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I quit the game because the community was incredibly toxic and I had constant trolls. My breaking point was getting vote kicked from a horde game on round 20 by a handful of guys who were trolling me for most the game. I had almost 400 kills I think. Fuck that shit. Fuck no punishment for people just vote kicking randomly. Fuck the devs.

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So I'm going to rant because I'm genuinely pissed right now.

Your stupid fucking votekick system is broken. I was in a game of horde solo for 10 rounds. At that time I had over 20,000 points, and it took me about 40 minutes of my time. At that time a group of people join and immediately start trolling me. I make it through a few more rounds and I'm at around 35,000 points and I've been in the game for an hour. And these fucking dipshits vote kick me because I assume they're all queued together and they wanna troll me. So I just wasted a fucking hour of my time and get no gold and no xp from a game of horde that I was doing by myself for the entire time. What the fuck is that shit? How do they not get banned for trolling? For blocking my path and trying to get me killed? First you jackasses ban me for supposed hacking along with hundreds of others falsely, and then you allow this shit???? The LEAST that could be done would be to get the fucking gold and XP I should have gotten from doing that.

But its not just me. I've seen in SEVERAL other cases a group of trolls vote kick someone for existing. This is just the first time it's happened to me. fix. this. shit.

This entire game is toxic as fuck. In almost every game I see someone trolling or typing slurs or just acting like a child

Its now 3:45am. I was just trying to farm XP/Gold to get new cosmetics but I need to deal with this shit, I'll go back to playing a different game with a decent community.