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In one PvP game I play, there is an option to standardize all characters for optimal performance. When toggled the following things happen

-All custom face parts(eyebrows hair beards etc.) are disabled and a stock face appears and is universal on all characters, the only variables being gender and skin tone.

-many "optional" animations are removed. For example, as an archer you wouldn't see your hand go behind your back, draw and arrow, pull it and fire. It would just pull and fire(with the same timing it would take normally, just less animation happening.)

-general texture quality goes down

-medium high distance and object draw(so you can see your enemies/allies etc.) but all weather effects and foliage are disabled.

A simple "high performance override" toggle would be nice, perhaps some of these ideas could be elaborated on and modified to suit mordhau.

also can I suggest having settings profiles? As little as 2 is enough imo.

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Marox on the 8th.