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I keep seeing more and more builders who troll the spawn area.

What they do is basically spawn with 2 toolkits, and drop up to 6 wooden barriers at the exits to the spawn room on certain stages.
Then they will sit behind the barriers and repair them as their teammates try to chop them down.

For example, the castle spawn room for red team on Mountain Pass, or the cave for the wooden fort on Taiga. Another is the the spawn room for blue on Grad.

It is not easy to call a VoteKick, so most people don't know how to do it. But I have used the VoteKick command from the console many times on these trolls, but they can just immediately rejoin the server without consequence.

Can you guys hack in some no-build-zones for the next patch? It's too easy for one person to ruin the fun of 63 other people.