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  • 22 Jul '19

I am also having this issue. I get anywhere from 80 ms to 150 ms while playing. I can still kind of play like this, but it makes it really hard to get the upper hand on anyone since it makes all my timing and predictions off.

I hope a fix comes out soon, this is my favorite game and I really want to be able to enjoy it again. Seems like it has been happening since the last patch, but not before then.

I checked my own connection and it is good and stable and I get consistent 30-50 ms in other games without issues.

Please help

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  • 15 May '19

I keep having an issue if I buy more than one-weapon at a time in customizing the list it will sometimes take the money, not purchase the weapon and I have to repurchase it. Sometimes it makes me do this twice :( I have all the weapons unlocked now, but it took a more than a few games of earned coin away. Not sure if any one else has experienced this?