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Hello all, this is my first game in the genre & I came into it blind. I really struggled with a lot of concepts that many would consider basic. I was lucky enough to find WARSAW's Modded Matrix Mayhem server & there I learned how to engage multiple enemies at once. <3

The thing that stuck with me was positioning. Having a dedicated Admin present at all times to give advice and provide a unique experience kept me coming back. In time, quite by accident I discovered that the techniques learned from facing multiple bots/players in slowmotion allowed me to transition into real gameplay gains.

I'll invite you to spend a minute watching this video, it was the first encounter I had after spending 3 hours in the Modded Matrix Mayhem server. I was able to aggressively push a point NAKED with my fists against multiple enemies completely surrounded and alone.

It's been a lot of fun along the way and I haven't found anything quite like it, there is a standard of quality in a server with a dedicated experienced admin. There are no griefers there, custom game play and most importantly a unique experience each time.

Furthermore, he's not satisfied with the current state of the game (my opinion*) and is actively seeking ways to improve the quality of gameplay on his server, so much so that each time i revisit I learn about something new he is experimenting with.

All in all I believe that it's a server that everyone should visit, and the most important detail being that your input is valid. We're all in this together and finding ways to improve the quality of your experience ought to be a goal we can all benefit from.

So if you like to get better and better under a variety of circumstances then I'll invite you to join WARSAW and his regulars in the ~Modded Matrix Mayhem~ server.

Right! The video is a blast, I effectively understand terrain elevation; adjacent structures to block weapon swings,a bit of well timed ducking dashing and punching . Whoa. what a crazy ride :P

No dodge perk no nonsense just plain positioning. I got enemies to kill each other scrambling to get me, loads and loads of fun.

10/10 Recommend : Fists of Fury

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Found this place by accident and it's become one of my favorites; not only is it enjoyable but the slow-mo gives you extra chances to learn from your mistakes. Which, to me, is a big deal!


I'm a new player, and it helped me understand a lot about large group dynamics.
Playing here over the course of a single night helped me understand how to use terrain, enemy teammates, & nearby structures to my advantage and pull off some incredibly satisfying fights.

After my first 3 hours on this server, I left and did this. Felt easy, was fun. and holy shit I emerged tremendously better then before, without realizing it ? It didn't hit me until I 1v8'd with no chest armor on with fists...
Check it out in action : Fists of Fury Short Vid @ 49seconds

It takes 9 enemies to bring me down in 2/0/2 armor punching, I'm assaulting a flag on taiga

5 are killed by my FISTS
2 are tricked into killing each other
1 is ignored
Last guy gets me :/

Lots of fun learning these things, really interesting to test weapons out and I like the admin presence, there are no jackass griefers tolerated there.

Fucking glorious

I may be biased, the first time you go to CAMP and mount-up gallop up ramp, jump off top and float across 20% of the map with a maul to hit some poor poor bastard you know you're gonna try that again.

Its so much fun!

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@RejectedGalaxy said:
Is there any way to increase the ragdolls passed max? I tried finding an ini file that has all the settings and couldn't find it. I really just want to test how many ragdolls my PC can handle. And I can tell you this much, it can handle way more than 20. I really just hate disappearing bodies, I loved in Chiv I could have it on unlimited. Can someone tell me if theres a way to go passed 20? Or can the devs just increase the numbers on the limit and time? It'd be really cool to have the max be unlimited.

Ulimited body count

m.ragdollstaytime x

m.maxragdolls x

So when you set these values both of these commands must be put in the console PER SESSION!

I'm thinking you'll enjoy the effect more if you have the staytime @ 60-90, and maxragdolls to 300, 500, 900 etc.

The longer the duration the bodies stay on the floor the higher you'll want to raise the maxragdolls #.