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  • 3 Oct '19

@Duckalot said:
The modders are looking into fixing this issue. It basically has to do how we cook our maps. Custom assets that we use wont have any collision on linux servers for some reason so we have to specifically cook our projects for linux. This appeared trickier than one could expect.
So far we havnt gotten it to work yet but we are trying different methods.

If you cant wait for a fix then swapping to a windows server would be a solution.

Oh so there's nothing the devs can do about it? I see, thanks for the reply and good luck finding a solution then.

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  • 2 Oct '19

Hi, I rent a server hosted on Linux and I use custom maps, but there seems to be a clipping/collision issue where certain platforms on some maps (and on occasion, the entire map) will not work as intended, where players will just fall through them, making certain parts of maps and some entire maps unplayable, is this bug being worked on or should I look into hosting my server on Windows instead?