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best mmo ever made. Unfortunately also the worst company behind it.

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@Peacerer said:
Sitting on 200k gold, 51 levels bashing same switches, being on top almost every FL round playing ridiculously OP 2h weapons, BR is RNG crap, Horde is PVE crap, 3 playable FL maps, archery implemented badly on purpose, shields not "fixed" after years of trying, biased developers keep supporting 2h elitism etc. Same old crap. Despite massive success game was nowhere near ready to release.

Yes, i know you love me guys, i love you to.

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agreed! Finally someone speaking words of truth. Devs should really start talking to the community. Show us a roadmap which pisses off the cock sucking reddit carebears.

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then you should not play battle royale since besides skill you also need a lot of luck there (Maps too small for BR and you get killed immediately when you are not lucky with your first chest).
Also if I were you I would practice against bots and learn the game mechanics:

And forget archery since it sucks unless you practice 100+ hours so you can hit moving targets at any range.

If you want a better K/D ratio play with a 2/3/0 spear build and just spam the mouse wheel in frontline. Its boring but at least your ego gets a little candy.

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If we get a cRPG persistant like mod my life will be complete.
Imagine territory control matches with weapons/armor the attackers/defenders have to purchase first.

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No patcherino in the chaterino!

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I would love to see a siege mode, with bonus for archers when they shoot from above.