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  • 17 Aug '19

Another cosmetic problem

The Chainmail Coat has some oversights:

  • The chainmail portion of the coat doesn't match the chosen metal tint which makes it hard to match nicely with anything.

  • Many shoulder options are missing despite the coat having the same profile as other chest pieces that have access to the full suite of shoulder options, again, making it hard to make a well stylised outfit.

  • A lot of waist options are missing too, though this is understandable because of the high hem that probably cuts off above the model of something like the Short Chainmail Skirt.

The design of the coat is absolutely brilliant and I'd be saddened to see it remain broken any longer.

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  • 12 Aug '19

Segmented Pauldrons are missing the option to change the trim colour despite having the same flair as other customisation pieces. (The Heavy Bevor has the same issue)

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  • 12 May '19

So When you open up the armour shades tab and press space it creates another box, after doing this I couldn't interact with the game other than create more boxes, had to close from the task bar.