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@SWSeriousMike said:

@Sektor said:
There is no arguement. People will always trashtalk. Even if you filter the chat, they will add on steam and do it. I am obviously against someone using racial slurs because its tasteless and the purpose is to cut deep, but I won't act shocked or act like I give a shit. If only I could count of how many people called me 'broke greek' on chat I would still be counting. Not having a thick skin is a bad thing, and if people feel bad about how someone treats them online then they obviously have issues outside of the 'online'. There is a chat window tick box, untick it. That's all you need it to do. Yesterday I had someone asking my real life address because I TKed him while he TKed me before about 4 times with the catapult. Should I go to the police? Should I drag his name here? Please grow the fuck up. And that does not go to you, it goes to people with this whiny crying snowflake mentality.

This is more reasonable. It goes more in the direction of "filters and moderation won't change a thing" instead of "spouting racial slurs is in our nature and everyone is and should be an asshole". Much more agreeable.
I still think there should be some kind of moderation and punishment for severe abuse. An obvious example would be doxxing in combination with murder/rape threats. Of course that case is a pretty clear-cut and the lines will get blurry in others.

Also I see no harm in simple filters although I would probably keep them deactivated.

in my personal opinion, those things fall into "harassment" wich, again, in my opinion, is a completely different topic.

one thing is to come into the server saying hi ala etika (it seems these days its heresy to say it, but you know how etika says hi anyways, i dont see the point on hiding the "n word" even to give an example, i think its stupid, but i guess i dont want to get banned.), yes, it would offend some people, but its not with bad intention.

ANOTHER thing is to start doxing and rage-PMing someone.

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  • 15 May

@ToLazy4Name said:
whoa thanks for this amazing information that we totally didn't already know and your jokes are really funny man I laughed so hard I peed myself a little!!!1 xDd

umh, no, that was me

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do you hate shield users?

do you think the shield should be rebalanced or removed?

do you wish you had the money to open up your own mordhau, shield-free server?

then welcome to the thread on how to counter shields!

here we will discuss how to deal with one of the strongest weapons ever made by humanity: the shield.

1)da kick.

kicking a guy while he is holding a shield up will take a little HP from him and it will also give you a free hit on him if you're fast. on the downside, if the shield user is backpedaling, you wont be able to hit him on front. some people dont know this, but there is another kick, called the full roundhouse kick, wich can 1 hit anybody in the game weather he is using a shield or not. the main problem with the full roundhouse kick, is that only chuck norris knows how to use it in game(really? a chuck norris joke coyote? .... yes).

2) the go-arround

so, the shield protects the front of the enemy, right? then just hit its back! i know what you're thinking, "man, i cant just go arround and hti his back", yes, i know, YOU cant, but what about your weapon? ;) if you got a 2 handed weapon, make sure to get some free hits by using this simple trick!

3) the falcata

if you dont know what a falcata is, its the most awesome weapon ever made and something i would love to see in the game. some people says it dealt a blow powerful enough to break shields and pierce helmets. the falcata, on principle, its like the go-arround, but a little harder to execute, its also explained in the same video i already presented.

last words

thanks Proxolol for such a great video,its really cool to see shields as free hits most of the time in frontline! have a good one everybody!

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  • 15 May

@Sennekis said:
Yeah, the game is fun, and I've been playing it since 1.0, but they recently updated their TOS and you can literally be banned just for using emotes or abilities in main cities. If people say they feel harassed by you, they don't even investigate, they just suspend your account right there.

then, thank you very much for saving me the money ^^

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  • 14 May

@Humble Staff said:
This thread has a bunch of channels dedicated to medieval life and warfare

As for GoT (and most tv shows, movies and videogames) do horribly or just poorly at portraying actual armed combat. You can search on youtube a lot of footage from HEMA sparring for example and you will see that it's radically different.
Most of the time fights in media are used to tell a story, so it's fine if complete practicity is not achieved, after all a super realistic fight is boring for a layman. What's not excusable is when characters do stupid shit like for example the lattest GoT episode with that big battle against the walkers, which was horrid from a strategic point of view.

Oh right, i also have to put this one, his videos about medieval life are especially awesome:

i mean, when people starts talking about the most realistic medieval fighting in the media is in an anime, you get an idea of how it is haha

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@Sennekis said:
I got a 20 day ban in ffxiv for telling a healer to fuck off if they were going to throw games in ranked matches. Fuck is a bad word, banned for profanity. Might not be related but to Mordhau but this person turned off the profanity filter to report people who use profanity. I feel like the addition of a filter to the game would be nice if they changed bad words to *'s but it won't stop someone from turning it off and still reporting people.

welp, you saved me from buying FF14, i was really thinking about it.

again, rainbow six siege's treatment of banning on offensive words is... pretty darn bad.

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  • 14 May

my personal opinion:

option 1, do nothing: eeeeehhh... i wouldnt really mind (as long as voice chat is not a thing, that is), but i guess its not the best choise for all the players.

option 2, mute player: in my opinion, the best option. if you're going to label someone as "racist" "bigot", "asshole", etc, just mute them and forget they exists.

option 3, toggeable filter: i dont really get it (like, you see "" in the chat and you know he said something you will heavily dislike), but acceptable, i guess. i wouldnt mind it. still, wont stop the people that really wants you to read the thing from... making you read the thing, but if seeing "" instead of "offensive word here" makes you a little bit happier, good for you.

option 4, non-toggeable filter: i personally dislike it. normally people just find ways around it and it just makes writing harder.

option 5, TF filter: it would be funny as a toggeable option, i would probably use it for the lol factor.

option 6, rainbow six siege treatment, straight ban for saying a banned word: no... please NO. BIG NO. we've already seen how that ends, once was enough.

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  • 12 May

when a game finishes and the next map loads, there is still a significant chance of getting kicked because of server full, even tho you were playing in the last game and never disconnected.

this is not just bothersome, makes the whole "playing with friends" annoying: after every game, all your team needs to quit (because someone will get kicked at least 75% chance of that,at least in my group of friend's experience) and you have to go though a lenghty matchmaking (because you're in a squad of 3-4) to get in the game again.

i invited 2 friends to play and this whole deal didnt leave a good 1st impression of the game :/

so yeah, getting kicked out of the server because of server is full, still a problem.