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It takes a fair amount to actually offend me or cause me to go and do something about it if I am... but here I am after all...

EVERY game I've played over the last week has a dozen or so balls-yet-to-drop edgelords shouting the n word and other slurs in chat. Votekick only does so much. Turning off chat is a garbage option because chat is useful for tactics, strategy, even sharing a laugh over an absurd fight with a foe.

I want this game to succeed. But if something isn't done about the absurd levels of toxicity, racism, homophobia, and transphobia I see in on a daily basis, the edgy kids (and the actual bigots) are going to burn out the community. I've seen it before on other games I love who failed to address it and it eats away at the player base constantly (read: YOUR FUTURE PROSPECT FOR PROFITS).

If someone is spamming slurs, they should be auto-kicked. Simple as that. Put an algorithm in place. There's a reason for several other threads bringing up these issues, but I haven't seen any call for an auto-kick from servers.

Sure, you'll get idiots who spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out ways around the filters, but it shows that the company cares about making the community a place where people aren't repeatedly subjected to abuse simply as part of using the chat -- an integral feature of the game.