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Each time a new public community server arises, there could be a way to check its reputation.

It's no secret that a lot of community servers can have toxic moderators, and others the problem isn't the mods themselves but rather their consistency in enforcing the rules and such.

This could be either on a specific website or implemented in the ingame's server browser itself.

This way when the community finds a server they like, we can sort of give a thumbs up along with a comment stating why and vice-versa.
And next time you want to check out a community server, you can filter the list by reputation, and ensure you can join a really decent one easier.

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@lordlemon said:
add poop as a rock skin?

Yeah, that would work. But it should also do the same effect on impact as it does on Horde mode when it's thrown.

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@esturias said:
Hell no. Then every idiot would use it and it would stop being funny to read that someone got killed by it.
There are already more than enough ways to be a burden to your team...

This could do just as much damage as a rock. What's the difference?
It's not game-breaking or anything like that, so I don't see your problem with it.

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@esturias said:

@ACommunistCat said:
Not usable by players.

Depends on what "usable" means.
You can pick it up and throw it. And that's exactly how it should stay.

We should be able to equip it in battle, on the loadout screen.
That's what i'm saying.

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@esturias said:
Already in the game...

Not usable by players.

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Nothing feels better than throwing fecal matter at your enemies' faces. Make it a Peasant Perk only or something.

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@esturias said:
No need for that.
Instead, offer the option for teamkilled players to forgive the teamkiller. That's way better, even though the playerbase is full of salty kiddies.

And finally start to permaban the really nasty teamkillers and saboteurs. I still see the same names again and again. They get removed faster now, but their existence already proves that something needs to be done. Some silly temp bans don't help...

Instead of permabanning, just increase ban time after each offense. And keep increasing it indefenetely.
To the point where it can reach years. However, also a cooldown. In case the offense isn't repeated for a while, the next ban could take less then it originally would.

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However, make it clear and apparent that this is a game-generated votekick system, so that the players don't think it's some mad guy trying to randomly kick anybody. Make it be some pop-up with a message:
"This player has been flagged for killing 5 of your teammates. Remove this player from the match?"
(Idk, smth stupid along those lines) Alongside with the amount of team damage done.

Assuming the player has, in fact, intentionally killed 5 teammates, and continues doing so, next 2 teamkills would be an autokick.

We could also have this other feature as suggested by another user here:

Allow people to forgive a fellow comrade who has killed them, on the event that it was done on accident.
This way, the amount of players that forgive the "teamkiller" would be the amount reduced from the teamkill count.
(Naturally, only players who got teamkilled, can forgive.)

If my suggestion doesn't fit, I'm pretty damn sure the second one would be very fair.

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@VampireDuck said:
Increasing the initial time to choose a merc to 60 secs is fine for me, but I don't want to be waiting 60 secs after each kill/death

Oh, no. I should've been more clear on that.
It's supposed to be only on the start of the first round.

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@Runagate said:
Just make and/or choose what loadout you will use before you start matchmaking? This seems like a really small issue to me

You can only pick what loadout you want to use once you're in the match.
And if you're someone like me who has a long list of loadouts, you may have some trouble looking for the right one.

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How about allowing the player to create literally whatever emblem they want, and then a toggle for custom emblems.

This way, if you don't want to risk seeing inappropriate emblems, you can rightfully disable custom emblems.
And with custom emblems disabled, we can only see the pre-made ones the game offers.

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We could make it like this, default wait time when no one is ready could be 60 seconds.
When someone readys up, it is shortened to 30 seconds. When both ready up, 5 seconds.

This way we can ensure both players have time to calmly look for their neat characters or quickly make one on the spot.
Instead of having them scrolling in a hurry through their potential tons of characters they have, they might miss the one they want because of the rush.
It sometimes happens to me. It ain't a big deal, but it would be neat if this was a thing. Instead of being rushed to battle.


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About the client-side chat filter thing...
Does that mean people get to choose if they want to see that stuff in chat?
Some are bothered with it, others not so much... So I'd prefer to have a choice whether I get to see it or not.
In my case, this doesn't bother me at all and I'd rather have an unfiltered chat on my side without censored words, regardless of what they may be...