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Also experiencing this. Was playing this morning, and it stopped working in the afternoon.

I tried the proposed resolutions on this thread so far, and it did not resolve the issue.

Let me know if I can assist by providing some logs.


Tried again next day. Reinstalled game fresh and the issue was resolved. Hope it is resolved for others too

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  • 15 May

I am East Coast U.S. And it seems to me that all East Coast official servers have "High Ping" and "Packet Loss". But don't take my word for it, the game tells me in yellow bold font on the right side of my screen every match I join using the state-of-the-art matchmaking.

I played the ranked mode when it was in it's first release, and it was far more reliable then.

Tried it again recently for 5 matches, and ALL of the games I joined I had 170+ ping.\

In fact, the best servers for me to join are actually Central US servers, which doesn't make sense, unless of course Triternion pays for garbage servers on the East Coast, given that they are usually more expensive to host than Central servers. Also in which case, yudothistome?

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  • 20 Sep '19


Tried to join server on latest patch (today) and this happened. I was just playing completely OK a few minutes ago, on the latest patch