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  • 28 Sep '19

reinstalled the game.
reinstalled steam and then reinstalled game.
updated graphics drivers.
updated direct x
updated win10
changed power settings to high performance.
ran steam as administrator.
verified file integrity via steam.
not in that order

i5, 1660 ti, 12g ddr 3 ram, havent had a single issue since launch, and now i cant get on.

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  • 4 Jun '19

@Spada said:
Hi there is there any glitch where i can farm plenty of golds?
Cuz i can’t deal with the fact that i need for a stupid Skin 50k or for a helmet 60k
When i earn pro match if i have a good run only 550 gold
That makes no fucking sense! 😡

this game is about the long haul, goof ball.
if you have the level requirement for those armor pieces, you should know this.