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@smellycathawk said:
If you are up close to a guy with a big slow weapon and he hits you, how is it a better game if it does less damage? If you have a faster >weapon and you are in close, you already have the advantage of speed, now you want a damage advantage as well?

Because weapons wind-up and swings are crucial to landing an effective hit, in 'muh reality' and in the game as well, for all other weapons in all other cases but a few 'chosen ones' that become too OP and kill the balance. This does not only apply to polearms btw, it is also the case with the Maul for instance, that can stab kill from half an arm's length away.

At the moment the long and heavy weapons work on a 'if I touch you you are dead' basist why effectively deny the advantage of being up close with faster weapons, hence my proposal above.

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  • 28 May

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

We need the above, badly, with topfhem / half helm / early great helm to match.

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Just thought of something to make stabbing damage a little more interesting and not just something to pointlessly spam away.

Seems to me stabbing shouldn't be so effective in the following cases :

  • Target is too close to you : not enough range to wind up the blow, not enough momentum built, especially on heavier weapons (spear)
  • Target is at the far end of the weapon's range : if there's just an inch left in the weapon's travel, that inch shouldn't be enough to go through a breastplate of helm and insta-kill the target.
  • Target is moving away from weapon's tip : basic physics. If you substract the speed of the target to the speed of the weapon, said weapon hits at a lower speed, and does less damage.

Also an idea for polearms, not just the ones of the stabby persuasion : How about an option to grab or temporarily block a polearm by grabbing it by the shaft after a swing or stab ? Momentum is spend, and that heavy weapon's head is now a the furthest point from its wielder's hands, it's going to be slow to turn around and wind back, there should be a window of opportunity to block that weapon or a least move inside the range to get at the annoying polearm-spammer.

Please note I myself am in love with the alternate mode of the Bardiche and therefore count myself amongst the midly infuriating polearms spammers.

For your consideration...

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  • 24 May

I left out a couple of other things just to keep it light, but as it seems I'm not the only one with a dark love for chainmail, what the heck :

Most of the chainmail weaves on in game items are wrong. Chainmail is woven horizontally, not vertically. Not to mention the current chainmail torso's pattern which is just plain painful to look at.

I would also love to see an option for integrated coiff, where the 3d mesh would blend with the torso piece, as well as options for square flap aventail, wrap around chin aventail, and a "down" version of both.

But thats maybe a little too much to ask. :D

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@Rergato said:
Before you murder the man,
he’s talking about visual realism, not game mechanics.

(a lot of people only read the titles)

edit:: either i have aspergers or you changed the title

It's Aspergers bro ;)

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Hello there,

I'll begin with a blunt assertion : current chainmail representation in game is an absolute disaster. It looks straight out of a fantasy franchise or that other game by the big French/Canadian AAA publisher nobody likes. Unrealistic patterns, and pieces breakdown, leather trims and so forth should make the Armor History afficionado experience violent physilogical reactions.

Except for the head pieces. Those a good.

That is a shame because the "chaimail era" of early Middle Ages is always a fan favourite, as it covers the ever popular Crusades and Military Orders themes, which at the moment cannot be done justice.

As a way to improve Chainmail's representation I humbly suggest the following system :

Make Chainmail work the same way as the Gambison : A core body piece, with different options for arms and waist :

Body : Sleeveless Core Piece, siimple belt. One without tabbard, one with a medium-length one, one with a longer option.

Arms : Short Sleeves/Naked Arms, Short Sleeves/Fabric, Short Sleeves/Gambeson, Long Sleeves, Long Sleeves/Short Sleeve Gambeson on top.

Waist : Upper Thigh Length, Above-Knee Lenth Center Split, Below-Knee Length Center Split, Above-Knee Length Side Split.

All WITHOUT the horrible leather trims, which should also be removed from composite chainmail pieces.

Re-model those awful chainmail mitts so they will blend in with the arms at the wrists, allowing to represent the integrated mitts of the XIIIth century Lorica Integra. The ones we have now look like bad fantasy oven mitts and give me nightmares.

Re-work those "padded chainmail" items, especially the legs that should feature knee-length padded chausses over the mail rather than the current ugly knee cushions, and smaller round metal elbow plates for the sleeve items.

These modifications would finally enable us to create a wide variety of accurate and all-round more appealing chainmail customisations covering most of the poular historical options.

That is my plea, hark hark noble devs, comment my brethren in Knighthood.



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IMO the real issue with stab is how it doesnt seem to take momentum into account. A one-handed spear stab at max reach, where most momentum and energy is already spent should be useless against plate, especially grazing shots. As for daggers, they should be very efficient against plate at very close range, but those catfighting dagger spams at arms length shouldnt even scratch the paint on Milanese plate.