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Horde mode is currently boring as the only viable strategy to beat it is to sit in a spot where the mobs cant walk and use bows.

How to fix this: Make mobs able to climb into places. Take away mobs ability to parry and chamber.

This gives players a chance to cleave through swathes of enemies, while being rewarded for good positioning, while disabling ranged cheese.

Bam. Fixed.

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  • 30 Mar

Hello friends. I'm a big fan of Mordhau, I have almost 300 hours of playtime so far, and here are a few suggestions I have to improve the game via balancing. (Most of these suggestions will be targeted towards frontline and invasion which are the main game modes so some of these suggestions wont be applicable to duel modes)


Due to the recent change of the point buy system for character creation, almost everyone carries fireproof on their loadouts. A player with fireproof can stand in a firebomb for almost the entirety of its duration without threat of dying. Firebombs are now in a state where they are barely threatening to players. This has a huge impact on modes like invasion, where turtling can effectively stop any offensive push if things like firebombs aren't present and relevant to break lines. Changes that could be applied to this would be to decrease the effectiveness of fireproof to 50% damage reduction from fire, or making firebomb damage ramp up harder the longer you stand in it, rendering fireproof useless for someone who stands in fire for too long.

Archery impact on gameplay

Arrows are primarily threatening to lower armored characters, and while I understand the importance of having a weapon possess a degree of threat to be relevant, I don't think a player should ever be in a state where an arrow attack should one shot them so long as they have at least level 1 armor on. I understand with realism applied, arrows should be one of the biggest threats in a low tech battle, but this is a video game, and getting killed instantly by bow attacks isn't healthy for gameplay. To remedy this, give all forms of armor the ability to survive one arrow attack at full HP, or offer a perk that decreases damage taken from ranged sources. Bows shouldn't be completely neutered, but they also shouldn't completely remove a player from a fight in one shot.

Morph chambering

I don't know if I just suck or have really bad luck, but in my experiences, you cant chamber someones attack with a morphed attack, which seems a little counter intuitive to the system as a whole considering it seems to promote mixups and fluid transitions from one action to the next. I see no significant changes to the game or balance outside of adding a slight quality of life mechanic to the game by enabling morphed attacks to chamber.

Horse Balance

Like them or hate them, horses are part of the game and impact game balance. A few changes that I think would balance them out a bit (Not buff or nerf perse, I think they are in a good place, these are just for quality of life changes), would be to give horses a health regenerating effect similar to players, but decrease their overall durability. This would impart a bit more threat from charging into a line of enemies haphazardly, but also give a horse rider the ability to recover from a bit of sustained damage without having to do the tedious task of finding a new horse, killing his old horse, etc.

Next, weapons like spears, halberd, and zweihanders one shotting a horseman riding by makes sense and is balanced. Getting oneshot by a cleaver or a dagger as you ride by in full armor makes no sense and is just a poor attempt at "balancing" horses. I understand there needs to be countermeasures in play for horses, and they do exist in full, and theres no way to justify certain weapons one hit killing heavily armored players on horseback. (And no, "horses are gay" isn't a counterargument for proper game balance attempts). On the opposite side of things, players couching with quarterstaves and hitting people with their fists from horseback shouldn't one shot people either.

Lastly, and this is just more of a "it would be cool and make sense" type thing. When a horse is freshly spawned, have the armor it spawns with be based on the armor tier of the rider. This would tie in to the balance of the first two suggestions above, and tie everything together nicely.

Thanks for reading, feel free to provide feedback or add to these points if you like. Ree'ing children will be ignored.

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  • 4 Jun '19

Hello. I love your game, yall did a great job with it. The only thing really holding it back are technical issues.

The load times are horrendous, and when the game is loading, you literally cant do anything else or risk your pc freezing. Also, the game has one of the most annoying features a game can possible have, which is refusing to minimize or alt tab. Getting to your desktop is a challenge every time, and if you do it while the games loading, you may as well go for a jog because you aren't doing anything on your PC for the next 5 to 10 minutes.

Plz fix :<

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  • 30 May '19

Could just have a colored aura around people to indicate team similar to how SSBU does it. That way anyone could use whatever color gear they want and still be easily recognizable for team purposes

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  • 30 May '19


Nah I'm good thanks

I admire your desire to encourage teamplay and communication, but its like... giving a kid a magnifying glass to see bugs better up close and expecting there not to be a bunch of burnt bug corpses in the yard a day later.

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  • 30 May '19

Dodge is a godsend in this regard, but its hard to afford with a decent weapon / armor.

I have a 3/3/3 armored guy I play who starts with dodge and a shortsword, and I just try to pickup a decent weapon. If I get a spear, its like forming exodia and everything dies

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  • 30 May '19

HI! First off, I want to say I love this game, and that yall are doing a great job, and that you guys could probably use a pat on the back <3

That aside, I have a few suggestions I think would improve Mordhau

Customization suggestions:

One thing that anyone with but a drop of nerd blood in their veins has in common, is that we all fantasize about being a guy with a suit of badass looking armor with a sword. People love making and customizing knights, and its really satisfying to do in Mordhau. To further expand upon this customization, I would ask for things like banners you can drape off of spears, cheesey helmet accessories like horns, or wings, etc.

Id also like to see more basic things like additional skin colors; If I can't make an orc, at least let me be something besides chalk <3

And, much to the dismay of all of the screeching teenagers on this forum, I wouldn't mind seeing female characters in game. It's not for political or personal reasons or anything obnoxious like that, it's just another level of character customization that could be easily implemented that would add variety to the game.

Map Balance:

The maps seem like some forethought went into their creation in terms of strategic balance for both teams. Unfortunately, both teams are usually 100% pub teams with zero communication or strategy. This isn't a bad thing, as it makes the game very laid back and chill to play. It just means different forms of map balance have to be added in.

Take for example, Camp. Red team wins camp 9 times out of 10, but why? Both teams push to the river point, and from there, should have an even chance of capturing the middle ground right? Red team starts with one less horse, but compensates with a catapult, and what is probably the best placed ballista in the game. The ballista covers a good 30% of the middle map, ending any horses career instantly. The catapult, in the hands of anyone not completely awful, can take out 3+ enemies in one shot. The counter argument for this would be "Well, you can destroy both of those", and true, you can, if you make it through the field of troops to the enemies backline and manage to destroy it before you're killed in the process. They respawn shortly after anyways.

A solution to this would be to give blue team a catapult and or good ballista of their own. I'm sure most players would happily sacrifice one horse spawn for either of those. This is just one example, and I'm not trying to bitch and moan or anything, I would just love to see a few tweaks to balance the maps out a bit better.

Barbarian armor:

With the cosmetics, and some of the weapons, and the voice literally called "barbarian", its obvious the devs planned on having the ability to design a barbarian styled character in game, which a lot of people, me included, have done. Unfortunately, your massive, shirtless hulk of a barbarian doesn't have any options in the way of armor that look the part, so you're basically forced to go naked, which would be fine, if most of the weapons in the game didn't kill you instantly if they so much as look at you the wrong way.

Yes, I'm aware this is a game about knights, and knights wear silly things like armor... and helmets... and pants... but thats beyond the point!

Something like a ragged pelt made light armor for the chest, or some kind of cheesey light helmet with antlers or something would be more than enough. Just enough to make us survive one light breeze against our supple forms with 5hp instead of exploding into paste.


This is a topic that gets brought up a lot, and for good reason. In a game where its already a physical challenge to hit anyone focused on you, having a near impenetrable wall they can just hold up for 3 hours adds another level of frustration onto the already difficult combat system.

There are a plethora of easy solutions to this, one of them just needs to be picked and used;

Make weapon hits drain more stamina from a shield user who is blocking

Make it so you can hold a shield up as long as you like, but after blocking an attack, your shield lowers, and you have a short cooldown before you can raise it again

Make weapons specifically designed to reach around shields without having to exploit hitbox deadzones like a superchad

Make kicks come out faster and possible drag you a bit forward

Make kicking a shield a bit more punishing when it lands

Make shields block less than 100% of incoming damage

Power Attacks:

Picture this, youre going to swing your weapon at an enemy for a decisive, powerful blow, and your windup is followed by that soul-cucking sound of your blade either bouncing off of his ally deflecting it on accident, or sticks into the side of your teammate who decided that hugging your model mid battle was a stellar idea.

Now imagine you have a button that performs a power attack. The windup is huge, and the attack drains a lot of stamina, but it does a ton of damage, drains a ton of stamina on block, and best of all, parrying doesn't work against these attacks, and player models don't stop your weapon, friendly or otherwise, allowing you to cleave through as many foes (or awkwardly placed allies) as you can reach within the slow swing.


Weapons like spears and halberds could have the ability to take a bracing stance in response to an incoming horseman, and if he collides with the braced spearman, suffers the same fate he would of from colliding into an engineers spike wall.

No ranked system pls:

I know a lot of players probably ask to have this implemented, but I don't want to see Mordhau fall down the "casual competitive" hole.

When you add in ranking numbers, even for something as silly as "most pans thrown in the river", there will be players actively doing nothing in the game besides spawning with three pans and throwing them in the river all day every day, because for some reason, lots of players care about having some meaningless number to tell them they're better than other people regardless of how pointless it is.

Don't get me wrong, I am a competitive player, and I enjoy having prestigious ranks and titles... in games that they are appropriate in.

Mordhau reminds me a lot of starwars battlefront (the good one), or the battlefield series before it went to shit, because no one cared about ranks for the most part. Everyone was just there to play and have a good time. Once you give players a reason to tryhard every game, the sodium content of your playerbase will triple.

If ranked games do get added, keep them restricted to like, 1v1 duel games, and like 3v3 premades at most. I reeeeally don't want to see 64 player "casual ranked" matches.

Thats all for now! Thanks for the awesome game!

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  • 30 May '19

One thing I don't want to see in Mordhau is ranked stuff. If you think this game has toxic and obnoxious players now, add in meaningless numbers for people to get upset about and call me in the morning.

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  • 30 May '19

@Uncy said:

here is a video of you fucking cheating dude

Wow, that sure is a nice lute bot!