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Everytime I open the game it gets stuck on consolidating items.
After leaving the game up for roughly 17minutes it stops consolidating and I'm left at the normal start menu.
Upon entering a game, I select my class, click play and am sent to spectator mode where it says
Press left click to play as [class name here], but clicking does nothing. After about 1 minute of not being able to spawn, I am kicked back to the main menu where I get "Timed out waiting for steam inventory". When I click okay it starts consolidating items again.

This is in a loop.

i have 81 hours on this game right now, this just started happening.

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Made a video for this issue as two players were taking advantage.

NPCs cannot climb ladders. On this map there is a tower whos only entrance/exit is a single ladder.

The other tower doesn't even have a ladder so idk how he got up there (im knew to the game)

In both towers though, npcs cannot reach the player via walking. Only ranged enemies are a "threat".