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@ĶiĻăƦesrumpMcBøøgerballls said:
Ok so first question is dose your server show up in the main server browser or in the LAN tab?
If it only shows up in the LAN tab then no one will be able to join unless they are with in your home network.

So there are a few issues that you both should look into. For starters find your external IP address is a good place to find your IPV4 IP address. It should look something like Xs being numbers. That will be your external IP address

Next, go to an online scanner and have them check to see if your UDK ports are indeed actually open.
enter your IP address then the ports you want to test to see if they are open.

Now if they are not, confirm that you can open them on your router using the Port Forwarding for your internal IP address of your server.
*to find your internal IP address. Type CMD in windows search, then type IPCONFIG and hit ENTER. You will be looking for your server's local IP address, typically: This is the ip address you will be port forwarding (opening up the ports) in your router for.

Once you have your ports opened, test them again. Now if you find that the ports are still closed after you port forwarded them in your router, call your ISP as they may have them blocked from the modem

I can see it in the main server browser when I have it running, but I can't join. It might be the ISP as I've confirmed that in my router settings the ports are indeed open. Thanks for your suggestion.

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  • 25 May '19

Hello, I've been having issues trying to run a server. I can get my server to appear in the browser, but I can't seem to connect.

I get the window saying "Joining Server" for about 30 seconds, but then it immediately kicks me to the main menu and says "failed to join server".

I've followed all the directions in the thread thus far, have all the ports properly opened and such.