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Piano blocked part of a narrow log, acting as a sort of barrier. Girard dealt a whopping 1 point of psychic damage to an archer with Vicious Mockery. Francis then shattered everyone with thunder damage, leaving most of them wounded...Except for that archer, who was dealt exactly as much damage as he had HP left. Which means he would have otherwise survived the shatter, except he remembered how I told him to fuck off, so he died.

Also, Girard scored a crit on a barbarian, killing him instantly with his longsword. Glad I bought it.

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For reference, the piano acts as cover and has to be moved manually...Not exactly easy to use as a weapon in a cramped corridor. Once I finally lined up a shot, I kept missing because it has a -5 to hit (but +10 to damage). So, it basically did nothing...

Except! When a group of bandits kicked a desk down some stairs and onto Francis (the bardlock dwarf), the piano stopped it from reaching him. He would have taken, like, 1d4 damage and might have fallen prone. So the piano basically saved the entire session. I'm a hero.

Oh yeah, our reason for being in the dungeon in the first place was that my character bought a longsword from a merchant. A pickpocket then shot by and nabbed the 15 gold, prompting our party to rush after him. My bard proceeded to kill the thief with the sword bought using the money that the thief stole. I thought that was pretty cool.

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@Alphonse said:
I'm okay with it if it lets you catch up to running enemies and if it kicks in with a little delay (proportional to your weight), similar to Chivalry, but it should immediately consume a fuck ton of stamina if you're wearing heavier armor, just to discourage full plate form running around chasing naked guys unrealistically. Just throw shit at them or stay put.

That's why I'm iffy on the idea. No chase mechanic at all encourages hit-and-run tactics on the part of faster fighters (which was the reasoning behind implementing it in Chivalry) but a chase mechanic that lets you catch up with a fleeing enemy even if they're faster than you encourages going with heavy armor regardless.

If my movement speed relative to my enemy is based on our current position rather than our armor, I don't see much of a point in being "faster" - yippee, I can get to the center of the arena sooner, but if I want to leave, my enemy suddenly turns into an olympic sprinter. Granted, I was likely going to go heavy/slow anyway, but a chase mechanic would further cement that plan.

Btw, is the side-step/step-in (i.e., the mini dodge) from Slasher a thing in Mordhau? I remember suggesting something along that line and finding it quite fun in the prealpha (though it may have made things slightly inconsistent in online play).

I recall one of the devs saying there are no movement/dodge mechanics aside from basic movement. Sounds good to me.

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Title. The main balancing factor of armor, as I understand it, is that less armor = faster movement speed, and more armor = slower movement speed. Will the game have a mechanic like Chivalry, where sprinting toward a fleeing enemy immediately makes you run faster than them, regardless of what armor either of you are wearing?

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What format is this going to be in? Roll20? Is it going to be primarily text-based or voice-based? I like text-roleplaying a lot, whereas I'm not that great at voice.

I prefer 5e, but 3.5e is good too. I'm interested in joining.

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@Pencilman said:
I intend to hit people until they are dead.

Barbarian. I'm going to play music at them until they're so moved by my piece that they turn on their brethren and kill them for me. Or they kill themselves so that they no longer have to listen to me playing.

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Nice work! The post from Crushed you linked to to confirm the pommel throwing emote also confirms the joke weapons being strewn about (chairs, bottles, etc.), if you needed a link to that.

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@SirZombiethe3rd said:
You only have 2 hands. Please stop lying, you're offending me.

What if you fashion a weapon that is a stick with two hands attached to it? Theoretically, that'd allow you to wield an unlimited number of weapons.

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You know how in that preview video, the ballista (or was it a catapult?) was just a human body that launched heads as projectiles, since the actual model for the weapon hadn't been made yet?

Yeah, that head-launcher should make it into the final game.

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Depending on how many weapons you can carry at once, my "serious" loadout will probably be a shortsword/shield, and a longsword on my back. I'll probably have either total armor protection, or leave only my head or legs exposed.

Then, of course, I'll have my joke loadouts. A drunken bard who uses only a lute, and "specializes" in using environmental objects - chairs, bottles, and the like.

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Pro strats: Stab your buddy in the back with your spear, propelling his own body and weapon forward and causing him to impale the opponent on his sword. Teamwork!

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All I remember from Deadliest Warriors is that a Pirate can shoot a Spartan in the head and he'll live, whereas if the pirate takes a thrown spear to the leg he'll die. I also remember killing a guy by throwing my pistol at him.

There's a good compromise: Have firearms in Mordhau, but no ammo. You can swing it to bludgeon them to death, or throw it with the alternate fire.

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@ToLazy4Name said:
Friendly fire is necessary. Without friendly fire, you'd be pretty fucked in 1vX scenarios. As for the devs, i'm fairly certain they want friendly fire and aren't going to be removing it under any circumstances, but I could be wrong. Most of us come from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and friendly fire is a major balancing factor in it.

Huh, I've played Chivalry and I genuinely didn't remember friendly fire being a factor.

...Wait, now I remember accidentally punching my teammate's head off. He didn't like that. Fair enough, then, I imagine for balancing reasons in asymmetrical fights, it might be necessary. How does Chivalry handle griefing again, teamkilling too many times results in some kind of punishment, or is it just handled by the other players on the server?

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Title. I remember watching a video where a guy was hoping the game would have friendly fire. Personally, I feel like in the chaos of the game, friendly fire, though realistic, would add more frustration than fun. How do the devs feel?

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I actually read the whole thread...or at least, looked at all of the pictures. In a thread I made, a dev confirmed a few environmental weapons:

Apples and farmer tools were already confirmed, but now we have chairs and bottles, too. Bar fights confirmed.

Early on in this thread, someone (jokingly?) suggested being able to hack bodies apart and wield limbs and heads as weapons. I'd honestly love this, though actually harvesting these weapons from players would probably be difficult due to two limitations: 1. Ragdolls, which are semi-random and (as far as I know) generated client-side in most multiplayer games, and 2. Customization. With all the different armor patterns available, actually having them accurately depicted in third person as well would probably be too much work...And that's to say nothing of the customizable faces. I mean, the obvious solution to this would be changing any body part you pick up into a generic one, but that might look pretty silly if you decapitate a dark-skinned woman and pick up her caucasian male head.

No reason they can't have a surgery room with baskets of body parts lying around or something, though.

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@crushed said:
Throwing is the alternate mode of certain one handed weapons such as swords, axes etc. Throwing short spears is possible.

Pommel throwing will be in the form of an longsword exclusive emote, it won't replace an alternate mode. The downside of the mordhau grip is that you do not use the full potential of the weapon against certain targets such as light armored ones. Blunt will be the best damage type against plate armor while cutting will be the best damage type against light armors. Do not think that blunt will be weak against light armor, it will still do a lot of damage, it just happens to be the most optimal way to fight plate armor. Blunt is generally slower then cutting.

Shields cannot be used offensively at the moment in form of a shield bash, this will maybe change in the future. You can not throw the shield at the moment. Shields do not block passively except for projectiles. Shield block replaces parry, you can tap it or hold it, for the weapon theres the same mechanics as fighting without shield so you can riposte after shield blocks for example.

There are environmental weapons laying around that you can pickup. Things like apples, farmer tools, chair, bottle and more to come in the future.

No way to block weapons with fists at the moment, only other fists.

Thanks for all the answers! Very happy to hear most of them. What I've gathered is that you're able to mix and match weapons based on some kind of weight or point system, is that correct? For example, I might be able to wield a short sword and shield, but then also have a longsword on my person in case I need that?

Finally, kind of a silly question...Am I still able to use my shield if all I have is my fists? One detail I don't much care for in Chivalry is that if you throw your last weapon, your shield just kind of disappears and becomes unusable until you pick up another weapon (presumably due to missing animations or what have you). I suppose it's understandable, considering you probably shouldn't throw your only weapon in the first place, but I figured I'd ask.

Thanks again! I'll definitely back this thing whenever a kickstarter or whatever is made.

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I've seen clips where the player throws their sword at the enemy. Is throwing a weapon its own command/available to all weapons, or is it simply the alternate mode of attack for small weapons like shortswords? If it is the latter, then I imagine large weapons like Halberds can't be thrown, and that shortswords have no alternate grip (with that button instead throwing the weapon)? What about throwing spears? For that matter, pommel throwing is confirmed. I imagine, given that it's presumably a joke attack, that it doesn't take the place of an alternate stance. Is there some kind of tertiary attack button that will let you do miscellaneous attacks like that, is it some kind of taunt (a la TF2's taunt kills), or what?

I'm also curious how the alternate stances will be balanced. Taking a mordhau grip on a longsword is said to deal more damage against armor. What's the tradeoff for this? Does it deal less damage to unarmored targets? Does slashing damage just deal inherently more damage against flesh and less against armor?

Shields. We haven't seen much on these in the videos yet, but we do know they exist. Can shields be used offensively, i.e. shield bashing? Can I throw my shield at someone? Given that parrying is such a huge part of the game, how does blocking with a shield work? Is it simply passive, aiming the shield toward the attack, does blocking with the shield replace parrying with the weapon (like it does in most games), or is there a different button entirely to use the shield (such as a tertiary attack button)?

The Lute appears to be included as a joke weapon, which I highly approve of. At the end of the General Basics video, we see a guy pick an apple out of a basket and kill someone by throwing it at him (well, he probably dies from being hit by something else, but that's what it looks like). How does that work? Are there simply environmental objects lying around that can be picked up and used? Are there plans to include any other "joke" weapons (I'd love to toss a chair at someone, or stab him with a fork, or throw a head at him)? I imagine you don't want to over-saturate the game with gags, but personally I'd like to see more of them :)

Is it possible to parry attacks with your fists (as little sense as that might make), or is it like chivalry where trying to block anything but other fists results in injury? Will there be any way to "specialize" in fists?

I realize that's a lot of questions for one topic, but I figured I'd include them all in one topic, rather than making several threads at once. I'm a fan of silly strategies (my favorite in Deadliest Warriors is to chuck my swords and shield at someone and then run at him with my fists), and this game seems like it'll fuel some of those. I'm looking forward to seeing this game evolve!