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one simple change that i think would help is if the red teams barricade at the camp was updated to face the proper direction. the blue barricade blocks red teams direct rout into the objective, but the red barricade block basically nothing now that the new gate was added.

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people don't just get serial troll kicked from every server. i bet you run around team hitting people in stupid ways until they get fed up with you and TK you and votekick you.

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There's female models you can turn on in the ini settings as shown here:
This only works for customization screen though and the female head on this model isn't meshed at all so if you don't wear a helmet it'll just be scary floaty googly eyes.
But yes, they're coming. Along with darker skin tones and face types to match. Reason for both of these is so when both of these are added in game they don't look half assed and are actually really nice. As far as an ETA...
Soon™ is the best you'll get.

I looked but can't find the Ini File they mention. Can you explain where it's located, Steam/SteamApps/Common/Mordhau then ehere?

User > AppData > Local > Mordhau > Saved > Config > WindowsClient > Game.ini, then you simple change the female related .ini to "true" or some shit idk this was just what I read in one of the posts on that thread

Ok so cganged it but it still has male character... what I do to show female?

Nevermind… again

Try posting some of your characters here! Remember to put on full helmets though, don't need those floating eyes in my life.

I will. Is there any Slider Shape you'd recommend?

middle skinny looks best. the sliders all seem to go too far in both directions right now, so fully skinny looks pretty scary.

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blue teams ballista has a clear view of the top of the tower. i've never seen red even win this map. where as blue team has a nice fancy bridge leading to the top of the tower, red team has an inch wide wooden beam to balance across.
it's definitely not a red sided map. i think if blue loses its because they had bad players.

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  1. you can vote kick by clicking someones name in the chat.

  2. that isn't true, there is a cooldown.

  3. they need over 50% of the votes to be yes to vote kick someone.

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chiv 2 is not looking good, based solely on the fact its an epic games exclusive. if i can't play a PC game on steam i just end up not playing it at all.

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you can't join a frontline server without there being 2 fire pot spammers and a smoke pot spammer on each team. they rarely ever kill anyone, but they succeed in annoying everyone.

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your offense isn't limited at all by carrying a shield. your attacks and ripostes are all the same. try using your shield as if you didn't have it, and you'll be able to be a lot more mobile. by that i mean, instead of holding down right click, just press it when their weapon is about to hit you, like you would with a parry. you should also be attacking basically every time someone hits your shield, not just sitting there wait for them to attack again.

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lol, that akiyo guy spams troll threads on the steam community forum, mostly baiting people with threads where he pretends to be a militant feminist. he's just trying to make you angry and it's working.

nobody even plays on that server, just relax and go play somewhere else.

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@EgoKat said:
Me and my husband use family sharing as we only have one computer and can't play together. Now, I can't play the game, which sucks. What is this collective punishment that disable non-cheaters as well?
I wanted to buy this game when I'll be able to afford a pc for myself, but now I probably will not - this anti-cheat decision left a bitter taste in my mouth.

if you only have one computer, why do you need family sharing? just use his steam account to play the game, or buy a second copy on your own steam account. you don't need another computer.

your story is probably made up though.

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@Pandamansleep said:
Does anyone know where the .ini file is. I'm curious to see what my characters would look like as girls

EDIT: I found a folder with multiple .ini files. Which one is the right one

sorry for replying so late. the directory is User > AppData > Local > Mordhau > Saved > Config > WindowsClient > Game.ini

your appdata folder might be hidden so you'll have to either unhide it, or just hold windows key + R and run appdata.

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@Unlikely said:
Unscrewing the pommel and throwing it is a bad idea for several reasons.

  • It would take time to unscrew the pommel, even assuming it wasn't peened in place. During that time I would not be defending myself.
  • After throwing the pommel, I don't have the pommel any more.
  • The pommel is not ammo. It is a counterweight to the blade. Removing the pommel would move the center of gravity of the sword away from the hilt and toward the tip, making the weapon MUCH harder to handle properly.

I'm not saying no one ever tried this in the 15th Century, though I definitely don't find it in the 15th Century fencing manual I'm reading. Just saying it's unrealistic.

it's from the gladiatoria german fencing manual from 1430. the manual is specifically for trials by combat. very little is actually known about the manual, and it does not appear to be a joke in the actual manual, so everything is just speculation. there is actually evidence that there were longswords with threaded pommels back then but they were probably uncommon, and i don't think there is a surviving example of one. another thing to take note of is that judicial duels were very often not fought to the death, so it could be that the idea was to stun the opponent with the pommel before wrestling with him (these duels were fought in armor).

like a lot of things from medieval times, no one definitively knows the answer.

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adding black people isn't going to appease SJWs anyway, so i don't know why people would be mad about it. people are just going to make tribal spear throwing classes out of it. if anything it will make the game more offensive to SJWs.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Let me clarify. Yes kicking is effective in any duel, especially against a shield. Kicking is more effective against 1handers because they're always having to be in face hug most of the time. But kick stun feels arcadey and youre not going to kick stun a good shield user unless you're ganking him... just like you'll prolly never kick stun even a bad shield user if he has friends to back stab you while you try folllowing up.

the fact that you can't kick a shield user in 1vX is just another reason why kicks need to be buffed. the animation is way too slow to be viable, and the range is so short that misses never feel like they were your fault.

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@SkinnyPete said:
I get that these racist neckbeards find security in posting where someone can't slap them in the mouth

do you think threatening violence over written words makes you superior to them?

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@Unlikely said:
I'm telling you that I know several female martial artists who would cure your ignorance for you. You should seek out the opportunity.

there is a reason women and men are separated in sports. testosterone is a chemical in humans that effects muscle growth and the capacity to maintain that muscle. men have more natural testosterone than women do, so men are able to build more muscle than women and maintain a larger mass of muscle inside their bodies, meaning they have a genetic physical advantage over us. I've done HEMA a little bit and i can tell you that it is definitely not easy to beat someone who is physically stronger than you are, and most men are physically stronger than most women.

but mordhau is a video game, so genetic advantages don't matter. a fat character has the same stats as a muscular character, and women will have the same stats as men. but trying to say that it's realistic for doing that is just incorrect.

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@Lionheart Chevalier said:
Kicking shields is the wrong way to balance shields... kicks just make sure noobs can't annoy a master too long in a duel... but leave these same noobs untouchable in ganks or team fights where you cannot kick in the shield because he has friends.

Kick also leaves shield useless in 1vX because a lone shield man will get kicked in by multiple spamming opponents regardless of skill... unless he puts away the shield or runs. THIS is prolly why back stepping shield speed was increased, help with shield 1vX... along with shield staying on hit. Both are very welcome shield improvements that made shield alot less clunky in 1vX. Truly appreciated.

YOU WILL NEVER kick a good shield user in a duel... this patch or last. Well you won't get that kick stun anyways. I get kicked alot due to the fact that 1h requires me to be in facehugging 1h range but I'm not even that particularly great and I do not get kick stunned in duels. I consider most kicks during initiative to be free hits.

I suspect shield parry size got larger this patch, haven't looked at the notes... but it feels larger and that is a problem. Swing manipulation should be the key to breaking a shield and stamina warfare if both fighters are equally good, not kicks. Currently, in duels anyways, stamina feels like the sole way to beat a good shield user as kick stun won't work and getting around the hit box is really hard.

failing to kick block an enemy kick is nearly as bad as getting stunned by it. getting hit with a kick costs 20 stamina as well as health damage. a shield user cannot afford to lose 20 stamina in a duel against a good player, because blocking with a shield costs a lot of stamina. if you fail to use kick block against two enemy kicks, the fight is basically over. all your opponent has to do from there is force you to block a couple more attacks and you're out of stamina.
i fight other shield users all the time, and kicking them is absolutely the way to beat them, its simply a matter of knowing when you should and should not be using kick, because missing a kick is a huge deal. typically, right after you parry their attack is one of the best moments to use a kick, because they will be close in and holding W. if you try to kick them while they are on defense, walking backwards, your kick will almost certainly miss, this patch especially.

shield size didn't get bigger, it's the same. i've also only ever seen one person who was able to use drags to attack around my shield, and he was only able to do it with a type of unnatural movement that make the attack start above my left shoulder and end against my right shoulder. after a couple times of him doing though it was easy to predict and block it. so drags really aren't the answer to fighting shields, since your turn speed isnt going to be any faster than theirs.

as for 1vX, standing there with your shield up is the wrong way to fight multiple people, so obviously you'll get punished for that. ideally in 1vX you will get an attack chain going where you're target switching between enemies every action, hitting each of them just after they start to swing at your back. using ripostes to prevent yourself from being interrupted is also effective if there are more than two opponents all trying to face hug you. people become less defensive when they're with allies, and sometimes you can cut through 3 to 5 enemies with one swing, without a single one of them even trying to block, because they all just think the other guy will block it before it reaches them.
naturally there are better weapon combinations for 1vX than a shield, and i see no reason why that shouldn't be the case. the main limitation is that you have a 1h weapon instead of a 2h one. 2h should always be king when it comes to 1vX.

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has anyone seen red win crossroads yet?

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So, to preface this, I main shield and bastard sword, so i'm not bias against shields.
However, I really don't understand why you just made shields better in the recent patch. I used to do really well with my class, but now it feels exceptional to the point of unfairness, especially in duels.

The main issue is that you made the backwards walking speed faster. With the old backwards speed, I could be forced into using a kick block if the enemy knows how to kick properly. But now, i simply hold S and their kick will miss almost every time no matter how close they are to me.

In my opinion, to balance shields you should make the kick speed either slightly faster or longer range, and the shield users backwards movement speed slower. Kicking really is the only way to defeat a good shield user, and kicks feel super weak right now.

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Help, getting stabbed is ruining my immersion!