "bad" player notices some of the many issues of the game.

We could, but opportunies for a calm, insightful discussion get thrown out the window the moment OP starts literally raging over facts they got completely wrong.

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@bobbydigital said:
One smoke bomb will counter multiple firebombs, even if they are spread out and it also costs 1 point less to get smoke bombs.
All the tool box structures, just need a friendly with a smoke to player as firefighter, what use is the firebomb? Area denial, nope, fireproof is 1 point, the damage scales so it is weak to begin with, seems pointless.

Smoke bombs don't counter fire bombs at all. I don't know where people keep getting this idea from.

Putting out fires is an interesting gimmick, not an actual useful feature. With smoke bombs, replacing someone's fiery area denial using my cheaper, larger area denial doesn't help anyone. If someone throws fire at my mini-ballista I can put it out - but I still end up having to wait 15 seconds or simply building a new one because I can't see shit.

And as for Fireproof, it's actually fairly bad right now. Fighting in your own fire will get you killed rather quickly, even with Fireproof. The damage simply scales too fast. Fireproof's 80% DR was balanced around the old, constant damage.