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@Cstangs said:
The coolest server I have encountered in this game, the custom mods make for a completely different way to play the game and the server owner WARSAW is a really nice person. The slow motion, low gravity, and ragdolls all make for a great time. If you find yourself bored with the regular game I would highly recommend going to this modded mayhem

Thanks Man Much Appreciated!

Download Our Carnage Mod Here>>>


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Here's a link to the new version, I had to update the mod after patchie.

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@DerFurst said:
Is it time for the "what ever happened to... ?" youtube retrospectives on Mordhau yet?

At least game has fights that look like real fights.

But then again it may soon has fights that look like nothing because no one plays it

i barely play the game anymore,i have trouble understanding why chivalry and all of his flaws kept me interested this long while mordhau doesnt

lore,backstory and maps that tied that all together, characters you could connect with not a just a jumbled mess of red vs blue that's just red team but blue...

shit even the classes in mordhau don't have defined roles other than the premade characters that u cant even fkn edit, which leads to such shit show of gameplay on servers, just a bunch of random ass characters running around aimlessly cause their class has no fkn purpose in the battle cause it wasn't ever given a role, shit you don't even get points for repairing walls or spikes.

hate on cmw all u want but their art, maps and structure was way better than the hodge podge of zweicopter bs that's goin on now.

both games are unplayable in their stock form to me and need extensive modding to be fun for more than a cpl weeks.

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man the trolls come out with the git gud comments when any aspect of their faggy 2 handed meta play style gets insulted.
you fan boys are fkn pathetic!

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why any server admin would run a server with team damage on is beyond me.

kinda defeats the purpose of the game.

it takes 2 seconds to turn it off.

But then again the fanboys here think that it will magically make every 1
swing their weps more which is fkn delusional, lol.

play on servers with no team damage.

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modding and mapping scene is alive and booming.

You guys are silly to think a small team of like 15 ppl is going to cater to your every nerf and whim or even has time to read the bs you ppl post here.

you want something to happen in the game make it happen by modding it or creating a map.

this medium wont accomplish anything for the game whatsoever!

learn ue4 and mod the game.

quit fkn whining and do sumthing about it.

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Sdk is a ways off, but we are making great strides already, like almost 15 custom maps in a few weeks and a ton of weapon mods and custom game modes about to drop soon too.

that community is where it happens.

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It is impossible to balance the game with 1 overall setting for Fl, ffa and duel modes.

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You are on the wrong medium, you wont ever reach any1 that'll actually help you here.

Join the Mordhau Modding and Mapping discord community today!

here you will find like minded ppl that actually get shit done and create awesome game modes and mods.

to fight this horde you are talking about you will need weapons like we have on our modded server!

ballista bolt shooting mini ballista, ballista bolt crossbow, firepot arrows, throwing maul mortar bombs etc etc.

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you guys are just on the wrong medium. you wont accomplish anything here.

Join the Mordhau Modding and Mapping discord community
this is where stuff gets done,

"We are now at 2.6k members only 3 weeks after the creation of this discord. Thanks to everyone for your interest, support and involvement in the pre-SDK project. Things are moving fast and we're going to see some crazy stuff in the next weeks !"

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check out the modding and mapping discord.
there's been a lot of progress lately, on modding and mapping.

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Battlefield you are in the wrong place my friend,
come here
mordhau modding and mapping discord.

you will find custom maps and mods and many like minded ppl there, myself included.

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nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf nerf

lol smh.

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Not gonna happen as ppl would abuse it sumhow, sadly

just host your own server bro.
problem solved and you'll get a low ping of 20 or less.

you can enjoy all the benefits of online play but by yourself against as many ai as u can handle.

and get rewarded for your efforts.

pm me for help getting started, ill point you in the right direction and get you paid for your efforts.

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@SushiFish said:
How long is this bug going to be an inconvenience for the players?
Couldn't it just be hotfixed?

try being an admin, talk about inconvenience...
smh story of our life.

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I had just said it didn't work...

the spectator issue is on the devs also, they have it coded wrong sum how, because it doesn't loop back to the person you were spectating after they die it just stays in free camera mode thus making you be idle and kicking you.

smh such basic shit that doesn't work and was never tested is really sad as its really game breaking to admins and any1 that has to use the bathroom during the match etc.

Tighten up devs, theres a lot of basic code broken that should work that doesn't.

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don't play on servers with team damage on!

why would u do that or run a server like that, that's fkn retarted and begging for trollish action.

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there is no way yet to do that stuff, however you can run a limited weapon server by removing stuff.

sdk is needed to do what your talking about tho.

which is why the sdk trumps all the this ranked bs and aunt Jemima patches and stupid nerfs every1 keep whinning for.

At this rate it'll be next year before we get the sdk.

Ranked is gna be fun for them for about 2 weeks till they realize they suck and are a shitty rank then they''ll come in whiny waves again saying no new content...
ah the cycle of stupidity.

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they should get negative points like a suicide, and you should be playing on servers with team damage off.

only a fkn idiot would run a server with td on.

its almost like the devs want ppl to troll their game with the stuff they leave unfixed and broken and seem to reward trollish behavior in game...

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Sadly it doesn't work yet, they really need to fix this soon.

 ToLazy4Name

I just want to know why you get kicked for idle while spectating

was this crush's decision

I think its because when the person your spectating dies it doesn't go back to them when they respawn it just stays in free camera mode.