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128 atleast

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@ǀǁǂÐƦ₳ƓƟƝƁƟƦƝǂǁǀ said:
Game developers wanted to make the game about 2-handed weapons, possibly because of their own preference, possibly because of the loud opposition from the loudest among alpha backers against every weapon that could rival 2-handers in the lists. That's why bows are nerfed to a secondary role (forced to hunt other archers) and shields made to be a joke.

Try to use a bow with 1 hand.

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  • 29 Mar

@Aodlop said:
It still felt nicer to play.
I wish they introduced another way to make T1 relevant in some way. For example, picking T1 chest would negate some or all T2/T3 helmet speed decrease?

Thats a smart one

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We could remove all melee weapons to fix it

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@JerkChicken said:
Id want a landscape where its so dark that we fight in the dark with nothing but a knife or something in our hands. And we stab each other in the dark. Absolutely no lights

Caesar would die for your suggestion

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@Humble Staff said:

@Aodlop said:

Also, being shot by an archer while fighting in melee it's about as fair as being tapped in the back of the head by a melee enemy that you also couldn't see or hear, which happens all the time and way more frequently than the archer scenario.
¿And guess which one of the two "backstabbers" requires more skill?

No soy de acuerdo con esta argumento, hombre.
Firstly because you say that "you couldn't see or hear". You may not see him, but the part about not hearing him is certainly not true - you can hear footsteps and your character shouts when the windup is over.
But most importantly, that backstabber STILL comes in melee. Sometimes, he'll fail his swing, or he won't one shot you. Sometimes, you'll be spinning left and right with your riposts and you'll take him out. You can punish the backstabber if you survive. If you survive one arrow, you'll still take another one in the ass - and don't lecture me about parrying the next one since you know it's coming, you can't both parry the sword swings coming at you + the arrow that you can barely see as you're focused on your melee opponents.
Lastly, even if the backstabber succeeds in killing you, he's still playing melee and he's still exposing himself to my teammates' retribution. Therefore, I still respect him more than those arrowy cowards hiding in the backline.

No estoy de acuerdo con este argumento, hombre. *

Yes, sometimes you cannot hear people behind you because sound design somehow still manages to fuck up the sound behind you many times. Plus often times you are screaming or grunting yourself, or the people that you are fighting are screaming or grunting, or an ally is screaming or grunting. And if you somehow hear an attack grunt from behind amidst the chaos, you probably won't react in time to turn and parry correctly, not if its an accel with anything faster than a maul. And that is if you don't decide is just a team mate fucking around, like usual.
I see it as a trade off: a slap in the back of the head by most melee weapons means substantial damage, a significant lot mean a one shot or high enough damage for a 2 shot or even a kill of you were moderately wounded. And that's only talking headshots, body shots are very good too depending on your weapon and enemy armor matchup, and the easiest to land.
It's higher damage for more risk, while archery is lower damage for less risk. An archer is also vulnerable to retaliation from your team, either by enemy archers (stupid huntsman perk), people with throwables, people on horse (they fucking love to run over an archer), and people that just outright charge at them. Archers don't add too much to a fight anyways, unless they are pretty close, and very good.
The only ranged weapon that does heavy damage on anything is the crossbow, but it has to reload between every shot (which makes fighting near a melee imposible) and headshots are way harder to pull off than in melee even at point blank.
I do agree though that archery could be better in some ways. Making plate armor stronger against it would be a good change imho. Increasing the projectile speed would be very welcome but I fear for the viability of lighter builds.

there is a skill that reduces sound

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@esturias said:

@PUR3IℂE said:
There is allways a way to write a crippled version of a word to bypass a filter.

Just like a robber can break a doorlock. But does that mean that you should leave your door open?

We have games to play robbers, some where we bash heads with maces and some where we shoot people. Stuff we are not allowed irl with the exception of bad language. Intresting field to study. You offend the player and not the character you play. But what if we make a game where you especially try to offend someone and get a score for it?
Would that open bad language options for video games?

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  • 26 Feb

There is allways a way to write a crippled version of a word to bypass a filter.
Making it quite impossible for filtersystems to filter the words you dont like.
The next thing would be censoring certain colors, as you could chain some none offensive words in an offensive way.

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@Jax said:
Patch #15 Hotfix 1 19/12/2019

Fixed burning in duels
Grad buffed for defenders slightly
Fixed a crash
Being kicked in shield held mode no longer stuns but flinches instead
Shields can now sprint in held block mode (previously limited to walk) but movement is still slowed down (same as previous held block)
Fixed a bug with shields where they could ‘store’ ripostes for later use
Fixed Horde shielder AI
Fixed a random flap sound playing when joining an Invasion game

MORDHAU Patch #15

Happy Holidays!

This patch contains a little bit of everything. Two new Invasion scenarios, one on Grad and one on Crossroads, three new skins, and a new structure for the toolbox. We’ve reworked shields to be more in line with how parrying works, and their rebalanced held blocks are now only available by holding the mode switch (default R) button. This allows held blocks to be used to hold choke points while making it less desirable in 1v1.

And of course, what better way to wish you happy holidays than by sprinkling the patch with some time-limited festive content. Happy holidays!

Mjölnir Maul Skin


Basket Hilt Arming Sword Skins


Brute Bardiche Skin


Firepit - ignites projectiles like arrows, ballista bolts and catapult rocks that are in proximity


Patch #15 Changelog 18/12/2019


Added second Grad Invasion variant, with blue being the attackers
Added Crossroads Invasion map
Reverted Catapult Nerf
Split weapon bundle crates into two on and moved them closer to the attacker’s spawn on Feitoria Invasion
Added Fire pit for Toolbox, can be used to ignite arrows, catapult, ballista and deployable ballista projectiles
Mortar projectile ragdolling radius reduced slightly
Added Arming Sword basket hilt skin, 3 variations
Added Brute Bardiche skin
Added Mjolnir Maul skin
Adjusted original maul skin scale as it was stretched
Buckler/Targe can now be thrown by holding R


Kick is now 10ms faster, drains 10 stamina on hit and can be parried
Block/parry no longer forces slow kick
Switching weapon modes is now 50ms faster
Held block shields reworked - now have a longer timed parry as default. Held block can still be activated by holding R, has no knockback and very low stamina drain, but heavily slows down movement speed and greatly increases blocking turncap as well as having a raise/lowering recovery. Allows riposting, but no normal attacks.
Kicks no longer have extra ghost range vs shields
Jumping/climbing no longer cancels hp regen
Reduced Max behind parry angle slightly to fix some extreme cases of backparries
Fixed bug where ripostes would get stopped by a clash against a non riposte
Removed general shield movement slowdowns
Updated CombatTest map with some highly experimental combat changes, added SKM Variant

Weapons & Equipment

Spear can now force rearing on horses when stabbing from the front
Buffed spikes slightly
Reverted billhook movement slowdown nerf. Now 50% again

Visuals & Misc

Updated German localization
Siege tower score now ticks more frequently but awards less points on INV_Feitoria.
Improved bandage use animation
Improved lowerbody fall animation
Fixed characters jittering up/down when standing on certain surfaces
Increased score for objectives


Blocks/parries/chambers now play a more bassy sound on top for the local player
Raised time to start screaming due to falling from 1 to 1.25

Why are new skins listed under the "gameplay" topic?

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@vio said:
Mods can be cheats:

I can download sword skins to make them more visually prominent and easier to read. I can download shield skins so that they no longer occlude certain sword maneuvers >

Mods that can fix the job of devs

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  • 19 Sep '19

how does the smoke bomb look like?

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  • 10 Sep '19

I wonder why shields don't have something like a lifebar, that, when it runs out of life, will breake.
Leaving you with the incredible weak 1h weapons.
Then you don't to make shields useless.

Playstyle: You can boost your defense, but you are on a timer.

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  • 16 Jul '19

Arrows and bolts could deal bonus damage against momentum towards them

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I don't mind if a good moderator puts it into the correct forum.

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