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@ÐMontyleGueux said:
Alright everyone, for troubbleshooting please refers to the bard guild discord server here it will be more convenient than the forums.

Thank you for the shout-out Monty! To help better support LuteBot we have moved #lutebot_support to the public channel category on our Discord server, so you are not required to be a member of the Bards Guild to access our help and advice related to LuteBot. We also have several members with a great deal of information on live MIDI input devices if you are interested in going further than just playing MIDI files and want to play live music in game with us!

Edit: Oh I see there is another Bards Guild Discord... well let it be known that there is also an in-game Bards Guild, we have three Mordhau servers and a Discord server as well, and we have made our LuteBot support channel public to help support this great program. Please stop by especially if you are interested in live play or want to jam out with some other lute players in a safe space!


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@Motorcharge said:
Too lazy to see if anyone else has posted this, but if you can't find midi files for songs you want there's a really simple way to get them for free and get them to work with Lutebot with not much effort.

Download TuxGuitar, it's an open source program for guitar tab.

Go to or any other site that has Guitar Pro tab files available. For Ultimate Guitar look for whatever song or artist you want. Then click the Guitar Pro tab, these are the only ones that will work. Using this link as an example, scroll to the bottom and click the "Download Guitar Tab" link. Use TuxGuitar to open it or set it to default.

Once you've got whatever song you're looking for open, go to the bottom and delete and drum or percussion tracks. These typically are what you're trying to filter out in LuteBot, but this lets you delete them directly instead. From there go to File>Export>Export Midi and save it with the rest of your midi files.

Sounds more complicated than it is. Takes me about a minute to convert edit and convert any song I'm looking for and I've found the files sound way better than most midi files I was just finding on midi sites since you can remove the drums and stuff without trying to filter them within LuteBot.

Exactly this. This has been my secret sauce to making amazing sounding songs for the lute and is why I am Bardlord Lutemaster. I was in the middle of making a video to share my secret but your post is spot on.

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@ethofredrico24c3a004d0054867 said:
My LuteBot Does this thing where it plays only a few notes each couple of seconds its really weird Please Help!

Try lowering the Note Cooldown option in the settings. I set this to 20 for really fast songs and they come out very clean that way now!

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@giantawesomemeep said:

@Bardlord Lutemaster said:
Lutebot does interfere with your normal keyboard movement controls so you will stutter or move very slowly while playing the lute with Lutebot as a result. However, if you use a game controller instead you will still be able to move at normal speed and even jump while playing!

so if i use something like my steam controller i can move normally?

Yes exactly!

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Lutebot does interfere with your normal keyboard movement controls so you will stutter or move very slowly while playing the lute with Lutebot as a result. However, if you use a game controller instead you will still be able to move at normal speed and even jump while playing!

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My feedback after playing with the new 2.0 version of LuteBot for a while tonight...

  • It seems slightly slower than 1.2, some of my faster MIDIs will drop more notes now when using the same settings.
  • Most of the songs I have that used to sound great with non-fixed octaves settings in 1.2 now sound bad in 2.0. :-(
  • Most of the fixed octave songs I have still sound great but slightly... different than before.
  • When I set the Note Conversion Mode from 2.0 to Off, it behaves for me as if the Sound effects option were checked even when it is not, and does not play in game at all.

I will probably continue to use version 1.2 for a while until I can figure out how to edit some of my favorite tracks to play as well on version 2.0, until my new MIDI keyboard arrives next week. :-) Are you able to expound a bit upon how the note conversion has changed between 1.2 and 2.0 to help me with updating my MIDI files?

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Very excited to see the release of Lutebot 2.0 and the potential possibilities with live MIDI input capabilities available now! I just bought myself an Alesis V25 on the spot specifically because of this news and I regret nothing. It will make the greatest game controller ever.

I have established the Bards Guild to support lute players in their endeavors to bring music to the battlefield by setting an expected standard of performance for the bard class and thus validating our presence on the battlefront. By literally banding together and setting some communal guidelines for lute players we are positively changing the overall perception towards bards, and proving that while the lute may not provide a direct buff to the players around it, there is still a strong if less tangible benefit to having a skilled bard on your team. The guild is a growing community for sharing MIDIs and information on how to edit MIDI files to work with LuteBot, and I am hoping will grow into some live jam sessions with the new LuteBot 2.0 features!

I am also building the Bards Guild MIDI Library as a web based database, and have already been working with @Fohshizle and @Seshn to include their collections in the library! I will have to talk with this @FloridaMan as well!

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I have recently formed the Bards Guild to support lute players in Mordhau, and I was trying to utilize the ♫ symbol as our Guild tag to signify membership to the guild in game, but it breaks and displays what looks like some kind of smiley face in a box instead.


I would hope this could be a simple thing that could be patched in, to include better support for additional unicode characters in player names in the future.