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Knight 292 904
  • 2 Nov '17

All shield needs is to be consistently punishable when you run him out of stam and it should be balanced

Targe, heater, kite and tower all need different stats, hitboxes and attributes

E.g. tower is useless for 1v1 but great for blocking a door or pushing into projectile spam. Targe should be a skill block/"Parry" shield with high Stam cost if u fuck it up and much smaller hitbox. Kite and heater somewhere inbetween

Knight 292 904
  • 23 Oct '17

@intTobey said:
Cool, thanks for this. It's hard to read though.

I'm noticing that some weapon's damages are different that one would expect between body parts.

For example, the billhook alt grip slash says 40 dmg to unarmored chest, yet 100 damage for unarmored head. The head hit here is doing at least 2.5x damage, which is far more than most other head-hit multipliers. Is it incorrect data or can body part damages be set independently?

Billhook does have a higher headshot multiplier along with Warhammer

Knight 292 904
  • 22 Oct '17

I'm not 100% sure but i think all your windup values are affected by your ping, so unless you tested it on a local server its gonna be janky af values

good job though nevertheless, there NEEDS to be a spreadsheet like this i have no idea how triternion expect to balance without one

Knight 292 904
  • 18 Oct '17

your recording software might also just be causing the sound to be out of sync. I wouldn't be able to count the amount of times i've had to resync the audio to chivalry footage

as for getting hit before the anim/sound plays, not experienced it myself

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  • 8 Oct '17

@Monsteri said:
Jump attacks are way too fun to perform, they shouldn't be removed or made totally ineffective. It's once again merely a question of visuals. Improve the jumping animation and possibly add a new animation for jumping during windup, and you've solved the issue while retaining the fun factor and skill ceiling.


This suggestion's deserving of its own thread with the nuances explained better, but for now I'll drop it here. Projectile flinch should depend on armor tier. It would be completely unsatisfying and unintuitive to throw an axe at a naked enemy and not have him flinch. For many people projectiles are basically a dealbreaker and a source of constant frustration, so it would be a good addition to remove projectile flinch (and greatly decrease damage) on plate armor. This would greatly differentiate the armor tiers from each other and make full plate a frightening sight.

cool idea, i like it

@MrBlackDragon said:
I've never had a problem with team damage. IDK maybe you should stop trying to 1vX everything.

its not about me 1vXing everything its more about me forced to use long-range weapons all the time so i don't get teamhit. Just because i can hold the front and parry 2-3 enemies dosen't mean i'm fully 1vXing and i deserve it get cunted by my team from behind

All it means is that i bait out teammates rather than actively front-line for them, which is less kills for them

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  • 8 Oct '17

@EliteTeamKiller said:
Most of this is decent, but punishing team damage? No sir no no no. That defeats the purpose of team damage (Team Killing).

EDIT- also, why nerf shields so that it is more fun for you? (jump attacks). This isn't Chivalry. Jump attacks shouldn't even be a main stay. When have you ever seen a jump attack in a real fight? It's very rare, and you certainly don't see much of it in HEMA.

And projectiles flinching you, how is that a bad thing? You don't think an arrow to the shoulder would flinch you? It seems like you want to just have the game unfairly balanced toward your preferred style of play, tbh.

I agree with a lot of this, but some of it seems erring to far away from mah realism.

So the reason i'm advocating against 100% team damage; ask yourself the question - why would I be punished for the incompetency of my team when i have no control over who they are in pubs? All it does is breed a more toxic environment because currently team damage is far more annoying than funny. Complaints in the chat are way more common in Mordhau than they are Chiv because it's 100% full TD rather than something like 25-30%

Shields currently don't have a way of being outplayed (i'm talking about a good shield player, not some random joe) and currently the only way to beat a shield is for them to fuck up - which is not fun or engaging to play vs. At least by adding jump attacks you can mixup a high attack with lows to bypass the absolutely massive parry box that they have

Projectiles flinch; it dilutes the skill of the game and massively drops the skill ceiling - very difficult for me to clutch 1vX scenarios when people can just throw stuff into my back when it takes them 0 skill or effort at all. The damage is whatever, but the flinch will fuck you over entirely not to mention half the time it's not even the enemy team hitting you. I don't see how it's "unfairly" balanced because it applies to everyone.

Realism has never been a concern of mine seeing as the game never intended to be a HEMA simulator

@Kingindian said:
the problem with "elite feedback" is usually that they focus on balance 90% of the time when the focus should be on the design

Design and balance are intertwined. If you're talking about us suggesting entirely new things i'd imagine the dev backlog is way too full to bother doing so

Knight 292 904
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  • 7 Oct '17

loving mordhau so far, just gonna quickly put down some criticisms;

  • chambers need a particle effect/sound, alot of people have no idea when i'm doing chambers in 1stp on stream, a chamber feint would be alot scarier if chambers had a sound, etc. Tons of reasons why this should be added in, but mostly for spectatorship

  • overheads feel totally useless with alot of weapons, it's impossible for me to make consistent switches let alone fake switches. Currently if i'm playing ES or bax its just far more effective for me to lmb spam and manipulate/leg strike my way out of being chambered. Overhead is the most satisfying attack and its sad to see it in this state - my advice would be to increase the turncap (unlock it abit more) during early release and then during release put it back to normal.

  • 220 degree turncap (to prevent spinning) is still triggering incorrectly - far too early - during combos. Been unable to replicate it consistently but can show some footage of it happening. Really cripples 1vX

  • kick has legitimate uses but i just find most noobs give up on actually trying to fight and continually try and cheese me by gambling with kicks if i go for a drag etc.

  • active parry is incredibly inconsistent, LMBs seem to be the way to make it work the most but especially on accelerated overheads chances are you will just get flinched

  • queue windows are abit awkward, i input a riposte but sometimes they come out later than i want them - i'm guessing that it's because i queue a riposte before my parry connects and if i time that slightly wrong i wont get an active parry when it feels like i should have riposted. I think that's slightly unfair because its very difficult to consistently input a riposte with like 100ms accuracy of when your parry is going to connect with the realtime swing system. My solution suggestion would be allow you to queue a riposte a hundred ms before your parry has connected

  • sometimes i get hit by stabs when they dont really seem as though they are going to hit me, and it happens quite often; i feel like it's something to do with the netcode. Makes it very difficult to judge turncaps by eye and i just have to go off pure gamesense or guesswork to know if i will be able to turncap punish a stab. EDIT: just to clarify i mean a stab tracking towards me, not talking about the range of the stabs

  • teammates flinching me, had enough of it now, please remove

  • projectiles flinching, really annoying and unfun

  • teammates RAPE you if you're using light armor, a perk to offset this or something would be great in future

  • 100% team damage is a pain, not only is it annoying to get hit by your team but also when mongols unintentionally deny stamina and hp from me with their own ignorance.

  • try to ensure that projectiles dosent render light armor useless (like vanilla archer does to chiv vg )

  • thrown mace doing like 45 damage to full plate, why. 90% of the time i play heavy armor is to avoid projectile cancer but i still take a disgusting amount of damage from them it seems

  • every time ive been headshot by a projectile its just been a random throw from some goon who will never do it again, Dosen't feel like a skillshot, just feels like luck and isn't fun especially when im getting 1 shotted as a light build from behind me in the middle of nowhere while im already 1v4

  • shields need some kind of rework - playing vs shield and playing shield v shield is very boring atm and i'd expect most new players to be taking shields at the start of the game's release

some suggestions for that:

Jump strikes are very ineffective vs shields currently, pls change

targe shield would allow you to have almost no penalty on raising/lowering shield, more vision and less turncap on block but much smaller parry/block box

tower shield (if you have plans for it) or kite, delay when raising, much bigger parry/block box and alot less vision

shield should ALWAYS lose a stamina war to a 2hander, (unless it's like a dagger or smth) because otherwise they will be way too strong and with such a low skill requirement. Shield user can offset weakness by chambering, so it balances itself out. otherwise shield is probably gonna be broken in 1v1

shield users still have a huge damage output, that 1h mace does retarded damage to full plate for what it is

  • potentially replace riposte kick with a quick jab or something

  • windup animations for riposte are unclear alot of the time (but this is already being worked on, just thought id throw it in there)

  • add more variants/playstyles to shield, so tower shield, new weps etc. i would focus on. Currently the game is very 2h focus and parrying is much harder in mordhau than chiv, which will make it very difficult for noobs

will probably add some more bits and bobs, just again to clarify; the current state of the game is still honestly really good so this post isnt me bashing on the game. Thanks for reading

Knight 292 904
  • 22 Sep '17

@Shifty said:
I get this sometimes. Another 2k chivalry player here.
Since the latest patch (#5) It feels like I'm fighting against the game. Multiple clicks in order for it to register inputs, moves being queued up, morphs more inconsistent. Not sure if its the game or I'm just buggering up the timings.

I had this issue before and it all happened after a game freeze (of about 1-2sec), restarting my game fixed it. Definitely some kind of issues being caused after game freezes for me

As for parry difficulty, i don't have an issue consistently parrying but for a chiv player you need to realize your parry box and window are much smaller than Chivalry and you need to gett adjusted to that so you understand "why" you have been hit

Knight 292 904
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  • 21 Sep '17

really nice update, the emotes are really great and cheesy. Restarted vk comp server and all the players spent the next 20min or so in hardcore roleplay - good shit, please add more

  • dynamic feint recovery is a welcome addition, there may be issues with punishing after a feint if it's different with all weapons but that can easily be fixed with some simple input queuing. Not noticed anything regarding that though as of the 2-3 hours i played on the build already though

  • Kick recovery; just makes punishing kicks a little weaker. I imagine a proper stamina system will fix that though, kick miss + parry gonna put u in alot of danger, so that's fine for now

  • Morph stam cost, good, needed.

  • Liking the poleaxe buff, i felt the alt grip was abit shitty on it, too much of a range sacrifice to make it worth the slight extra damage it did - now it should be powerful enough to warrant using.

  • Mordhau grip buff seems fair, previously the mode has pretty horrendous turncaps and swing manipulation not to mention the range drop - so the damage buff should warrant it being useful now

  • 120tick when tbh

  • rapier is alot of fun, made some huge plays with it in the time i used it. Slashing heavy armor does absolutely no damage, is to be expected - headshotting with stabs seems to makeup for that

Next i'd like to see some shield balance or changes (whether temp or permanent) - just try stuff out. Chase mechanic could do with implementing (and balancing) sooner rather than later, and have a little look on active parry to make it feel abit more consistent - whatever that entails

apart from that, really good shit and im impressed with the speed of the updates. Keep it up but don't burn yourselves out aswell guys

EDIT: forgot to add - please add some kind of particle + sound effect for chambers. Even if it's just for the spectator/1stp and nothing more. They are satisfying to do but it could really do with some sexy effect for spectatorship. I really like the sliding weapons thing; honestly think if you added that to all chambers it would just look really nice and satisfying to chamber

Knight 292 904
  • 28 Aug '17

vaporware game confirmed i'm refunding and backing star citizen

Knight 292 904
  • 3 Dec '16

i hope the transparancy is appreciated, i personally don't have any problems waiting for an overall better and more polished game

Knight 292 904
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  • 8 Jun '16

Glancing blows/sweet spots and the lot, while it can be made to work "consistently", it definitely makes the game just feel inconsistent and RNG

Try playing C:DW. You already have inconsistent HTK's in chivalry with leg/torso/head hits and if you add another damage altering mechanic it's just going to be a clown fiesta

Knight 292 904
  • 27 Apr '16

I'd love to see engravings/etchnings on some of the weapon variants !

Knight 292 904
  • 4 Feb '16

ohhh mama, dat handle