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Is there a way where we could set these files up on an ftp or something?

Like so ppl could just download as they join a server that's running custom maps.

otherwise I feel like this is gna give the community a bad taste towards modding and maps when
hundreds if not 1000's of ppl will get disconected when the server changes to a map that they don't have.

I run a modded server and its hard enough to try and populate it as is but throw in disconnect's for ppl and they surely aint coming back.

I realize that this is part of what the steam workshop and sdk does but we are like at least 6 months from even getting that.

All of the talent in here there has to be somebody that knows a way to do it.

I'm all for mods and custom maps but decades of running mods and modded servers has taught me that a server must run true always with no crashes or disconnects for ppl to play it or return consistently

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Pump out a patch for the admins please, then the sdk.
the players have gotten a shit ton of stuff and not even a fkn crumb yet for the admins.


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Pretty neat, Good Job!
where and when can we download this map?

pls don't be lazy when ya'll make maps and do decent pathing for the ai,
every1 will thank you later.

cant wait to try this in sum low grav too.

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good news
but not even a crumb for the admins yet?

At least fix the idle kick from not being able to be turned off,
some more ini settings that work something...

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the next 6 months will be the tell...

If its not any better I know where to get back story and lore and maps that tie into that lore, flags that I'm fighting for that actually let me fkn spawn at or near them, idle kick that can be turned off, death cameras that don't let you spectate the other team...

True shit-

Wow we can chamber, wow that's a shit ton of builds that can be created and a lot of customization for all the weapons
that is literally IT and the highlight of Mordhau right now
and its been old news and stale for a month.

Ppl are worried and have every right to be, map quality, quantity and mods and sdk's are 1 of the most important things for a games lifespan to be anything more than a laughing stock after a yr or so when ppl get tired of being accosted on their player loadout screens by aunt jemima.

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I agree it would be a nice touch to see the team colors on our load outs.

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dam if only they communicated like that now...

Would be nice to see whats coming and steer the forum community to a positive light instead of the troll infested shit
show its become.

highlands does look like a cool map that would be pretty bug free, its a shame its not going to be released.

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you'd probly have to edit the map in unreal editor for that unless there was a workaround script.

you can disable certain weapons on a server tho.

File location: .../mordhau/Content/Mordhau/Blueprints/equiptment/.... there you will have the folder of type and you will want to rename the @.uasset file type. Example: ...Equiptment/misc/BP_BearTrap.uasset

change all of the files names for weps you'd like to disclude example DBP_toolbox.uasset
some weps have multiple uasset files so make sure you find all the ones that tie into that weapon.

Please make back ups before you do anything as I wont be responsible for you or any 1 else fkn their games or servers up.

Good luck.

Credit to Retsnom for the info!

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Running a server in this game and just as I did in chivalry with td off ,
yet no 1 is swinging anymore than as if it was on go figure...

proof your wrong and your delusional.

stfu get bent, git gud hahahaha, sound familiar?

buncha clowns.

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@Rergato said:


@ToLazy4Name said:
alright dunning, whatever you say

Dat's a good boy!

You know, I don't get people like you, argue just to argue. You keep going even though you know you're wrong. Why not listen and just learn. He told you how it would effect the game, and you respond with jackassery. What is so bad about being proved wrong little man? Hopefully it's just the internet where you're like this, a meme, otherwise you're going to be a basement dweller forever. A troll!

lmfao, He told me?
who the fk is he? some god of the game and whatever he says is law?
foh he is the biggest troll around and I was returning the favor!

and no taking td off doesn't increase anyone's said or preconceived swing rate or amount of swings per game,
that's just fkn delusional to think like that and borderline retarded also.

you have some preconceived delusion of what will happen if a,b or c happens when in reality its all in your fkn heads.

turning TEAM DAMAGE off will do 1 thing and 1 thing only stop your teammates from damaging you or you from damaging them!

no 1 has proved me wrong in fact I have proven all of you wrong as I've ran multiple game servers for years in several games and always with team damage off, so you don't know what the fk your talking about ok.

basement dweller , ha that's a gd one, I moved out at like 18, went to college and have had an outdoors career for over 20 yrs now.

I'd love to see you walk up on my jobsite and talk like that, be the last fkn time you spoke a coherent sentence!

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Sadly you got so triggered you apparently forgot how to read and comprehend anything any1 has said.

I don't camp in towers, which is why " I " created another way to play where you don't have to do that, but in your triggered rage stupor you must have missed that...

I don't want to change anything that your doing and I agreed with you about the tower camping.

Pull your head outa your ass and act like a human being and not a stupid fkn child!

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Ppl get bored and leave cause of the trolls, the 1shotting them to death by calvary right outa spawn,
the zweicopters that beat out 2-3ft weapons, the lame small same objective as chivalry maps, then they come on the forums to ask about the game and receive a 100 more trolls telling them to git gud and making fun of them.

no lore, no conection to any of the characters, rarely any friendly ppl, red team is just blue team but red.

No admin support, no moderation tools, fkn hell idle kick is still broken and boots you constantly after 3mins, not even a fkn crumb for us after 3 patches, yet every1 still squabbling over nerf after nerf, immobilizing shield users etc etc etc.

One day ppl wil realize that it is that admins/modders that will ultimately give you what u want not the devs.

Instead of jumping on the nerf bandwagon yall should be jumping on the admin and modder tools and sdk bandwagon as everything you'd ever wanted can be done that way without compromising the entire game for the rest of the ppl.

Within weeks of the sdk being released we will have like 10 new maps to play let alone all the other cool mods ppl will be knocking out.

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what a waste of a slot in the general discussion tab.

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That's some gay shit right there!

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Sadly they haven't gotten it to work yet...

This is a very crucial aspect of the game for basic function to work, bots that auto spawm, idle kick that actually can be turned off, respawn timers to work for everything that has this setting, max ticket adjustments etc etc.

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 Gambit

I know this topic is old but maybe people will get use out of this.


Where did you find this? I don't think this is an exposed variable for the INI files. If it is then that would be awesome.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mordhau Dedicated Server\Mordhau\Saved\Config\WindowsServer

look for game.ini

sadly like most of these ini things the idle kick cannot be turned off tho.

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@Krampus42cc7f52526f465d said:

I agree the horde is a lil silly,

if you want what you are playing to change,
change " where and what " you are playing my friend.

Come try our server some time, you'll have a lot of fun.

Keep your pussy server for yourself, its not my problem if you can't survive a wave past round 10, thats called being a little bitch. I've done a shit ton of games where people weren't camping and just fighting and I won them, got a lot of wins for the record, without playing like a low player.
If you think isn't possible I'll just record a full game from wave 1 to 21 without ever fighting on a roof, to prove you that you're just a sissy little bitch who have played like what ? 3 times as you say ? Wow nice skillcap there lmao shut the fuck up, all right ?

When was the last time you came out of mommys basement and got some fkn sunlight, jesus.

Real easy to act tough and be a dick with your keyboard.

lets see a video of you single handedly beating all 21 waves hand to hand combat since you are so " gud " lol

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@Antoniokontos said:


@Antoniokontos said:


if you want what you are playing to change,
change " where and what " you are playing my friend.

Come try our server some time, you'll have a lot of fun.

hold up a Horde mode where it isn't 1 and done if you die that sounds awsome

It is pretty awesome man, that 1 spawn per wave is for the birds...
like I said the ai isn't as extravagant as the ones in horde but for what it is and how its done its pretty cool and just about every1 that tries it says its better and more fun plus it pays better too.

so is it EU or NA cause id love to have a more casual Horde mode to work on melee

NA server on east coast.

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only the player respawns work for ffa only.
damage factor and team damage also work.

the rest are broken and do not work yet, hopefully they get fixed soon as these are such basic functions to leave not working.

you can also add these in below too and modify some of them, but no 1 knows the string for adding more tickets to frontline sadly..






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remove the hit stop/flinch from getting bumped by a horse, make a few more anti cav weapons or ways to bring them down,
bear traps do more damage, or maybe ranged stuff works better against them...