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  • 12 Aug '19

Sexy catholic nun. Who said there weren't females in the game?


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  • 3 Jun '19

So some of the beards and the moustaches are pretty ugly. Like... Insanely ugly. Have you ever seen anyone unironically using the "Friendly Mutton Chops" on their dude? I'd wager not because it's ugly.

I mean check these out.

I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence but it's like the developers have never seen a beard before.

Wanna know how to fix it? It's extremely simple. Make the moustache cover the top lip.

Check out how easy it is and how much better it looks.

Beard Better.jpgStache Stubble.png

Look at these dudes, dudes. They look MUCH better. Of course not every 'stache has to be a cowboy/hipster 'stache but I think you get the point. Just make it cover the top lip and you're golden!

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  • 31 May '19

Gottsreich Sergeant.png

I doctored him up a bit for another project but if you ignore the sash this is my knigga

Also why isn't there a double-headed reichsadler sigil yet? We have Landsknechte but no way of identifying them as part of the Holy Roman Empire...