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@Boosy said:
Here is how you fix the problem, it is something to do with realtek audio cards and amd fx cpu's, if your game works with no freezing if you turn the audio off then you have this problem.
Navigate in your game files to your config, it should be here E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau\Engine\Config
Open the BaseEngine Configuration setting file
Scroll to the bottom of the file and you will see "[Messaging]
hit enter after this line twice to make sure you format correctly, and then paste this.
save the file and start up mordhau, your freezing should be fixed.

Hope this helps some of you that are having stuttering and freezes.

thank you so much <3
this fixed my problem

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  • 26 May '19

looks like devs don't give a shit tbh

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  • 18 May '19

same issue
a10 processor, amd graphics card
game is lagging when i turn volume on