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  • 21 Sep

I love satirical post but not sure if op is

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That would be cool, but it would shame bad players who wouldn't want to show how bad they are, I know they just can git gud but still, imagine having a bronze emblem all your life in every game you are.

We don't need to reduce the community to elistes.

The only place I wouldn't mind is in old duel servers so I don't spend my time fighting low level and high level would come at me more easily.

Also, whinners, who hate to lose, and high level in casual are always in the same team, the winning one, we don't need to increase this kind of behaviour which already makes casual games one sided.

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  • 3 Sep

Good idea, but it seems that even after a thousand perk suggestions nothing is being added.

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I don't have connection problems on my other games except mordhau, this is because my pc isn't good enough and I can't charge/download the map quick enough each time, which cause me to get kicked almost everytime.

There are a lot of people who don't have optimized pc such as me.

If the game preparation lasted 1 more minute It would be perfect.

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  • 27 Aug

Main problem of battleroyals is the you get timed out instantly 9 times out of 10 and game starts too fast. That is mainly why nobody plays battleroyals

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  • 25 Aug

This ^

You couldn't be more right about players preferency.
I haven't thought about 3rd in 3v3 but you're also right. This is borderline op, I totally forget to talk about that. I have been doing referee a lot on server duel of 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4, it smacks everything.

Even if it splits the community, if 3rd outperform everyone in teamfights (or duels) people should be allow to disactivated it. I would hate having to switch to 3rd because it that's the only way to cover your sides in 3v3 or 5v5.

I'm here to play, not tryhard the first view.

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@Surfaced said:
Or option C:
□ Manly duels with both views

C option already exist, just don't check any of the both boxes, duh.

Seriously, theres no real advantage to 3p in a duel.

Uhm hahahaha.

Being in 3rd allow you to not take swings you would in 1st view. You don't need to follow your oppenant's weapon since it's always in your field of view. You can dodge swings way more easily and you never get blocked by any obstacles because you have eyes in your back.

In chivalry, you didn't had this bug that reduces your hitbox in 3rd view and still, 3rd view messer/sow ground sniffers spinners were definitely one of the biggest threats in the game. (If not the biggest)

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  • 22 Aug

Yeah dodges are useless atm, no reason to use them

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We all know how the 3rd view gives you a massive advantage in duel and how you can exploit animations, or you can still look at your oppenant blade without facing him once. I'm affraid that the ranked games will be ruined by that and that we will all have to end up using the 3rd in order to perform at maximum level.

Therefore there should be an option that allow players to be able to play in ranked only against people with 1st or 3rd if they want to.

It would be like :

Ranked Matchmaking :

  • Optional :
    □ Only 1st view duel
    □ Only 3rd view duel

[ R E A D Y ]

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I didn't see if anybody mentioned Chivalry Deadliest warrior, but I kinda like how they did it.

  • Left swings are done by the left wep and right are for the right side.
  • For the alt, you press r for the first weapon. For the second weapon, you press r and the left swing key.
  • If you lose a weapon, your character will always try to be right handed, so if you lose your right weapon, you will switch your left weapon to the right hand.

But it's would be really op in duel, for example a short short/dagger and a heavy hand axe, you can swing between drags and accel like crazy making yourself extremly hard to read.

I'm against except if it costs like 10

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  • 7 Aug

Tbh as engineer i spend more time cleaning around my balista than using it.

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I like : the game
I hate : the (high or low level) man-childs who whine when they lose duels and ffa you for it.

Also people that start hitting you when you ask for a duel.

Mordhau is really cool, I don't get why there are so many man-childs in this game. Chill out, you're not the best, act mature when you lose.

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I have stop playing for some reasons, but yeah, it's getting kinda annoying getting kicks by the troll because the trollevotekicked first and liex on the chat.

Add %tk because fuck these retards trolls.

Also, people who have been previously kicked should have their % kick lowered every kicks of the day.

0 kick = 55%
1 kick = 50 %
2 kicks = 45%

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  1. Get teamkilled all the game
  2. Tk once someone
  3. Get votekicked while my tk% is probably the lowest, and have a cool kd ratio.

Show tk% during votekick

Plz fix

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  • 30 Jul

@Orael said:
Flail ? are we talking about heroic fantasy weapons or things that were actualy used in battlefields ?


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  • 30 Jul

Grog not usefull
Grog negative
Bye grog

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  • 30 Jul

Stacking 15 shits would be pretty cool tbh

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  • 29 Jul

@Antoniokontos said:
Archers loose their bows on Melee hit with a perk that disables disarm they can just turn and shoot you not needing to worry about loosing the bow

I didn't think about that, that's a cool use of the perk.

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@Mittsies said:

no mention of tomato

Leave these forums and return only when you've thought about what you've done today.

At first I thought it was mistake since it's from south america, it would not be realistic.

Then I saw I wrote banana.

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  • 29 Jul

Tbh I don't understand we haven't seen new perks since updates, still we got balance.

@esturias said:

  • list itemKinda good idea, needs further thinking:
    Hunter's Trick, Mastodonte, Hard Worker, Good Grip (Archers!), Coward (bad name)

Why (archers !) ? I don t get it.

Mastodonte require a lot of works it seems to be balanced correctly. I feel like having a bigger character gives you lots of advantages.biggee length, so longer drags (ehich means slower swings overall.)

Maybe the advantage would be just the height and what you can do with it and a speed reduction.

Rather than give it more hp which could make it op.