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  • 23 Sep


Event Viewer application error.

No Nvidia driver error.

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  • 22 Sep


new Error message popping up. Could be server related? No files are missing from my client.

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  • 22 Sep

I bought Mordhau a while back. Since the beginning I've probably sent at least a hundred crash reports to Triterion Via the UE4 Report logger. I have a background in coding and QAT work (QAT since 2004) which gives me the ability to make sense of crash report logs and provide feasible feedback for the most part. For the most part, it seems as though all of my crashes with Mordhau Specifically were related to Skeletal meshes and missing animation for certain wire frames.

Primarily It was caused by a faulting Nvidia DLL file, which this is no longer the case after a fresh format (The source module was missing or corrupt and a clean slate fixed that issue)

That being said however, I am crashing yet again but with a new set of error messages. This primarily being missing "Bone names" for skeletal meshes. I've done the following steps in attempts to alleviate this issue.

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    Break down Crash logs from UE4 logging
    Break down Microsoft Event Viewer logs for cross references
    Verified data files via Steam's Verify file integrity
    tested multiple legacy updates as well as the latest Nvidia driver update.

Here is an example of how the log looks now.


The engine cannot find a place for the "none" Bonename in any mesh which eventually causes my crash for mordhau. The crashes has become less frequent since I have reformatted my Operating System. This is still pretty annoying as it ends my session period. With the amount of resources the developers have in order to allocate to finding more fixes as well as continued development is very few and the structure of their workflow being so far apart from one another, I can understand how long things take. This honestly needs to get looked at however.

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  • 25 Aug

[2019.08.25-04.53.29:884][597]LogSkinnedMeshComp: Warning: GetSocketByName(BoltSocket): No SkeletalMesh for Component(SkeletalMeshComponent) Actor(BP_Crossbow_C_6)

Whenever I open my logs when I crash from Mordhau this is spammed at the very end of the log, presumably before the application terminates itself. This error on the log and reading through the logs via Event Viewer on the Windows OS has me theorizing that This and an Nvidia DLL being a faulting Module have to be linked somehow.

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  • 20 Aug

@LoPan said:
I play strictly duels so my opinion is only based on the duelist populous.

That being said I have over 600 hours and the only things I dislike in this game are held block shields and being 1 shot occasionally by a maul.

Otherwise I’ve always dealt w good servers. My ping, depending on the server is always somewhere between 30-80. But whatever part of that spectrum it is it remains steady. And despite what ppl say I don’t notice any difference in my experience unless my ping is 100+ but I don’t join servers that far away.

Yes, I see the high packet loss msg from time to time but it’s never seemed to effect my gameplay despite flashing on the screen.

As far as mechanics go I don’t have a problem reading feints/morphs/drags/accels and think they are a necessary part of combat. Sure it was frustrating dying over and over in the beginning to more experience players and chiv vets but I chose not to blame the intended mechanics and cry out “animation abuse.” Instead I chose to keep fighting those better players over and over again until I understood more and could read the animations almost by second nature. Without these combat mechanics it would just be an arcade pong back and forth of whoever hits first wins the stm war. yawn

Sure I’d like some new skins/maps/game modes to be added eventually. And modding would keep this game alive for years from now. But as it stands I still love this game.

I respect your opinion fully. We're on different ends of the game, I unfortunately don't have time to go into the knitty gritty details in duels so I jump into Frontlines. It's a vastly different environment. One thing that I feel needs to be changed animation wise however is the speed of certain overhead ripostes on speedy weapons. I tend to spend half an hour with a friend of mine or multiple bots attacking me to build up my reaction times for fighting against players but it doesn't matter how many times I practice. I can't parry or chamber the overhead in time before it hits me. This could quite possibly be due to the 60+ ping and high packet loss on the US servers. I'd have to ask a friend of mine to replicate it.

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  • 20 Aug

@RizlaBlue said:
its just a game chill guys wtf lol

Either passionate people as others have stated or people who have done QAT (Quality Assurance Testing) related work in their career. I happen to be the latter. I enjoy the game but I'm not passionate nor am I a Chiv Vet. I like when things flow like a well oiled machine and to be honest this machine needs works. That's my stance as to why I'm not cruising right now.

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Just stopping in to drop my 2 cents in this thread,

From the moment I saw Mordhau i got hooked immediately, I never played Chiv but I had friends who did. I never found it appealing but something about Mordhau was different. Having seen how it exploded was nice and good, there was a player base to play with but from the very second I saw the developer count for Triternion I knew from the get go It wasn't going to last long. The structure of Mordhau, the melee system and the need for servers and the like cannot be supported by a team that small. Take Slay the Spire for example. Slay the Spire was made by a smaller group of people. The main reason for their success is the fact that the game is self sufficient. The only Online feature are leaderboards, the rest is mainly offline. Granted, this game isn't necessarily multiplayer as well. What I'm trying to say is, they took on a enormous task for such a small group of people. We're already seeing the repercussions of this, 55k base loss since release.

US Servers are wonky. Generally speaking, On most servers I maintain 9-18 ping on East Coast Servers. On Mordhau's NA East servers, I maintain a flat 68 ping, whereas LA Servers give me a lower ping. Why? Either the NAE server is some cheap server or... The NAE Server is not located on the East Coast period. Packet loss is a major issue, it exaggerates and creates illusions of other issues, desyncronization, phantom swings, teleporting.

Level Design is hit or miss. This is purely on the perspective of Front line. I'm excluding Crossroads in this, we won't discuss that absolute embarrassment of a map. It doesn't matter what kind of drought there is. I'd rather be dying of thirst than be given muddied sewage water.

Camp- Idea is fine. Siege tower placements are weird. Not only are two of the towers so close to each other. Shore Siege tower (the one right next to the objective) is WAYYYY too close to the objective.It's not a big issue, but its a minor one in my eyes.

Grad - Probably the best map imo.

Mountain Camp - I was never a fan of even number objectives. The map itself is somewhat fine, if one side takes their time to stack up and rush into the center it swings REALLY REALLY hard in their favor. I don't like red's tent burning objective, its easier than blue's objective by a landslide.

Taigia - This is absolutely a joke of a map. Initially, the map was Immensely Red sided, post the changes the map flip flopped to a blue sided map, it wasn't as bad as when Taigia was 95% Red win but it's still not good. Lumberyard which was almost never seen on the map is horrendous. More than half of that area isn't used. Two narrow funnels into the lumberyard makes it nigh impossible to push out if you attempt to push in. If you get pushed into the lumberyard itself you get spawn camped by the blue team if hey haven't completed the objective yet. Long Story short, This map is a trouble map.

Frontline - The game mode from a ideal standpoint is absolutely perfect for this genre. An absolute pinnacle of medieval combat. What we got is half baked to be honest. There are very few people who go on defense, There is only offense. Heavy pushes that risk losing the objective almost immediately because there is no one there. I've played For Honor, What I would generally do would be defense objective sitting. I do the same thing in Mordhau but I can't 1vX 5+ rushing me at once. It's just impossible for me. There is no sort of reward for defending the point either. Rarely do I see people defend nowdays and we lose these points immediately. Gold/Xp gained doesnt even matter if you defend/attack/win/lose. The Algorithm to calculate gold/xp is so simple it actually makes grinding for stuff even more tedious.

I've honestly had more fun messing around, playing the lute or sneaking around having fights away from the objective more than playing frontline in general. The massive Meta gaming in frontline is boring. People who sit on horses all game, Boring. People just constantly throwing firebombs? Boring. Sure some of this is being addressed, which is good. How long will it take though? What are we going to do about the problem with Taiga? they already stated that they won't be working on the current maps to balance things out and are focusing on releasing more content.

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  • 19 Aug

@Runagate said:
Get scammed noob

No gimme my Party Hat back Scammer. I report u to Jagex

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