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@Cracksmith said:
Let me elaborate, my befeathered friend.
Adding cloaks would require animating the actual cloaks by hand, since implementing cloth physics to something like that would make even the beefiest computer chug. On top of that, it would kill the historical accuracy (if youre into that sorta thing), as people generally removed cloaks before battle.

Also, itd be a bit silly.

I fail to see the issue sir.

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toning down the stab is a must

increasing the point cost or over all dmg reduction is something im not smart enough to talk about

hell no to it being as good at repairing as the blacksmith hammer

sawed off poleaxe skin for hand axe when?

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excuse me sir I see your fully armored and I only have this hammer could you charge the front line while I use the thing I just built?
(spends the next minute fighting teammate only to result in having to destroy own ballista to build a new one just to get steam rolled by a rush of enemys no one is trying to stop)

rinse repeat over the course of 20mins

anything that lets me use my own equipment is good build your own shit assholes

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welp looks like its up to me to save the thread
I tried to de edge my black knight....but I ended up just re edging him also forgot to change the colors

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@CazzyVR said:

@TombstoneJack said:
any one else actually tried the "meat shield" meta yet its fucking ridicules if you commit to it bcc0a8c9228121ed34c0576e46ba0808.jpg

I won't lie, those Guys are usually the Highest on the Scoreboard, but they were also high in terms of Teammate Damage. Everytime I went into Frontline (the only Game Mode I enjoy) I always get smacked half a dozen times by someone just wildly swinging their Zwel or whatever other 2 Handed Sword. In fact I'd get some who just keep Swinging and are so easy to block thay I just adopt a Defensive Stance till a Teammate comes in and takes them out (Distraction Tactic) or I peg them once and they instantly lose all control and can't fight back. Yes, some just do that, Hit them once and apparently their Block Button isn't working.

Also really cool Knight. Have you tried the Crusader Style too?

ya that's all well n dandy....until you fight some one that's experienced in 1vX and duels 629760_screenshots_20200112192415_1.jpg and trust me with friendly the team damage you do is dwarfed by the massive amount of kills you get I didn't have a single complaint or vote against me despite treating my team like bots

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any one else actually tried the "meat shield" meta yet its fucking ridicules if you commit to it bcc0a8c9228121ed34c0576e46ba0808.jpg

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@SWSeriousMike said:
No foot, no gun, no dog. NEXT!!

hehe nows my chance to......wait shit my dogs dead

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nah even when bannerlord comes out mordhau will be fine mordhau is for first person sword fighting and bannerlord is about building a small army each game has their own unique gameplay the only reason people even compare the two is because

game has sword...….same game

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if Chris Hansen becomes a pedophile who catchs him?

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@Bluhman said:
Deep Pockets (1) - Increases the ammo of all ranged weapons held by x1.5 (rounded down).
For maps where ammo boxes are scarce (i.e. Feitoria Siege Tower segment), or for builds that specialize in ranged skirmishing harassment to the backlines via throwables. For ranged-devoted builds that always go Huntsman/Ranger for bows, this would introduce an alternative of Huntsman/Deep Pockets that'd cater more to throw-based builds.
x1.5 ammo rounded down's the amount I decided on since this means it wouldn't give extra ammo to some popular fire-and-forget weapon choices such as Firebomb.

Cavalier (1) - Locations where horses spawn are marked on the map when picking spawn location. Locations show up as icons that display time until a new horse spawns.
Helps reduce collision case where you might spot a horse on the spawning map - at the same time as another player. Two players, one horse, one player takes the horse and then the other one has to cross way more distance on foot to reach the battle. People with the Cavalier trait can spawn in in advance to pre-empt people who don't have the perk for priority usage of horses.

Vanguard (2) - No movement speed reduction while shield is raised.
Choice for anti-ranged melee builds that want to rush down harassing archers/marksman without being hit with projectiles. Note that it does not and should not improve turn radius - once in range shield users should use their parries as normal.

Siege Engineer (3) - Can visualize and plot out the trajectory of Large Ballistae and Catapults in advance. When using these devices, they reload 50% faster and deal 50% less damage to allies.
Catapult-focused perk that should help minimize cross-fire mishaps, and improve aiming with the weapons without having to make test shots (similar display to Crossroads mortar).
Note the benefit of a faster reload requires the Siege Engineer to stay on the device, meaning they have more potential to be ambushed.

Morale (4) - When you land a kill, allies nearby your victim regain 12 health.
Essentially grants half the melee-kill heal to nearby allies. Works with both melee and ranged builds, and can help mitigate possible risks of kill-stealing denying an ally a health benefit. High cost as it's a burst of healing that can apply to many targets at once without any action consequences like using a bandage or medkit.

Southpaw (1) - You're left-handed.
Essentially mirrors your model/animations and will alter the physics/hit areas of your attacks accordingly. Potential to throw off people in melee?

deep pockets -autistic knight screeching-

cavalier pointless since horses and teammates already show up on the map before spawning

vanguard just wait im guessing this current iteration of shields will change some how

siege engineer kinda meh since you learn the angles pretty fast after using either of them for a few minutes and the allies dmg reduction would lead to more team killing

morale 06ef79b3ee0be9f0e243c462356bdd53.gif

south paw simple in theory massive development time in practice

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unofficial server maybe

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its just a myth told to children to scare them you don't see any feet or guns here do you?

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ya the auto kick after 5 kills never once was an issue with friendly if you hit a teammate in the head with exc sword you'll only do like 30dmg so the only time you need to think about your team is if they're bloody other than that you can just flail around and you'll barley hurt you team even if you hit them 2-3 times

id really like to point out that this same 100 kill match I only ended up killing 2 teammates despite swinging into them the entire round never once even worrying about if I hit them or not nor did I get so much as one complaint from my teammates that I was hitting

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So thanks to being able to swing through teammates I figured out you can do this629760_screenshots_20200112192739_1.jpgjust wait until a teammate is attacking an enemy then swing through your teammate to hit the enemy or hell even just flail into group fights and youll net loads of easy kills and there's really nothing any one can do to stop you

you really don't even need to worry about team damage at all working with your team in a fight is far more difficult than just swinging through them629760_screenshots_20200112192415_1.jpggranted I got about 20-30 kills as noble but I was able to get 70-80 some kills just by doing this method I didn't even feint or morph for almost any of these just lmb spam while they were fighting my team

I really don't like this change makes 1vX super easy / hard to fight if you / they are willing to swing through a teammate

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im glad your all enjoying it mean while im having teammates wildly flailing into each other to kill one guy or having enemys swing through each other just to smack me just like bastard form of shooting through your cover in space invaders

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find away around all of these problems then will talk

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BR is gey always was always will be

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is lazy holding classes or something humbles gotten really savage lately

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just wait a little longer then block its just like any other attack its just coming at you a little slower