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I love: chaotic slaughter of frontline.
I love: soooo many other things... the game in general.

I dislike: I must keep the gore level in settings at low, because the teams are blue&red instead of blue&green (or any other color than red).
I dislike: I barely read forum, because every second post in every thread is some aggressive person arguing with other aggressive person over things which I guess are trendy nowadays but which I feel have nothing to do with what the game itself is.

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A place on Grad map where character can stuck:


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@Harry50cal said:
The only problem I don’t see being fixed is How you can be in a game for like 96% of it, but if you lag out of the match or something happens, you don’t earn anything.

I feel like as the gold is already based on how long you are in the game and what you done in the game, it should always be earned, so if by bad luck your internet cuts for a sec or something like that, you get the gold from your time in that match.

I don't know how exactly is the gold calculated. But perhaps it also matters what other people did. Maybe your achievments in the match are counted relation to other players achievments. In such case, calculation in the middle of the game would be somewhat falsy, since it's not yet decided what other people will do. Thus, it could lead to some exploits (like deliberetly disconnecting after few kills, to get more money, or something).
I don't know - all I want to say is that it may be more tricky that we think.

@Harry50cal said:
Not sure how this could be solved with the kick feature? Sure ppl shouldn’t earn gold if thy kicked but what if they were kicked by trolls or something?

Usually trolls do things that decrease their points (like killing teammates) so I guess let them earn whatever they have. Kick itself is a punishment enough.

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Something about the ballistas - I mean the big ones, that are build-in as map elements - not the small ones that can be created with toolbox:
it seems like putting spikes near the ballista allows to move the machine around the map.

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It would be very helpful if I don't have to actually select a weapon for my character in order to just be able to see weapon parameters.
Currently I make multiple screenshots in order to compare different weapon when creating a new loadout... that's kind of stupid.
(Btw. comparison any weapon with currently wielded would also be cool... could be in the form of dynamic popup for given single parameter after mouse hovering, in case screen space is the issue)

I know there is a preview of reach/speed/damage color bars, but that's not too much.
I don't mind if it is not visible until you buy a weapon, if that was the reason to make it the way it is now.


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Just wanted to say to the devs: the game you created is AWSOME!
Sorry for being laconic, but I don't have time for webbrowsing (just made average of 7h 50min of Mordhau per day, over the last 11 days. Would make more if not my full time job...)

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I remember a frontline match when my team was loosing and at some point one guy from opposite team had 54 kills and 0 deaths. Then I noticed it was the one on horse. I decided this must end, so I simply took a billhook and killed him (don't remember if I managed to take him down at first try or 2nd... or at most 3rd try). He was still doing ok on foot, but I saw his death counter started to increase.
What is important here, is that taking that horseman didn't improve my team's situation that much. That's because the number of horses in game is very limited, so even if they are successful there are plenty of things going on on a battlefield beside of horses.
I didn't mind this guy to take 54 kills with his horse. Horses should be powerful - it feels realistic to me.

As someone pointed out: hitting a horeman could do more damage due to his velocity. But just because horse knocks down foot knights doesn't mean hitting horse must unmount the rider. Don't forget that the rider can be strapped to a saddle and can hold to the horse with his left hand ;)

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@MrGuarnere said:
Maybe we can manually change the binding in some ini or config file?

I havent tried if it works, but see this:

There seem to be two alternative names for the binding, I guess that's the bug:
ActionMappings=(ActionName="Toggle UI Markers",bShift=False,bCtrl=False,bAlt=False,bCmd=False,Key=L)

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Binding both sprint and move forward to W key works good (toggle sprint off in settings).

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@12thManArmy said:
when im blue and my teammate is low on health with the blood on him he looks like hes on the red team.. sucks

Agree, this is problematic. I tweaked gore options in game settings to avoid friendly fire. Perhaps if the team color would be green or yellow or something instead of red...

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6 - Building system needs some tweaks. Even if you're using the Wrecker perk a single enemy can rebuild faster than you can destroy stuff; they can just block an entrance indefinitely if you're alone, or even if you're in a group that has weak weapons only. You can also exploit the building mechanics by placing barricades in front of stairs to prevent enemies from climbing, and unless the enemy has a one-handed weapon he cannot destroy it. And again, even if he does you can just rebuild it faster than him.

I couldn't fix a barricade faster than a guy with from opposing team was destroing it, until I got a blacksmith perk plus an appropriate hammer, which is 4 points in total. The toolbox to make barricades is 8 points. There is not much points left, so if someone decides to play such a ladout - it must be worth it.

Blocking the key places on the map is the whole point of using barricades, so I would not describe it as "exploiting".

The maps are well designed: there are multiple routes between bases, and I haven't ever seen a situation when one team would not be able to access other team's base (one way or another) due to barricades. It gives fun to builders and makes the game more interesting without breaking it, imo.

To summarize: I'm against nerfing the abilities provided by building.

It would be more interesting if repairing required resources (collected in chests).

That's an interesting idea.