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  • 23 Oct '19

@TheYamMan said:
As advice to anyone who uses a search engine other than google, you have to switch to that.


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  • 8 Sep '19

I think you've confused "official" with "unofficial"...

That said, I voted no. I think the horses will be absolutely fine with some tweaking. Isn't the next big update gonna nerf them anyway? Removing the flinching and stuff, or was that update already released?

Really though my only issue with the horses were that flinching mechanic as well as their ease of use.

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  • 3 Sep '19

@TheForceGORILLA said:
works great, now how do i import a face to the horde/br loudout?

I believe this functionality already exists, simply select a mercenary you want and choose to copy that mercenary. Then scroll to the bottom until you see Horde/BR - simply right-click, paste and save. Voila!

I've made a new release which adds this as a separate context menu item, but it works a bit differently. You copy the face values of a mercenary and then import the text as if it were a new mercenary.

So if you think the latter way of doing it seems more intuitive you should update to, otherwise it should already work!

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  • 2 Sep '19

@MinecraftPillager said:
I'm so confused as how to use this thing, whenever i click save on the Mercenary Editor, it doesn't actually save it and takes me back to the frankensteiner main page. It just doesn't seem to work for me, have no idea what I've done or what's happening. Really wish I could get this too work also hoping you can help me with this.

Hard to try and tell what's going on - you edit some mercenary and are unable to save the changes? Where is it that you're trying to save when it throws you back to main page?

If you have any anti-virus try pausing it temporarily to see if it intercepts my program. Otherwise, make sure you've got .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

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  • 28 Aug '19

@Galxeyc5649f1d17c44b5d said:
When attempting to open the .exe nothing happens

Sorry for the late response! What system are you on? 32, 64-Bit? Also try disabling antivirus, I suspect since this is just a straight-up executable most AV software will probably prevent it from running.

@Raulikien said:
Thx for the new version! I love the frankensteiner mass creation. Only thing left for this to be perfect is know what each value does.

Glad you like it! I'll probably investigate the values a little bit more soon, got some other non-related projects I'm working on eating up my time :(


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  • 26 Aug '19

@Clem1710 said:
Just out of curiosity, which language did you use?

C# Source code is available on GitHub.

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  • 23 Aug '19

@Clem1710 said:
Hi, I have created 100 mercenaries with the mass creator, but I didn't find any way to delete them quickly. I can't select several mercenaries with the mouse. So how can I multi select ?

@Measxe said:
i've got the same problem as CLEM1710. Please make it so you can click and drag to select mercenaries and delete them all at once.

You can select multiple entries via the same method as most other multi selections work.

CTRL + LMB - Select individual mercenaries.
SHIFT + LMB - Select all mercenaries between the first and second selection.

You can also mix these. For example if you do CTRL+LMB to select Mercenary 1 and Mercenary 3, you can then also press SHIFT and click Mercenary 6 - it will then select all the mercenaries between 3 and 6 as well.

I could probably add a separate keybind to select all mass created mercenaries automagically if that helps.

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  • 14 Aug '19

New "Mass Creator Update" is live, you can now easily create hundreds of mercenaries with random/frankenstein modifiers to more efficiently find that one messed up face you always wanted!

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  • 6 Aug '19

@VAMACI said:
Will it be possible to have previews of the faces in some way in the future?

If only. I'd need to use the same meshes as they do and also know exactly how their face customization system works. At best it might be possible to edit it via memory editing. But dunno if that might trigger VAC or some other anti-cheat mechanic - so I'd rather not fiddle with that.

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  • 5 Aug '19

@ZugZugNeverEnds said:
i have a question; will this mod fuck up my handsome characters too? or will i be able to determine who gets to be ugly between them individually?
i would hate to download the program only to have all of my current characters mongolified by accident.
if this isn't the case i'll download the mod/program asap.

So long as you don't edit them, you're perfectly fine. It looks like this:

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  • 5 Aug '19

@VAMACI said:

Well met.

Looks like he had a good night out!

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  • 4 Aug '19

@esturias said:
But teh histerical accurecy!!1

Jokes aside - good job. Funny looks.
I just hope it doesn't allow people to fully "glitch out" the faces, they should keep looking like faces...

I don't think so, the values are limited. And as for historical accuracy, I'm sure there were a few disfigured peasants here and there ;)

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  • 3 Aug '19

Finally after a lot of procrastination and surviving a week of unbearably hot weather - I think I've got the new version of Mordhau Frankenstein to a state where I think it's fairly bueno.

It's completely re-written from scratch and now targeted for a minimum of .NET Framework 4.5.0 instead of 4.7.2. So it should now be usable by Windows 8 users!

Feel free to report any bugs and provide feedback!


Download V1.3.0.0


Nothing Yet :(


Nothing Yet :(

New Features

  • New Mercenary List
    • Multi-Selection
    • Shortcut Keys (Optional, Keybinds Further down)
  • Re-designed Mercenary Editor
    • 1 List Instead of 3
    • Values Grouped for Readability
    • Placeholder Text for Value Descriptions (Comes later once I've experimented a bit)
  • Improved Saving & Backup System
    • ZIP Backup Size Can be Limited
  • Better Conflict Detection
    • Conflicts Can be Compared and Resolved
  • Cleaner Code
  • GitHub Release!

Mercenary List Keybinds

  • Edit: Enter/Return (Does Not Support Multi-Selection)
  • Revert: CTRL+Z (Supports Multi-Selection)
  • Save: CTRL+S (Supports Multi-Selection)
  • Export: CTRL+E (Supports Multi-Selection)
  • Import: CTRL+I
  • Frankenstein: CTRL+F (Supports Multi-Selection)
  • Randomize: CTRL+R (Supports Multi-Selection)
  • Copy Face: CTRL+C (Does Not Support Multi-Selection)
  • Paste Face: CTRL+V (Does Not Support Multi-Selection)


Use at your own risk, while I've tried to make it as safe as possible - there's no guarantee that it may somehow corrupt the config file.

That said, it does frequently create backups so long as you have the option(s) enabled - so should something get corrupted, restore a backup.

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  • 24 May '19

@Bellon said:
The enemies spawn in massive clumps that force you to kite them forever. If they spawned in much smaller groups protracted over a longer time, but were individually better equipped, then you would actually be allowed some Mordhau gameplay. If you took too long to kill them, you would still be swamped, but standing your ground or rushing to meet them would actually be a viable tactic.

I'm not quite sure, this is something that would have to be experimented with. You have to keep in mind that Mordhau has a lot of weapons that will instantly kill even armoured enemies. Such as the Maul and Longbow. Spawning them in smaller groups, even if tougher may have the effect of making it too easy.

@Bellon said:
This would also inherently reduce the amount of cheesers, because if you kite around or hide too much, the number of enemies will build up and actually make the game harder (assuming they find a better way to deter cheesing).

I don't necessarily think the grouping is too big of an issue, sure it does heavily encourage you to get a 2-handed and swing away. But people will resort to using 2-handed either way as they're far safer and easier to use than 1-handed.

Personally I think the main issue is the amount of ranged AI and their accuracy and the armored guys and their speed(for some reason armored guys move faster?).

Then mix this with AI that very frequently dodge attacks. And you have to keep in mind, missing in this game is far, far more punishing than a parry.

@Bellon said:
Other horde games realized this and designed in ways to prevent overuse of kiting and cheesing. L4D2 has special infected, Vermintide has the same, Killing Floor 2 has spaced out spawns (like I suggested above) and respawns enemies that are too far away, and all of these games have enemies that move faster than you do. You're forced to fight. And that makes it feel like a fight for survival instead of a puzzle on how to cheese the bots as effectively as possible.

Mordhau does more or less have this as well, with the big armoured guys, giants and gnomes etc. Those games also almost only have ranged weaponry whereas Mordhau almost only have melee weapons. Of course if 90% of the arsenal is ranged weapons, you have to make them move faster than the player.

So I don't think the concept of the enemies running faster than you would work well here.

Really the minimum stuff I'd like to see is encouraged use of the toolbox(turds making them literally useless), building fortifications in horde gamemodes is a lot of fun. At least in my opinion.

Also that Horde is made more team-friendly. Currently trying to play as a team is extremely punishing and often leads to deaths and reduced economy due to kill steals(I hate the word kill steal, but it's very applicable here).

I'd love for them to draw inspiration from games like L4D2, KF2 and Vermintide - those are the kind of games I love. But the melee-oriented nature of Mordhau makes it rather tricky.

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  • 23 May '19

El bumpo?

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  • 22 May '19

I've always been a fan of PVE co-op games, especially horde ones - where you're up against giant waves of enemies. When I first bought Mordhau, I had no idea it had a Horde gamemode - admittedly I didn't really do a lot of research as it looked so familiar to Chivalry - and it being on UE4, that was an instant purchase for me.

That said, I was very excited to see Horde and get to swinging around. At first I really liked it, but the more hours you put into the game and learn how it works - you really start to realize that this gamemode is horrendously unbalanced. So much so, that people just resort to exploiting the AI's pathfinding and inability to climb ladders just to win.

I'm not against a good challenge, and Horde is indeed challenging - but it's not the fun kind of challenge, it's the frustrating and unfair kind of challenging. Mix that with people's obsession to win almost every match they play, they will resort to this kind of stuff.

So I'd like to propose a few changes I'd think would help balance Horde a bit better and make it a less frustrating experience and instead be an excellent place to play around with various wepaons and loadouts.

Player Progression
• Reward the player XP/Gold after every wave. This is to prevent the issue of not being rewarded ANYTHING if the server crashes. Which actually happens quite often. Alternatively just keep track of it "under the hood" so it can be rewarded upon sudden disconnection.

• Increase the amount of starting money when joining mid-game. A measly ~50-100 really doesn't help much at all and really forces you to buy a Recurve Bow and nothing else.
• Players should get money depending on the percentage of damage they did on an AI when it dies. Instead of the one that got the killing blow. This would help encourage teamplay.
• Increase the overall economy a little bit to allow a bit more freedom in terms of what gear you can buy. Currently it almost forces you to buy a Scythe or Recurve Bow as soon as possible.
• Investigate the possibility of having a sort of trader/merchant similar to that of Killing Floor 1 and 2. The equipment being spread out is fun at first - but really, it's just annoying especially when you have 4 maps to learn. Tutorial had some funny but also very good voice actors - use them!
• Increase cost of refilling arrows/bolts, currently they're practically free for the amount of damage you can do with them and the amount of safety they offer you.
• Throwables are way too overpriced and are never ever used. Other than rocks at the start.
• Add the ability to sell equipment for 25-50% of the original cost.

• Revert the AoE turds, they do literally nothing to prevent exploiters. But they instead make fortifying with the toolbox almost impossible, definitely a waste of money. And also they really harass melee players as if someone is exploiting - melee players will also be punished.
• Reduce the damage of turds, losing 20-30 health just because someone is exploiting or the AI thought they couldn't reach you for a second really sucks.
• Remove the ability to carry more than 1 of the same item. Carrying 3+ crossbows is just silly. Might not be technically viable due to Horde and the overall game sharing the same kind of inventory mechanic.
• Health on AI killed should be based on percentage of damage done to that AI, kill steals in Horde mode will literally get teammates killed. Teamplay should be encouraged - at the moment it is advised to stay as far away as possible from teammates.
• With the current economy, armored guys start spawning a bit too early - makes it feel as if you're forced to buy ranged weapons.
• With the recent patch it feels as though the AI's chance to parry was significantly increased. I'd suggest a mechanic where as if there's a lot of AI grouped together - their chance to parry is decreased. And slightly increased if they're alone.
• AI changes target during big fights a bit too erratically. Trying to help a teammate only for the AI to do an instant 180 spin during an attack feels unfair and really encourages you to stay away from teammates.
• Ranged AI accuracy is a bit too high, especially considering the amount spawned at later waves. I'd suggest it be reduced a bit and/or their damage reduced.
• Light armor is utterly useless. Would be cool if they provided a bigger benefit in Horde to make them a viable option.
• Shield AI are a bit meh, don't really do anything other than constantly block. They pose no threat to archers nor melee as their behaviour is really easy to exploit to easily kill them.
• Spikes are borderline overpowered in terms of damage dealt in Horde, but this is also offset by the near impossibility of repairing them - especially during combat. Their hitbox for repairing is severely messed up.
• AI start throwing turds when stuck behind spikes and can't reach the player. With the recent AoE turd patch, this renders building fortifications entirely useless. Building fortifications should be encouraged in horde gamemodes!
• Gnomes spam fire bombs a bit too much, they're a cool counter to fortifications... But god damn... Maybe if we could get an anti-fire counter? Water balloons? Yay!

Other Changes
• More classes of AI would be cool, if possible it would be neat if we could have some melee and archer cavalry. Would make the Billhook and spikes a very interesting choice.
• Add 3 different difficulties(easy, medium and hard), with rewards being calculated accordingly. Maybe lower difficulty consist of less waves. Damage, health, speed and accuracy modifiers etc. Lots can be done here!
• Add more ways to encourage teamplay; healthbars, ability to bandage others.
• Find another way to deal with stuck AI other than turds. I understand this is really tricky with the ladders and vaulting mechanic. But the turds really don't do shit(pun intended) other than harass those trying to play legitimately.
• Some perks unique to Horde which can be bought during the match would be a really cool way to spice things up as well. Things such as increased health, speed, more inventory, faster repair and the like.

And that's about all I've got noted so far.

I really wish the SDK was available, tinkering with this kind of stuff is something I'd love to help out with. I also really hope Horde is something you guys take seriously and is not something that was just thrown in to add another search tag for it in Steam.

Really liking the game so far, excited to see what the future holds!