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  • 24 May '19

Also haven't been able to play for several days due to freezes / stuttering, ping increase, lag spikes and packetloss. Game ran fine on max settings until recently. The game is unplayable right now.

I have tried disabling audio, reinstalling game, verifying, high cpu priority, running on low, ect... has not fixed anything.

Do we know if they have made it public that they are aware of a problem? It seems like it is impacting a buttload of people.

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  • 21 May '19

Past couple games it has been unplayable for me. Didn't have any problems until recently. I get 50 ping but it feels like I have 300. Have tried everything to fix it but no bueno. Sometimes ping is stable but doesn't seem like it.. other times high packet loss and ping goes over 200.

Would be nice to actually be able to play the game again.