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@Bear264 said:

@Prince Oberyn Martell said:
Keep it in please. If Jon Snow can do it, I want to allow others to do it as well.

This kinda stuff absolutely cannot be in mordhau. it ruined chivalry, it will ruin this game too.

Not to mention it's literally exactly what the devs pointed out they don't want in the game, to the point where they took a jab at Chivalry for having it:

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@Duex said:
game isnt even out and yall are already toxic as fuck

I would have been genuinely surprised if this community didn't turn out to be toxic as fuck tbh

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@EruTheTeapot said:
No modern shit tbh

If they will be more dances, they should be looking like something medieval I don't have much info on med-times dances but Age of Conan's dance emotes were pretty fitting, based on race, gender etc

add gangnam style

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Perks. I'm really excited to see what interesting playstyles are available once the loadouts get more attention. Will I be able to specialize in environmental weapons? Will 'joke' loadouts become slightly viable with the right perks? I can't wait to see.

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I know it's for balance reasons, but I kinda hate how slow fists are.

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I disagree. I like dumb silly emotes.

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Now that we have a bunch of cool new emotes, it'd be nice if there were a way to bind individual emotes to certain keys, i.e. pressing Mouse4 to Flourish or 5 for "Come at me." It's nice that the emote menu doesn't stop momentum anymore, but it's still a little clunky to have to press 2-5 buttons for an emote (especially one that's meant to be quick and spammable like Flourish).

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@Sir Zombie said:
I think it is more along the lines of pressing x7 instead of x1 for flourishing etc

Well, that's lame. How about the option to use emotes with the click of a button rather than the clunky emote menu?

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In one of the patch notes there's the line "Emote menu no longer stops input. Keybinds for choosing the items in the menu can also be set in options now." Unless I misunderstood what this means, I should be able to bind a specific key to, say, flourish, right? But I don't see anywhere in the options to do that. Is it possible?

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First off, I have to say I really dig what little I've seen of the environmental weapons in this game. They're usually not terribly effective, but they're not complete joke weapons, either. I say "what little I've seen", though, because I feel like their presence in the game isn't very large right now. And no, I don't mean the number of people who pick them up (obviously not everyone wants to meme around with a wooden mallet), I mean how often they appear.

The maps all have random spawn points where given weapons will sometimes spawn. This is cool, and mixes things up rather than just having the exact same spawns all the time. However, personally I feel like they show up a little too rarely. It seems like there's only ever two or three spawns in a given round. For long-lasting game modes like deathmatch, this basically means that all of the environmental weapons are gone extremely quickly and out of play for 98% of the match. This is exacerbated by the fact that, if you die while holding an environmental weapon, it disappears for the rest of the match.

My solution to this problem, then, is twofold: 1. Slightly increase the odds of given spawn points spawning weapons. It doesn't have to be crazy high, just high enough so that there's a decent chance that more than one or two weapons will spawn per round. More importantly, however, 2. Have environmental weapons spawn periodically throughout the match. If a given spawn point doesn't spawn a weapon at the beginning of a round, have it periodically "roll" to see if one spawns eventually. If a weapon spawns and someone picks it up, the empty spawn point can then eventually spawn another weapon. This way, longer modes like Deathmatch won't see a complete lack of environmental weapons after the first 30 seconds.

Just as a side note, whenever perks get implemented, I would love a perk that lets me spawn with a random environmental weapon. Would really mix things up to spawn with a branch one round, or an apple the next. I'm also looking forward to seeing other weapons that have been mentioned but not implemented yet: Chairs, mugs, rocks, etc.

Finally, on another note, a lot of the environmental weapons don't have alternate modes yet. Maybe this is just something that will be added later, but some of them have some obvious alternate modes that come to mind. The sledgehammer could be flipped around, the pitchfork could be thrown (we don't have any throwable spear-types yet), the shovel could be choked up on, etc.

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I'll probably enjoy the game more without bows than with them, regardless of how balanced they are. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

I will admit I'm curious about the sling, though. And, to be fair, my whole strategy is to throw as many weapons as possible. So I'll either have fun trying to out-range the ranged specialists while I close in, or have no fun as they just kill me before I can get close enough regardless.

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@elwebbaro said:

@Alphonse said:

@VladimusMaximus said:
Man, I love the customization but the faces/art needs a ton of work lolz.

Yeah. I've spent a bunch of time face sculpting but they all end up looking pretty much the same when looked at a distance. Having no way to change the shape of your skull, your neck, your forehead, etc., they all end up having the same brawny stocky lad look.

There should be a few more noses, chin, eyebrows (unibrows should make a fun addition amirite), lips and eye presets. More facial hair would be nice too.

Also earrings, because why the fuck not.

There's no real way for us to change the general bone structure of the face with our system, however we'll add more stock head meshes with different features to alleviate that in the future.

Some cool looking stuff in here btw.

there's also the obvious case that right now, girls and black guys don't exist in the Mordhau universe.

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What exactly do you mean by "attack acceleration?"

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Environmental Weapons

  • I really like how there are a slew of improvised weapons lying around. As far as I can tell, they respawn randomly at the beginning of each round, and are not always in the same place. This is fine, though I feel like they might be a little too rare at the moment. I would personally recommend two changes:
  • Make these random spawns slightly more likely at the beginning of each round
  • For longer game modes where rounds last a long time, perhaps more weapons could spawn in over time. For example, if someone picks up a rusty sword out of a wall and then dies with it, eventually the sword (or some other weapon) could spawn back in its place. As it stands now, in modes like Team Deathmatch, environmental weapons are "used up" pretty quickly.
  • On a personal note, I would really like a perk that lets me spawn with a random environmental weapon (or three), whenever perks get implemented. :)

Picking Up Weapons

  • As someone who chucks a lot of weapons around and picks them up off the ground, sometimes it feels like you have to be really precise in order to pick a weapon up. I would prefer the option to increase or decrease the sensitivity for the orange glow, so that I can pick up a weapon off the ground easily without fumbling around mashing E for a few seconds.
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Shield and Fists

  • In Chivalry: Deadliest Warriors, one thing that feels really bad and clunky to me is what happens when you throw your weapon when you have a shield equipped. In that game, your shield basically just goes into limbo, and is completely unusable until you pick up another weapon. Mordhau has a different problem regarding this: if you try and equip a shield when you have fists equipped, you can...Except you're not allowed to attack. You can block with the shield, but left click does nothing. In fact, you're not even allowed to kick. This feels really weird and bad to me. I wish you could simply use fists like normal when you have a shield equipped.

Fist "Alternate Mode"

  • Just a small cosmetic detail, it'd be cool if pressing the alt mode button had some visual effect when fists are equipped. Like the character cracking their knuckles or punching the palm of their hand. Basically like a flourish for fists.
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Attempts were made. He will live on in our hearts, and in Mordhau.

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Am I an idiot or is there no gender option right now?