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So why is Ranked mode so important when it only appeals to a portion of the community? How do you plan on getting back the players who wanted to play the game for the fun of it and not go full Comp mindset on the game? This only backs my theory that the game was built for Comp players and no one else. How can you even have a ranked mode if there are still issues with the core gameplay? Once again like i said in an earlier comment.. New content is not worth a damn thing unless current content works properly. I was stuck with dual servers for 2 years in alpha when i wanted to just play the game, getting repeatedly shit on by people who don't do anything else with their spare time other than play Mordhau over and over in a game i bought for casual play is beyond annoying. It was nice to have that influx of players after launch and to finally be able to play other game modes but that lasted all of maybe 2 months before player numbers dropped and the people left were Comp mindset players who came to Mordhau from Chiv after launch and very blatant smurf accounts. It honestly feels like the same shit again just with even more people.. i really hope you have something else you are pushing out to appeal to casual players if you hope to make anymore money off this game because i am sure as hell in it's current state not recommending it to anyone until then.
At this point this game to me is just an updated Chiv because the same toxcity and dumb ass combat styles and broken weapon meta's are settled in and people are taking full advantage of it. Players don't like it and they don't like seeing lack of fixes to these things either.

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New maps are cool and all same with content.. but none of that means anything unless the core of the game works. I would love to see fixes to Optimization as well as the Network side of things. I have been saying since alpha this game has input lag issues as well and i still feel they have not been addressed i have talked to other players who say they feel like it does too.

I am happy they are taking another look at swing manipulation or what we are calling drags if i am on the same page, At the current state people are able to not only Accelerate their weapons faster than what frames are picking up but i am seeing people also Decelerate a weapon so much as to make the weapon appear to have a "stop motion" look to it, by this i mean the weapon looks like it literally is stopping during the swing animation after the wind up and before the end of the attack.

Another issue is that i have been noticing quite often people are landing parries on attacks coming from directly behind them. Its like a reverse overhead from Chivalry but its a reverse parry. i am not sure how and why it happens and if its even intentional on their part but i have seen it happen quite often and i am pretty sure i have saved recordings of it.

I would love for the current weapons in the game to be reexamined to see if they are fully polished. I know there are some changes happening to certain weapons in this update but other members in this community as well as my self have noticed multiple issues with different weapons, ranges of the weapon are not matching its 3D model and in certain cases it feels like there are times a weapons damage isn't consistent with the information given in it's advanced stats table within the armory.
Horses seem to extend a weapons range when mounted. I honestly feel the game is confusing the spear for the lance while on horseback unless they are the same range and i am wrong on that it feels like the spear tip reaches target way before the weapon model even comes near.

I am sure there is much more but just wanted to touch on a couple things.

New content is great but i personally don't find it enjoyable if the core of the game and the combat mechanics are not working properly.

Keep up the great work and please don't let this game die Devs.

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There are weird stutters in animations during fights i have no FPS drops but for some reason when the trail effect happens from a drag the animations in battles seem to get stuttery not super choppy but its noticable and makes it hard to follow weapons. Is anyone else having this issue? I run in 4k with ultra/high settings fullscreened.
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i have checked my temp's they are all completly fine. Have checked in game settings and motion blur is off Vsync is on.
Also there seems to be a weird shading bug or something with blood that is causing the pixels in it to flicker or something. As well as the game seems to have maybe input lag or key press delay or something. My periphials are less than a year old i have a corsair k95 platinum keyboard cherry mx brown switches and a logitech g502 mouse. i have not noticed this issue in any other game.
The weird stuttering seems to be only Contraband and The Pit maps i am not notcing it much on Camp
Trying to get video of it where i am not talking in it.
also the ice skating is still a thing. Will try and get videos posted later my upload is terrible right now.