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  • 25 Jun

Thank you for this excellent patch.
It’s nice to see that you’re trying to fight feints glitch, and against the cheateurs and other illegal abuses. Your future depends on it after all. ^^

If it was also possible to have a completed FR translation in the game options, it would be fine too.
And don't forget my suggestion which I still believe is essential. The fart !

Good game everyone.

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  • 31 Mar

Patch 17 :

The new map and the skins are good, but everything else is disastrous.
The fun, the initiative and the fighting instinct have disappeared, now we see that players who look like bots or each attack collide with each other. Now you just have to hope that in this melee luck smiles on you, otherwise the results are catastrophic, not to mention the innumerable collateral damage and thrown weapons that make it all bogus.

The big news to rot the whole thing is death by attacks that come out of nowhere and at lightning speed, obviously there are always these glitchers and cheaters who will kill your game in the long term.
Mordhau has held up well so far, but we can feel the end of the great adventure.
Now the only ones having fun are the ones with ready-made macros,
who use the non-stop feint in motion,
and the others, those who manage to hit twice as fast or those oneshoot with weapons who cannot do it.
In short, there will only be the unwanted.
In my opinion, the biggest mistake you make is to make patches as big and as rare, rather than making small and regular ones to see what it looks like and correct it as you go.
Good luck...

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  • 21 Mar

My gad this convict ball ...
Your life and your opinion we don't give a damn !

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  • 21 Mar

@Jax said:
Want to see what's coming in our next update? Check out our update trailer!

I can't wait for this to happen !!! Mordhau the most realistic and violent online pvp game of video games. !

Don't forget my suggestion :
The farts are missing and you will be on the podium in the world ! ^^

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  • 20 Dec '19

Mordhau improves over time, which bodes well.
After the excellent Feitoria map, I must say that again I was delighted to see the invasion mode on Crossroads which is very good, and especially the new skin for the Maul which I intend to unlock as soon as possible !!!

Only downside is the loss of fps since patch14, maybe with time it will get better, but in any case I always have as much fun on your game.

Happy holidays to all, thank you Triternion and I hope that the year 2020 has more surprises in store for us!
Cordially !

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  • 8 Dec '19

This patch includes a large number of optimizations intended to improve overall FPS and reduce stuttering, especially during combat and on large player counts

I lost 15 fps on average, I have to drop the graphic quality now, The game is no longer fluid as before.
Mordhau is as ugly as Chivalry.
Please, do not touch your game anymore.
It's a disaster.

Config :
W10 64
RYZEN7 2700X
Corsair 16Go DDR4 C15 3000MHz
MSI RX 5700 8G
SSD Vertex3 / 850Evo
1080p 120 hz

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  • 21 Nov '19

I have the same problem with "H".
Amazing to have this kind of bugs in 2019 ...

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  • 30 Aug '19

Thank you for the up power horse, now are real trains,
Thank you for the balancing Crossroads, there are now better highways, and the melee fighters are really easy meat bags.

Before I was doing 40 kills for 5 dead, Now I'm at 70 kills for 3 dead. Your game relaxes me, I love it because it gives net benefits, and we can have the best scores without getting tired.
I hope that at the next patch there will be another horse up.

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  • 22 Aug '19

@NoYou said:
However ranked caters also for the competitive community, whereas noob servers will only please noobs. I think ranked is great as it'll make the game a lot more enjoyable than a map or two can. It's just a pity that it's coming out most likely when school starts.

You confuse competitiveness and ranks.
The first is won on the ground, the second just serves to inflate a useless egocentrism we find in the MMO.

From the moment there are servers for noobs everything else is competitive. The competition is done on the confrontations on the ground, that's what they need to improve, and not useless ranks.

For that matter ask the developers to give more power in ranks, like that you will be sure that this game will end up in the trash, like many mmo or only no-life play again.

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  • 22 Aug '19

Game Modes
Recently, we have been hard at work on implementing ranked modes into Mordhau, as we feel it is a perfect fit for the high-skill gameplay that Mordhau brings to the table.

I do not see at all the interest of these ranks, if it's so that beginners do not get slaughtered it was enough to make servers for noobs as in Battlefield or the high ranks can not fit.

It's so much simpler and more convenient for you to do something else.

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  • 6 Jul '19

@Kartoffles said:
i am still having this problem after the latest update

The same.

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  • 28 Jun '19

@Antoniokontos said:
Mordhau and Battlefield 1 are the only games i play that have 300 ping almost eveygame TF2 has a high 100-150 constant but world of warcraft has a 25 ping for me and i live in america and play in the EU alot

Like, I never had problems on Counter Strike and Bf4.
I have always been able to play on German and French servers with 40/50 ping.

On MORDHAU my minimum ping is 70 on 1 or 2 servers, all the other servers are in red with more than 150.

The first month after the release of the game no problem, but since the first big patch the game has become unplayable if I want to be successful.