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I haven't had any issues with phasing through enemies, but blocks recently have not been going off. Simple swings that I can read from a mile away, press block and nothing happens.

Horse hitbox is like 50ft-100ft farther away from you than it seems. I start my stabs from way out of range just to hit them.

Timing is also weird. Attacks I start first, with a longer weapon will not hit and the enemy will get the hit on me. Like someone else has mentioned, at this point I assume if i can see the attack, it's already happened/too late to out speed the attack.

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They get punished with a massive stamina loss.

Tbh comboing misses is fucked both in Frontline and duels.

In Frontline AS/BS/Rapier/SS people in group fights keep stabbing until they hit something (which is actully a smart thing to do, stamina means nothing). You try to parry him and he misses, you are fucked. You don't parry him and he misses you are still frozen until you can parry him or someone else. Meanwhile you get hit from 6 sides.

In a duel forcing a miss and having to read a Baxe/Waraxe/Messer tornado is a terrible position to be in.

Intentionally missing to support someone in 1vX is actually meta in comp. Its an unfortunate consequence of the game's mechanics as so much of 1vX is about fishing for ripostes to take advantage of the super armor, and of course parry lock out.

I understand the term super armor in other games, but not in Mordhau. Do all ripostes/weapons have super armor? (swing will continue regardless of if i get hit?)

What is parry lock out?

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i7-5930k, 16GB DDR4, SSD, 1070Ti

I get on average 90FPS in frontline with almost everything on ULTRA. (whatever the game recommends) Ranges from 70-100FPS.

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Ya, you're looking at a whole system upgrade. You could go to a same-gen i7, but it'd be better to save up and go with a newer generation CPU/MOBO. Like others have mentioned, upgrading your RAM will do little as 16gb is more than fine. Your RX 580 is also pretty good.

I'd just sacrifice some visual settings to get higher FPS for now. Good luck and happy stabbing!

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My friends who play on a HDD do take 20 seconds or so to load, whereas my SSD takes about 5. If you are looking at literal minutes to load, you have a HDD problem like others have mentioned, or some software is interfering. I'd suggest reinstalling Mordhau and/or troubleshooting your setup.

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Important question: Is he using the Bastard Sword?

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  • 29 May

@Beefenstein said:

@RapidPotato said:
I agree the hitbox on moving horses are messed up. I can start a swing 50 ft away from a horse, be 50% through my swing, but the horse will hit me first (with shorter weapons)

Yeah, too often it feels to me that my billhook has been negated unfairly.

Mostly I saw it when I would swing with swords. Still happens with stabbed billhook, but not as often.

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  • 29 May

Horses are definitely strong, but after realizing hitting the rider with a billhook pulls them to the ground to their inevitable death, I don't really care anymore. It may even be too strong vs horses.

I actually enjoy killing horse riders now.

1.) Position half decent.
2.) Aim at rider
3.) Stab with billhook
4.) Rider flies off horse into ground
5.) Stab horse rider in the face while they're on the ground
6.) Play like normal until horse respawns

I agree the hitbox on moving horses are messed up. I can start a swing 50 ft away from a horse, be 50% through my swing, but the horse will hit me first (with shorter weapons)

Just git gud with billhook and idc anymore.

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  • 28 May

I've got through some stages of the game, being pissed about certain things, learning how to counter them and moving on. (stabs and horses in particular)

Right now i'm working on chambers. It seems pretty useless at the moment, I counter their attack successfully, but they are able to simply block my counter swing. I'm pretty sure I can morph chambers, but had some questions on execution.

How do I morph a chamber? Using stab chambers as an example, I stab (chamber) their stab, but what do I do next?

1.) Perform a slash or overhead attack almost immediately after chambering?
2.) Do I need to physically feint my chamber to perform the morph?
3.) Will I ALWAYS have enough timing to complete the morphed chamber? Meaning, if I morph my stab chamber into an overhead, will that attack always hit (faster speed wise) as long as the enemy doesn't block/chamber my morph?
3b.) Chambered stab infinite cycle wise, it seems like they would just complete their stab into me before my morph goes off. OR since they are now 'missing' their chamber my morph will hit them? Looking for some clarity.

Thanks in advance dudes!