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  • 21 May '19

need a competitive mode for it to be competitive don't u think?
like chivalry duel mode

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  • 21 May '19

Good points.
I personally don't care about progression and unlocks in games... they have been done to death.
This game is a breathe of fresh air, where the combat is the focus. We don't need little rewards for playing and things to unlock to give us a reason to play. We are playing because killing and being killed is a fun experience.

Having said that, I like your idea. Having more skins and other cosmetic only things to unlock is fine by me if the devs have the time. When mod tools are available, maybe players can create the millions of different skins and models to add to the game and unlock at certain ranks.

Combat and matchmaking:
I see what your saying but I feel that battles against only other high ranking enemies takes away some of the fun and atmosphere of the game.
Sure, with a ranking and matchmaking system, you might retain more players who struggle with the steep learning curve.
I think a lot of the fun of the game comes from the large skill gap.
One of my favorite aspects of the game is it makes you feel like you are in a movie.
I watch a movie like Highlander and there is a battle scene where the main character cuts down foe after foe with a single swing, he then spots his nemesis over in the distance doing the same thing.
he cuts his way through and over to his nemesis where they engage in a long duel, all the while cutting down people who try to stab them in the back while they are engaged. Basically, I won't to keep cutting down noobs and fighting veterans in the same matches. makes it for a more immersive battleground.

But again, having said all that. Maybe have open servers and restricted servers to certain rank and level ranges so that people who want to, they can chose what lvl range or bracket to fight in. I don't really want to split the player base up but i think the game is fun enough that it has many players that I know will play for many years to come.

I agree with your points here too.
64 player servers are a bit of a shit fest but that's what it's charm is.
I am sure real battles with hundreds of soldiers in a choke point would be much the same. it's a unique game mode and if i feel like its too much team killing swing spamming nonsense, i go play the lower player count frontline or TDM mode.
I do miss the chivalry style team objective maps but they would also suffer from such large player counts.

some bigger maps with more objectives would help this like you said but hopefully performance doesn't get lost with it.
perhaps like you mentioned, an almost old school battlefield 1942 style maps with stables or seige workshops etc that people can capture to get an edge, rather then just funneling into the one objective.
or simply make it so you don't have to capture 1 point to unlock another like you have to now.

basically i agree with your points but wanted to add my 2c
I don't care about progression, don't think it is needed or belongs in this game but your idea is OK with me.
I don't care if people find the game too hard and get discouraged by getting owned by elite players.
Join a 64 player front line and go stab some people in the back, you will have fun anyway.
Yep, the maps an dobjectives could do with some work.

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  • 20 May '19

I think that they should change the team colors from red and blue to say, black and white.

blue team members covered in blood look like they are red.
red team members covered in blood could be red or blue covered in blood.

why do we need to copy every other game out there and have red and blue team when any other colors would work no?

green and yellow?
(i don't know how that would effect colorblind people lol)

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  • 20 May '19

I like the feature

i go into battle with a crappy weapon, manage to kill or see killed a dude with my fav weapon... i pick it up, now i am awesome until i die...

if i see a weapon i should be able to pick it up in place of whatever weapon i had.

i don't see this as too exploitable because once killed, you respawn with the not so great weapon or no weapon.

i hate games that don't allow you to pick up guns or whatever because your "class" or whatever can't use it... fuck that. i have 2 hands i should pick up whatever i want!

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  • 20 May '19

I'd rather toke on whatever you are bud lul

seriously though, if you think sekiro or whatever has a better combat system then you have never played around with edged weapons.
this "chiv" system is the most realistic in terms of being able to control the swing of a weapon in the way you would in real life. All these other games involve spamming the A button on your xbox controller to do the same animation over and over... yeah that's heaps more realistic and fun!

feint spam?
if someone is spamming feints, they are open for your attack. swing at the same time as them and yours will hit first.
if you keep falling for feints, learn to relax a bit, don't panic block. wait for the weapon to come at you before trying to parry.
trading parries?
try aim your swings and positioning your body to get around the person who is good with timing his parry.
move in and out of range, tempting your enemy to swing at you out of range, missing you and leaving them selves open without enough time to parry.

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  • 20 May '19

The best thing about this game is that Trolls can be punished in game by the players.

team mates blocking the doors? kill them, burn them, kick them.
team mate intentionally kills you? kill him back. if you can kill him 1v1 repeatedly, he is your bitch... jail rules.
if you can't beat him, you deserve to be his bitch.

people not playing by the duel rules? who cares? kill them!
these trolls will only keep doing what they are doing if people get upset and react to it.
so if everyone turns on them, they get killed repeatedly when trying to troll, they will get bored and leave.

what if that guy running around naked hitting duelers in the back comes up behind his next victim and both duelers stop, mince the dude up, then bow to each other before going back to their duel?

so to summarise, my answer for trolls is always... kill them... if you can't.. git gud nub

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  • 20 May '19

I think it would be a cool feature but not needed if it's not gonna be done really well.

the voice commands are pretty easy to use and maybe if they were able to be customized that might help?

I learned all the chivalry voice commands so i could communicate pretty well with those.

otherwise, people will just use discord if they want to get serious.

I think that proximity voice could lead to a bit more lag and certainly many annoying people.
So make sure it's easy to mute people :)

i think it would be fun messing with enemies as you sneak up behind them but again... do this with voice commands.
I think chivalry had voice but no one ever used it?

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  • 20 May '19

go play for honor if you don't like the combat in this game
mount and blade or kingdom come deliverance might be more your style but I like this one.

this game makes you feel like you are a soldier who is good with his weapon.
attacks and parries etc make more sense and feel more real to me, imho, than any other game on offer.

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  • 20 May '19

there seems to be an invisible wall around the shield because some very accurate hits around the sides or over the top of the shield seem to still get deflected.

just reduce the size of the hit box of the shield and make people have to turn their body more to block attacks coming from the sides and over the top

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  • 20 May '19

oh and cav should be OP
maybe have server options to disable them but they should be OP
they were OP in real life.

look at the mongols
mobility and power is very important in battle.
they were the medieval tanks.

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  • 20 May '19

I don't like the horses much.
They annoy me when they kill me.

However, I don't care if they are nerfed or buffed.

If anything make them more realistic.
make riders fall off when the horse rears up.
maybe make them buck the rider off if you stab it the butt with a zwiehander

make them stop randomly to eat grass while charging

make them spook and shy when a firepot lands near them

make hits to their legs slow and incapacitate them

killing the riders is pretty easy if you are good so practice your timing, get the right weapon and sidestep and stab!
position yourself in areas they will get stuck and mob them.. basically... get gud nubs!