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Hello! I'm achromate (it's the rarest thing for colorblindless: colorblind -> see a color instead an other, achromate/colorblindless -> see all on white-black or grey scale. I Like so much this game and some friends are playing it, i want to buy it but for now, i can't play because i can't see enemies. But i can say/suggest somthing helpful (and easy do realize, i think):

  1. A good idea is to have, a settings to set the all players white-black (white instead of blue, black instead of red), and it also can be so helpful to see better them;
  2. I saw in the Settings that is it possible to put a symbol upon the enemies head (from friend Discord Stream), but for me it has so less contrast and in the major cases, i can't see it (i confund it with the round ambience), so it is so helpful, to have the possibility, to change the size-contrast-color of that symbol , in order to see it better for who have my similar problems
  3. I saw that when i point someone it says, at the bottom if he is ally or enemy. An other problem is that i have 1/10 degress per eye, so to have the possibility to ingrease the size/contrast/foreground of that words could be so helpful.

Thank you so much for consideration! I hope you will ad something help ful, also simple. What i explained before, it's not so difficult to realize, or big work, and they not give any advantages to me (or other with these problems), but only the possibility to play like others.

Thank you again

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  • 24 May

Hello! I'm Achromate (i can't see the colors) and i can't see differences from teammates and enemies. I saw from a friend that is there the possibility tu put a symbol upon the teammates head, but it has so less contrast for me. So is there a way to ingrase the contrast and visibility of that symbol? Thank you